The Testran

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God when I wrote this book I did not expect the chapters to be soooooo short lol.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Unlikely Companion

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



Terry walked out with one duffle bag despite the hundreds of cans of food and bread that sat still fresh in the storage room. The girl watched as he made his way toward the hole in the wall to leave. She stood, being sure to balance herself on the wall.

“Terry………Food…….More……..Room” she called out and Terry turned with that same confused glare.

“There is more food in the room” he said and the girl answered with a nod, and a blank stare on a face leaking with fresh blood from a broken nose.

“There is more food in the room” Terry repeated and this time the girl simply stared into his eyes across the room attempting to contemplate exactly how to retort.

“Say it” Terry said. “There is more food in the room”

“There food more –“ her soft voice attempted

“No” he interrupted. “There is more food in the room”.

“There…… …more food… …room – In the room” she attempted again.

“Yeah” Terry said with a smile. “I know but it’s too much to carry”

“Car” the girl said. “Car …….food……Carry”

Terry let a sigh escape his lips, he hated himself for understanding what  she meant, but he figured the car would be helpful until it ran out of gas, if it had any in there. But it would get him as far away from the battle that was nearing them as possible for the time being.

“Where is it?” he said and the girl pointed to the food to tell him to gather more food and he grabbed the second duffle bag along with a green recyclable bag full of water bottles. He handed that to the girl and then she guided him to the far end behind the shack near a wooded area where the jeep sat idle with two gas cans in the trunk, one half full the other completely full.

“Filled” the girl said before getting in the back seat of the jeep.

“Perfect”  Terry said as the quiver of explosions in the distance sounded once again, he supposed he hadn’t been paying enough attention to have actually realized how much louder the battle had gotten to them. The gunfire echoed as if it were simply less than five miles out. Terry got into the car and saw that the dimwits left the keys in the ignition. He let out a sigh, placing the duffle bags in the passenger seat. Then he looked into the rearview mirror and through the cracked glass saw the stoic face of the girl in the back seat. The memory of their not too long past duel resonated in his mind and screamed louder as he examined the purple swelling of his right eye.

“Get up front”. He said then he remembered the knife. He had dropped it in the room when he was gathering food. He looked to the girl whom seated herself in the passenger seat and held the bags of resources in her lap. She held the blade in her hand as well. He realized he had been dropping his guard too much, near immediately. He simply drove off into the beach and then made a U-turn toward the trail. And into the wooded area taking whatever turn followed that took him in a direction that muffled the sounds of the approaching violence. 

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