The Testran

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Her Home

Submitted: September 25, 2016

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Submitted: September 25, 2016



Far back for the miles that she could see, there were only the fires of a war that had been expanding for the past few hundred years and the remnants of the ancestors hatred torturing the men and woman of the war now, who cried out as the savages from the forest continued onward in their headlong assault into the city. She and her owner and Jaxton came to their hide out; a small camp at the beaches front far from the forest and the area where the people from the first world countries; Corovore, Alvegan, Dyll and the like, come with their charity food drives. Those happy go lucky kings and queens of the planet saw the people of Annuwa and the beasts of Falkmore as water from the same spring. They only came in area’s closest to the forest where they could keep close to their parties that went into the forest. They also wanted to keep an air of neutrality. Which was why most beaches were neutral ground where Annuwan soldiers and Falkmoran soldiers were sure to keep their claws retracted. Lest they all starve. Trepious despised the thought of taking food from the charity organizations of the first world countries.

“Bring guns’ rich man” he always said whenever one of their planes flew overhead.

He refused to go to the main beaches where the charity drives were held. Jaxton had taken her once, it was during a time where they couldn’t get through to any of the cities to steal from other groups, or families in the area because the soldiers were patrolling heavily. It was a terrifying event yet one for which struck her with wonder. The sounds of the planes roaring out, sounding the gathering of hundreds if not thousands of Annuwan men and woman, the Annuwan Government and Gkali’s soldiers all standing without weapons, now just specks of dust in the desert without their guns. They wait in a cacophony of cursing and excitement, fights breakout. Soldiers break it up. Children are smothered and the elderly die without anyone being the wiser, or possibly simply not caring. The girl sat on Jaxton’s shoulders, less so out of friendly relation, more for his scheme. The planes came down with a mighty howl like a Falkmoran Reaper Dog and crashed into the ocean on its stomach sliding forward, slowing its velocity as it reached the shoreline and finally docking at the edge of the beach. Then the people of Corovore came out, those pale skinned white men, and people of several different races walked out as the door at the front of the plan fell with a quake as heavy steal met dust. They held boxes of bread and canned food, water, clothes. The rich soldiers accompanied them, their guns bigger, fancier, their demeanor quiet, controlled, far more disciplined than any in Annuwa. No one rushed forward until the white men were finished and then called out in a happy, friendly voice.

“Who wants dinner?” and then they ran forward like animals, like the Falkmore. And Jaxton told the girl to run and she did, across the heads of the people. Trepious took it but only ate amidst whispered curses.

They sat at their camp; a simple wooden shack -The only in the area – with a hole in the roof right on the edge of the left wall, one wall with a hole blown through its middle. The interior was empty save for one room and their own sleeping bags. They sat and ate their pilfered rations for the week. The sounds of today’s begun battle could still be heard in the distance if only faintly accompanied by the sound of the ocean just outside. Jaxton and Trepious sat across from one another, speaking about the men who owned the cities of Annuwa and what would happen now that Anwa was attacked. They spoke about what they would do now that the Falkmore had invaded, where they would go. Which city seemed prosperous and safe enough for them to live in. She sat apart from them shoveling the contents of a bent can of green vegetables into her mouth with her hand. The day faded away slowly yet it left all the same as the sun switched shifts with the moon, allowing for the world to change from its brilliant golden gleam to the melancholy sheen of silver. As the skies darkened into a sight hindering blackness the luster of the battle faded into a merciful slumber and as well did those who managed to survive its initial waking hours. Vacant of the sounds of chaos and discord the serenity of the oceans voice now made its way onto stage and spoke to the girl as she sat in the light of the lamp in the center of the camp shack. Her body still caked in the dust and blood of today’s venture, still missing its attire that she tossed from her frame. Trepious called out to her and she answered with her voiceless attention. He ushered her to come with him as he stood up, grabbing the remaining food and taking it to the room for storage and she followed close behind, carrying her wool blanket in tow. She wouldn’t be sleeping alone, and she couldn’t allow her owner to be chilled by the night’s harsh embrace.

The serenity of the oceans voice gave a comfort as it spoke of despairs long past and despairs yet to come. The girl lay upon the body of the oceans gentle waves, the chill offering a repose from the aches that now plagued her body from her owner’s harsh desires. The waves rocked her bare frame here and there. The serenity of the oceans voice gave her comfort and now she would allow it to sing her to sleep. 

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