The Testran

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Atrocities of War

Submitted: October 31, 2016

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Submitted: October 31, 2016



Farther into the Darkness down the walk way path opposite the side of the fork in the cave that Terry had taken initially, Sparrah led Terry. From within the walls the sound of scampering rodents could be heard working their way through the stone of the internal caverns. Rushing water cried out as it met the pool of their destination farther in the blackness. Along the way they fell upon the eyes of a creature burrowing out of the stone of the wall, tumbling down in a sphere of dark brown fur. The creature let out a grunt that echoed like the call of giant hog. The sphere folded out it body revealing its length to be nearly the size of a small child if it were to stand on two legs and its width to be that of a house cats. The head of the creature was complete with a black marking of a triangular shape, the nose a large pink snout with two holes that let out explosive snort with each breathe. It eyes were relatively small obscure little things on the front of its head. Its hands and feet large, five fingered, prehensile things. The anatomy of the hand similar to a humans, dawned with larges bony knuckles and padding on the back of the hand, probably for breaking stone. It had a tail as well, a paddle like thing on its butt that slammed against the floor and rang out clack throughout the area. The creature was on its back and looked to the two bipedal things before curiously before rolling to its hind legs, standing to Sparrahs chin then falling to its front legs. The creature studied the two human’s and then the whines of its children following behind could be heard within the wall. The creature opened its mouth revealing large grinding teeth within its mouth just below the snout, its maw opened wide, as if it were to swallow the head of a grown man, then it let out a lout groan. The teeth were all large molars, fit for grinding. It closed its mouth and began to back away.

“Rock Mole” Sparrah’s sof voice pointed out.

Terry stared the creature down awaiting for it to protect its young. He saw no penis on the creature or testicles and assumed it to be the mother. The young fell down, little miniature versions of the mother no larger than a kitten. They fell in little balls on the stone and the mother stood on two feet and walked in front of her eight little babies and fell on her front feet to cover them.

Sparrah gave a smile and squatted reaching her hand out to the creature. “Momma” she said “Momma……Rock mole”

“Is it safe?” Terry feeling a pang of embarrassment in his heart for having to ask that question.

“No” Sparrah said. “Scared…..Can’t go strait” she looked to Terry. “Sparrah…….Kill……Terry …..Eat”.  The Rock Mole let out another groan.  Before stiffening and looking off passed Sparrah and Terry. The animal inched backward a bit before rushing back into the hidey hole where it came from dangling its tail out and allowing the babied to grab on  each side of the wide surface and be pulled inside. The sound of the animal digging through the rock could be heard from outside.

Sparrah looked off behind her and Terry. “Momma scared” she said. Terry took a look behind himself, the warning she whom he now looks for rang into his ear. “The residuum of Ozanth the formless”. He wondered if it were possible that the creature could know of the things that would come. Know of a thing that he himself could not even know of yet.

“Show me the hidey hole” Terry said. “Just in case we need to use it”. They continued onward passed the point that the Mole had initially blocked off to an area similar to the initial pool, a large fall of water from the upper left corner of the cave ceiling and down into a large pool of water, shallow this time, that ran out from the rock through a large cave mouth. Forming a water fall to the outside. A Rock Mole could be seen falling down from the fall and into the forest. Terry looked to the outside and downward seeing down to ensure that fall went down into a larger body of water. He could see and expanse of greenery similar to that of his dream. He had initially hoped that taking this water fall  down into the forest would take him to her . He could see that the way into the river below was actually clear of jagged rocks. It seemed as though Trepious did have a bit of intelligence. He knew that it was possible to survive the fall. He only hoped that the river below would not lead to a heavy running water. Or even be infested with carnivorous sea life. He turned to his companion who was currently peeling a glowing blue stone close to the ground from the wall effectively causing it to lose its glow. She looked to him and gave her smile.

“Sweet rock” she exclaimed showing him the stone.

“Have you ever fell from the hidey hole?” he said to which Sparrah nodded a yes.

“Reaper hounds in cave…..Trepious and Sparrah run” she explained. “Reaper hounds can’t swim” she said and then as if realizing the structure of the sentence smiled and looked to Terry who gave a reassuring nod.

“C’mon” he said. “we’ll stay one more night, then you can show me where the other safe place is”.

“Right” Sparrah said as they made their way back to their initial  sight at the entrance of the cave.

The two made their way to their old sight only to bare witness to the six bodies taking refuge there now. Terry melted to the wall to his side and fell back into the shadows. Sparrah followed suit behind him and they watched. There were three Annuwan men, most likely soldiers of Gkali judging from the assault rifles they wielded. One of the men had an assault rifle strapped around his neck with a leather strap. He also held another in his opposite hand by the body. One Annuwan man  sat propped against a wall, he bled from his shoulder where his arm should have been, a gash made its way from the middle of his chest to his stomach. He was missing an eye and his body was soaked scarlet in his own blood. The injured man wheezed. There two more bodies two of the Annuwan soldiers stood over the struggling naked frames of two Falkmoran soldiers, one man one woman. They were chained by the hands and feet by two rusted metal chains. The Falkmorans cried out letting their rage sing out through their eyes as they glared daggers at the Annuwan soldiers.

“YOU THINK WE AFRAID OF YOU!!!!” The man with two guns shouted. “WE SOLDIERS OF GKALI!!!!! WE ANNUWAN, MONKEY!!!!!” he slammed the ball of his foot into the Falkmore man’s chest.

“YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID!?!?!” he cried gesturing to his fallen comrade. “”YOU SEE’DIS MONKEY!?!!?! YOU DO DIS!?!?!?! YOU DO DIS TO HIM!?!?!?!” He slammed his foot into the man’s chest again causing a gasp to come our followed by a spurt of blood from his mouth that fell on the Annuwan’s soldiers foot.

“No you don’t bleed on me” the Annuwan solder said, “Don’t fucking. BLEED ON ME!?!?!?!?” he began to bludgeon the man with the butt of his gun, in the face, the chest, the arms the legs. The sounds of his breaking bones could be heard throughout the cave. The cries of the woman echoed bouncing off the vibrations of her companions own voice creating a wail of horror that flooded from the caves own mouth.

“SHUT UP!?!?!?” the Annuwan soldier ordered to the woman. “You don’t cry yet bitch” he said. He looked to his fallen comrade before placing his guns on the floor beside him. “You do that to our brother” he looked to the Falkmore man. “I fuck your wife” he said before ordering the chains off of her. The two silent followers ran to obey undoing the chains. The woman cried and kicked, sinking her elongated nails into one of the men’s faces. The man retaliated by slamming his fist into her face, knocking her backward. He jumped on top of her and began pounding her with his knuckles before the leader ordered him to stop. The leader dropped his pants and mounted the woman, holding her down as she cried out through a bruised, blood soaked mouth. He rubbed her breasts, jammed his fingers in a took her as whomever that man was to her was forced to watch their sworn enemy rape one of his kin. The Annuwan soldiers cheered on eagerly awaiting their chance at the woman. Awaiting for the time that they might release their frustrations on this symbol of their hatred. They switch out once the leader reached climax, allowing himself the privilege to cum on the gashes upon her face. The other went next flipping her over and sodomizing her. Forcing her face into the stone and biting at her shoulder, tearing skin out with his teeth. As he reached the end he penetrated her vaginally and came inside of her. The final man took advantage and as he came he told his comrades to hold her mouth open and one hold her still as he unloaded a portion into her mouth and eyes and another on the face of the man. The leader then began to stomp on her face before pulling out a knife from his pocket.

The woman was now in a heap of agony, coddling herself in the fetal position in a ball of blood and semen on the floor. His men held her down and grabbed at her breasts as their leader grabbed her nipple and sawed it off with the blade of the knife. His comrades cheering louder as the woman attempted to cry out through a broken jaw. He continued on with the second one and then stood to his feet. He tossed the nipples at the man. Then he gave the final order. “Throw her over” and the other two grabbed the body of the woman now unconscious from pain and tossed her out of the mouth of the cave.

“Sparrah…….Kill” Sparrah said from her hiding position behind Terry. Terry covered her mouth and held her close to him so that she could not move.

“No” he said. He knew together they might be able to surprise them and win. The soldiers had dropped their guns and they were distracted by first off raping that woman, and now congratulating one another. It had been about an hour since they had begun torturing the two Falkmorans and at any moment just by shear surprise and skill Terry knew together they could take out the soldiers but….something wasn’t right.  Terry watched as the Annuwan soldiers held the Falkmoran man up and cut off his ear before letting him fall screaming in pain before being silence by a bullet in his head. The injured Annuwan seemed to have succumb to his injuries and slumped over in deaths embrace. The leader knelt down beside him. “At least you watch the monkeys die brother” he said before standing and turning to his comrades.

The witches voice rang in Terry’s mind.

“The followers of Ozanth are upon you my Terry”. Terry’s heart ached within him, his mind cycled through memories with a formless shape in the sky and soldiers of the dead upon the ground. He saw Testrans charging out and slaughtered brothers long dead beside Falkmoran’s and Annuwan’s alike all engaged in a headlong charge toward a mountain of gelatinous flesh of a color that Terry had never seen before and his mind could not make out a reasonable logic for save that it could not exist and so it became a simple phantasmagoric spot of shapes and colors to him. He heard a cry ring out and his head began to throb, his body shivered though his flesh began to sweat. He let his mind cease wandering and look out to the area before him. He saw the dead Annuwan standing before his comrades. The flesh of his severed arm pooling out a liquid of purple color tinted with a phantasmagoric body. Shapes and colors spiraling the surface of the liquid. The man’s mouth opened and let out a sound that the mind could only register as static and then it turned and let out a  name. “Teeeeeeesssssssttttttttrrrrrrraaaaaaaannnnnnnnn” it sounded before looking over to where Terry stood. The voice sounded as if it came over a broken phone and the talker was talking with the phone on speaker, standing at a far distance when speaking. The three soldiers quickly rearmed while the creature was distracted. The woman reemerged flinging herself over the cliff, grabbing hold of the first man she could and tearing into his neck with her claws. She tore out the back of his neck and tossed it over the cave mouth before ripping away at the flesh and meat of his back, letting out the static cry. The chains on the male Falkmoran’s  body melted into his flesh and vanished allowing him to stand. The wound on his head widening as the chains fell from his ears and a large black orb formed within the bullet hole on his head and began to scan the area. He let out the static cry and the chains in his ears wrapped themselves around the leaders neck squeezing the life from him within seconds. The sound of his snapping neck echoed. One of the Annuwan Soldiers made a line for safety, running toward where Sparrah and Terry hid.

Terry gave the order to Sparrah to follow him to the water fall.  They ran, the sound of gunfire sounded to their rear followed by the quick pace of running feet on the ground.

“YOU!!!!” the Annuwan soldier cried.

“Human” Sparrah called back. “Falkmore…..Testran” she said. Keeping her vision head long. As they neared the water fall Sparrah threw off her cloths, they flew pass Terry who caught them.  Sparrah sped passed Terry jumping into the water and allowing the waterfall to take her. Terry looked back and saw the Annuwan soldier far behind being pursued by the three creatures. The cry of the Testran peoples name echoed from the mouth of the monster and Terry jumped over the edge of the cave mouth to follow Sparrah, not wishing to get anymore glimpse of the atrocities than he already had. 

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