The Testran

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - Her master and his monster

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



The river was no match neither was the corpse being pulled from the midst of the realm of the marches liquid body. The victor of the duel from the bottom of the deep carried the lifeless form of the Emperor lizard across his shoulders, pulling himself up from the depths of the blackness of the water. Fingers digging into the muck of the land shard where he had finally a respite for his weary frame. He wrenched his arm, forcing his body to move with the weight of the reptilian meat pressing down upon him. He stood up as his toes met the muck and forced his thighs to allow him to stand. He cried out as his knees cracked and he tossed the dead reptile from his shoulders. The reptiles corpse caused an explosion of muck to spray onto his body. Terry let out a howl of victory, flexing his arms and looking to the heavens. He changed his attention to the Emperor Lizards carcass.

“HAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!” he cried out following with the proclamation. “I’M GOING TO FUCKING EAT YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!” before his body finally gave way and he fell to his back beside the creature he had just killed. He lay there, the pangs of hunger reminding him of the reason for the lack of energy in his body. He allowed himself a rest however, staring into the trees overhead as he allowed the moment of stillness to comfort him if only for just these few given elapsing moments. He lay spread eagle and in took controlled breathes as he watched the sun go from brightly lit white to an orange and golden glow. As cool came with the darkening of the sky he then decided it was time that he gave up his restful moments for him to feed himself. He sat upright and scanned the land shard of muck where he resided. It was a small little thing. A small island of mud with a patch of large trees in the center just a few paces adorned with lush blooming branches that blotted out the sun overhead. To the end of the land shard were was a greenery for a distance that Terry was sure was a drop of into more water and surrounding him were more trees off in the distance of that. Terry stood to his feet and looked to his catch. He Moved to the trees. The tallest branch was high above his head. He jumped up using what bits of energy he had left and grabbed the branch, pulling himself up and reaching up to the one above that one. He continued scaling the tree, grabbing the branches close enough for him to reach until he reached the highest point of the tree. He was within the greenery of the tree, no wildlife or bird’s nests resided in the brush from what he could he could tell. He decided to pay no attention to the minor detail. He hardened his flesh of his hand and began snapping whatever branches he could and allowing them to drop into the muck below. He broke off as many as six or seven branches before scaling back down again. The trek back down was worse than coming up, it took more focus and energy and in the end he ended up missing his footing and falling back into the muck below. His hardened frame kept him unharmed, as well as the soft ground where he fell. He lay there for a while, once again allowing himself to rest, before standing to his feet again.  He gathered his branches, each branch a long extension of the tree, he began snapping them in pieces and throwing pieces in a pile. In the end he snapped four and tossed those halves into a messy pile. He watched the wood, working out a method to burn them. The wood was wet and covered in muck. He could not simply rub them together, the process would take too long and to be honest he could not muster the patience for the task. He was hungry and tired, his body felt as if it was eating itself from the inside. His muscle ached and with every movement his bones felt as if they would break. He sat down, closing his eyes and began to probe the memories of his people for an arcane salvation. He did not have to search far. It was a basic skill, one passed to the early learner of the magics of the Testrans.

He saw children standing in lines with their palms pointed to barrels filled with dry hay and animal carcasses. Their eye were closed and they concentration unshaking. Bardia was among them along side their teacher as they were instructed how to create fire. Great blazes burned across a snowy land scape and soldiers fell to their feet. Animals ran and entire armies were wiped out a the wrath of the Fabled witch Barida rained down in balls of magma and orange comet of fiery disdain, pelting the souls and the bodies of the enemies of her people. Cities were razed, children immolated and the Earth devolving into ash. Within the midst of the red and the gold and the yellow of the witches wrath the symbol danced with her hands spread wide. She was the single conqueror of a nation and the defender of her people. Ozanth cried out from the sky and his wrath came with the color that did not exist and fire stretched up to his body.

Terry opened his eye and the flashes of a time long passed faded yet he remembered exactly what he needed to know. He gave thanks to the Fabled witch Bardia without saying her name. Then he stretched his hand to the pile of broken sticks. He breathed in deeply, summoning the power he had within him, from his soul or wherever it was that magic summoned the power of element from within or around him he attempted to command it. His body was weak and he could feel the strain that the magic had begun to force upon his body take effect. He willed an ignition and the sticks began to sizzle, steam began to emit from the body of the pile. He willed it again and again. His body beginning to cry out its longing for nourishment. The sticks popped and sparked and squealed abnormally and then they finally caught flame.

“I did it” he said to himself before moving to his reptilian lunch and jamming a hardened hand into it and opening its belly to prepare his meal.

Terry was alive she continued to repeat within herself, she would find out if he was alive. Then she would never leave him again. She paddled through, watching he snakes and the fish make ripples down below her. From the log off to the side she saw the Annuwan soldier from the cave. His body lay in the water, his flesh a porous mess. His eye drilled from his socket. The strap of his gun twisted around hi neck as the gun itself was anchored to the arm of the log. Small fish skittered in and out of the caverns of his body, picking bits of his organs and skin and taking them away to eat before they came back for more. Sparrah stopped beside the carcass, placing the paddle down and carefully reaching over to grab the gun. She pulled, breaking the arm of a log in the water. The body washed below the canoe and she pulled the gun into the boat. She checked the clip before reloading and putting the gun on the floor of the canoe and paddling onward. She would definitely find Terry and then she would give him the gun and they would make it to the safe place together. Or he would be dead and then she would take him to the safe place with her.  

His body was now nourished and he was allowing the energy from the meat to spread throughout his body. The Emperor Lizard was more than filling and it had much more to spare. He had simply taken the softest meatiest poritons of the creature and cleaned a few of the intestines in the water to eat but he was full before he could even strip the creature clean through to show much of its bone really. The creature lay on it back with some of its innards showing and it tail dipping in the water. He would save the remainder for as long as possible until it spoiled and kill whatever other animals it might attract and eat them as well. He hoped he could save a bit for Sparrah if she ever made it back to him. Of course he had already figured she would abandon him once they were separated. She was raised to follow the path for survival looking for someone who may be dead was not the best course of action for someone who wanted to survive. The prior said especially true if a person knew of safe place to live. The resources lasted longer alone, and there was no one to hold you back if you knew the wilderness around you and they did not. He could only hope she would be safe alone without him of course from here on out.

The subtle utterance of his name from the mouth of the witch graces his ears and pulls his attention. He rolls to his stomach and takes a posture of alert on his hands and knees. He sees her image in the form of shadow vanishing within the midst of the trees. He stands and starts toward the trees yet sees no bodies where she should have been. Off in the distance however in the shadows cast by the falling sun he sees movement in the muck of a land shard. Hands of dead animals and men rising from the filth pulling the bodies of bone give  flesh by the moist mud enveloping them. The stand and call out in the voice of the beasts from the cave the name of his people.  From the rear his heart gives him a hint that danger is quickly approaching him. He moves to theside and the tail of the creature he had just feasted on mows down the trees around him. Terry rolls and looks to the beast. Within the stomach of the creature that stand before him on two legs, the gelatinous form, a phantasmagoric flesh in it middle where Terry had torn out it guts. The creature spews out the same substance from its maw and cries out in the static voice. “TEEEEEEESSSSSTTTTRRRAAANNNNN!!!!!” to the heaven giving a roar that shakes the trees.

In a distance nearby Sparrah pulls a snake from the river. She looks to the creature holding it by its neck. The body wriggles in her tight grasp as it tries to free so it can snap it jaws around its attacker, filling its giant body with the parasitic acid from within. Yet Sparrah knows better and grips the tail with the other hand, placing the part of the snakes body closest to the neck on the edge of the boat, stretching out long. Sawing the creature across,  back and forth until decapitation is attained and tossing the head into the lake. “Poison” she says to herself. The snakes body is now acquainted with the valley of dead fish and frogs on the floor at her feet. Terry would not go hungry once they meet up again.

The howl of the monster reaches her ears as does the smell of roasting meat in the distance. She knew it was Terry.  Knew he was alive. “Terry” she told herself and made her way towards her owner so she could never leave his side again.

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