The Testran

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Gorboth

Submitted: June 04, 2017

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Submitted: June 04, 2017



Avoiding an oncoming movment that would surely render his bones to dust and splinters as it did the trees before him, Terry falls to the grounding avowing the creatures massive claws and rolls to the outside of its aim. Terry stands to his feet and moves to the creatures back. The creature swings its tail and Terry dives over it falling into the muck and rolling again. Before Terry could recover from his roll the creature comes back around, slamming the back of his hand into Terry’s body sending him rocketing backwards. He falls just at the edge of the land shard, nearly in the water. The hands of the dead grab hold of his arms, wrap there grasp around his torso and begin to pull him under, He cries out, struggles and tries to pull himself free. The gelatinous mass from the large creatures maw begins to near him, inching forward, like a massive worm of bile. He can hear  a voice speaking from within the shapeless thing. It voice spoke the name of his people, it spoke the name of Bardia. Terry cried out and forced the flames of magic from his soul sending a torrent of fire from below him, immolating the dead underneath. His body protected by the same magic, his flesh like iron, his bones titanium. He stood, his legs now quivering beneath him. The gelatinous form still moving toward him, as now the giant creature was as well.

Terry back away, stopping as he felt the water on his feet. “Come on then” he said in  as powerful a voice as he could. “FACE ME !!!!!!!!!” he cried to death itself and not his opponents for he knew that facing them would surly bring death to side. He ignited the gelatinous form in a blaze that failed in daunting its slow charge and he moved his flames to the creature who cried out in pain and charged him faster. The creature fell to all fours and rushed him. Terry dove to the side as the creature fell into the water. Terry turned his attention to the form that no turned what looked to be its front half to him. The form turned direction and made its way toward him slowly again. The creature raised its body from the water beside him with a howl, he flew like a rocket and crashed through the trees, toppling the massive wooden towers. Terry scrambled to avoid the falling foliage and in the end was left no where to run save for the small area beside the water. He looked into the face of the beast in the center of the dead trees and readied to fight. The creature roared to him, standing on its hind legs. It moved forward crushing a portion of a tree under foot.

“TERRY !!!!!” cried the voice of a savior whom Terry saw nearing the battle from the opponents side of the field. A muzzle flash followed her voice and automatic fire began to empty into the back of the beast. The creature turned toward her and Terry lit it ablaze before rushing onward as the creature cried out and fell into the water again. The form was too slow and Terry avoided it as he ran to the edge of the land shard. Sparrah was just a few feet away. She closed the edge of the land. The form began to come backward yet Terry saw it as no threat. He thought only of the creature, the possibility of it coming out of the water and crashing through the boat, killing Sparrah and then himself. Yet he could not go in the water. If he did, he still faced death. Yet Sparrah was close, so close he could taste his salvation. He jumped into the waters and began to swim onward, he rushed moving his arms and legs as quickly as he could. He heard a cry from the shores yet he did not look back to see what it might be. HE hears Sparrah cry out his name and begin to open fire once more to foe he could not see and he did not look back. He call out to her between strides and he told her to come to him. She dropped the gun and complied, she pattled the boat and the neared each other, she was nearly there, she was close and then Sparrah jumped from the boat and into the water. Terry stopped mid-way and the boat erupted, losing its initial structure and becoming a rain of wooden shards. Terry sat still wading in the water as he watched the creature demolish his salvation. His heart was numb he could feel deaths claws closing in on him now. Then he remembered someone was missing at his side.

Terry called out to Sparrah who had yet to come out of the water. She answered him from behind giving him at least one piece of mind; if he died he would not die alone this day, a morbid thought yet it offered comfort.

“Danger” she said. And Terry assured her he knew. He had to find a way to free them from where they were. He had to escape the danger around them and then it came to him. An action of magic, a danger to the untrained. Yet he knew all of the Testrans knowledge, everything that they did and everything they planned to do. He was trained, by default he could use it. Yet Sparrah could be in danger. He turned Sparrah as the creature fell into the water. She looked to him and smiled. Terry forced smile back and told her “Close your eyes” she did as she was told and he reached out both arms pulling her in close, holding her tightly, more out of fear of what he may do to her if he messes up, he hugged her to apologize. If she looked she would probably die Terry thought. He held her tightly in his arms and thought of any place on land that came to mind, the first was the land where the dead had come from the ground but could not reach him. As the creature burst from beneath them from underwater, the two companions were now gone.

Upon the land shard to the rear where Terry eyes were too afraid to return and witness a cry rang out from the depths of the core of the gelatinous mass upon the muck. It raised up the sky, twisting itself in the form of a spire, it reached up high and contorted and discombobulated. The edges reached out like hand and legs, dozens upon dozens outstretching and forming hooks pointing down at the ground below. The bottom of the beast sprouting roots that spread throughout the land shard and reached down into the water of the marsh, far deep into the blackness and down to the ground below that. The spire reached up high above the tallest trees and continued to reach its peak higher until it reached high above the clouds. It width expanded from bottom to top until it reached the width of large building. A loud cry rang out again from the core of the spire, light began to waken the night with a glow of a violet tint, the form now a twisted contorted corkscrew beacon, brandishing hooks and blades. It pulsated from the clouds lighting the clouds a pinkish glow resonating a hum and cry that vibrated the very atmosphere and wind. The life of the marsh all awakened to the sound as those awakened from their graves began to bow and prostrate from where the stood, looking toward the direction that the sound reverberated from.

From the city of Anwa those having been in battle now found themselves rebuilding their homes and cleaning the bodies of the fallen from their lands. The citizens and the soldiers both government and Gkali’s all worked, filling body bags and boxes with the remains both enemies and friends. Moving as a well formed community they loaded trucks and tanks with boxes and bag of visceral mush and dismembered remains. This was the gift given to the people by war, parents were weeping an children all singing, and dancing around a fire  as the flames cleared away the bodies of the monkeys when they did not have a bag or box to place them in. The soldiers ran through the city door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood clearing out any stragglers, raping enemy woman, civilian woman and any young girl that may have caught their eye. They looted the houses and killed any man that may oppose them, or were killed when their backs were turned.

They were a unified community, a community of understanding for these such occurrences were their habitual rut. They were no more than cogs in this machine as those in the first world countries were cogs in their own. Yet the machine would break this night from a disturbance that had begun the day before. With the appearance of a young man from a place none save those gifted in the ways of the arcane, with the skills of the Fabled witch could see. A  rift would be opened and new life would soon spill forth upon this land and walk the planet as if it were their own. The Spire called out with the stories of beings never seen, it pulsated and hummed and cried out a harsh wail that brought the attention of those in the city of Anwa, in the forests of the Falkmore and all of the cities near by. The men and woman looked up to the sky as their souls began to remember a time long passed of event lived by their ancestors. The moments in time that were ingrained into their DNA brought chills of terror into their sous as they watched the sky light with violet and the clouds in the sky fade to nothing. A subtle drop in temperature took hold of the night I Anwa and the surrounding forests. The people closed their eyes and began to embrace the voice that spoke in their heads and they soon laid on the ground and embraced the voice of Gordoth the Formless. They would soon enact the birth of a new race upon this realm. So says Gordoth.

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