The Testran

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Owner?

Submitted: October 18, 2016

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Submitted: October 18, 2016



An endless amount of forestry loomed over their headlong drive down a trail of moist dirt, sticks and grass. The creak of the of the car as the ground jostle it as it drove was all that transpired as the sun fell from the sky, hours following their drive.  The girls nose now a darkening brown as the blood that had poured from her broken nose began to dry and become a canvas for more blood on her body, and Terry’s eye began throb as did the laceration on his shoulder, torso and abdomen. The cold soon became an all to obvious presence in this area as did the wildlife that raced through the brush of the woods.

“Reaper hounds” the girl commented as if to the trees that watched them.

Terry scanned the area and simply sped up, he could hear the mentioned beasts racing through the woods and he didn’t want to stop and allow them a chance to attack. Although he knew near nothing about these creatures, he knew that dogs hunted in packs, and without a gun he wouldn’t be able to take on even a dozen large dogs attacking all at once.  

“Falkmore woods……die………Girl………Terry…….Cave………Go –“

“Go to a cave or we’ll die because the Falkmore woods aren’t safe” Terry interrupted keeping his voice to a calm tone. He looked to the girl who looked to him and nodded.

“Go to cave……….Trepious” she froze and looked off into the distance,  letting silence follow as she began to contemplate her next few words. Finally coming upon the concoction “Safe….Cave”.

Terry couldn’t help but let a smirk paint his face as he watched the girl actually attempt to give a bit of thought to what she said to him for a moment.  He watched her stare at him dimly for a moment and then for whatever reason – Be it because she understood that he was amused and exactly why, or because she was simply mimicking his gestures – she let a grin paint across her blood soaked lips as well.

“Terry” she exclaimed softly and then turned to look out the non-existent door of the jeep and stared up into the sky to examine the subtle beams of the moon that barely fell through the trees.

“Where’s the safe cave?” Terry said hoping to get another well-constructed answer. Yet receiving only a pointed gesture left through the woods.

“Any possible way to drive the Jeep there?” he continued and she simply shook her head to reject the prospect.

“Drive” The girl said. “Cliff………Climb down……….Girl say stop –“

“I’ll stop” Terry said as he understood what would come next. They continued onward through the forest of mirrored scenery and sounds of stalking dogs in the blackness. He looked around at the scenery and saw up ahead as the trees cleared and ended at a cliff, he stopped the car and skid forward just a bit before coming to a halt several feet from the drop. He scanned the area before jumping out the car and looking back into the woods to see the woods staring back. Orange glint of light glared back his way not daring to leave the cover of the brush. He let the thought cross his mind of the Hounds rushing out and attacking himself and the girl. He snickered a bit. Possibly he would win, with her by his side.  But she was a resourceful little thing and she would possibly run. More than likely she would run actually.

“We were going up hill?” Terry inquired tunring back to the girl who had already begun the process of jumping over the cliff side with the duffle bags on her shoulders. Terry didn’t bother calling out to her. He walked over to the edge and peaked over seeing the girl unscathed and walking into a cave mouth just below their feet.

“Not much of a safe house, when the jeep is parked outside of it” he called to her having only the echoes call back a retort of his own words. He followed the girl, landing in a squatting position, his toes cracking and pang of agony riding up his calves as he landed flat-footed. He stood and limped into the blackness of the cave. His eyes could see all things in a blue tint. He was unsure why, his eyes simply adjust to the blackness. The ability was no surprise though, he remembered the Testrans could do these things, most of them could see with their eyes closed. Bardia hadn’t told him that, but he knew that he remembered it. He saw the girl’s, eye’s glowing a bright golden glint like a feline in the shadows. She sat legs pulled to her chin, messing with her nose, now bent to the far right.

“Hurt” she said her voice igniting gentle echoe throughout the cave. “Can’t breathe”. Terry watched as she pinched the bridge of her nose and winced giving off a sound like a new born puppy’s bark.

Terry crouched down and stuck out a hand. “I think I might be able to fix that for you” .

She looked to him then falling to her hands she crawled forward until meeting him face to face. “Fix………Girl……breathe” .

Memories began to cycle through him as he rifled through an eternity of knowledge gifted to him by the Fabled Testran witch. Instances and seconds and moments and days all washed through his brain. Histories and wars and the beginning of an existence that ended millennia ago all passed through him. Threads of families and individuals and unborn souls tied around the finger of this one last born spirit and then he found it, the one thing he had needed, within a moment no longer than an eyes single blink he had it. He lifted his hand and pressed his finger to the girls nose. She didn’t flinch, didn’t tense, she watched his eyes and he noticed her. Fearless, unchallenging. The sound of bones crying below her skin sounded as her bone set and her blood ceased flowing, torn flesh mended, bruises faded. A cool washed over her as she sank into his touch. Her eye closed as she bathed in the magnificence of the feeling. And then it stopped. She looked to him and pinched her nose between her index and middle finger.

“Terry………God?” she said looking to him, her eyes wide as they studied her healer.

“Never” he said

“Terry………Angel?” she continued.

“No” he said as his own wounds vanished.

“Terry……..Demon?”. Terry simply shook his head.

“Terry……….Witch?” she kept pressing and Terry sighed.

“I learned that from a witch” he finally stated.

The girl pulled back from him and retreated into the darkness on all fours, before coming back and presenting him with a white rock, glimmering white, the size of her entire hand.

“Sweet rock” she said. “Healthy”

“You want me to eat it?” Terry gave a disgusted glare before falling back to a sitting position and crossing his legs.

“Bread” she presented the rock then ran into the darkness, the sounds of her rifling through the bags echoed through the cave and she returned running on her feet before falling in front of him on her knees.


Terry stared at her, he studied her for a moment as she stared back at him, her face so close that her breathe made strands of his hair dance around his neck.

“You’re not afraid of me?” Terry exclaimed his worries. And the girl simply cocked her head to one side like a dog contemplating his masters whistle for the first time.

“Owner” the girl said. “Terry…….Trepious Kill……Trepious girl owner………..Trepious strong……..Terry stronger………Terry girl owner…………Girl survive with Terry………Owner”.

“Trepious owned you?”

The girl nodded. “Found……girl……..Falkmoran  slave girl……Annuwan Soldiers steal……….Trepious kill Owners……..Girl and boy survive……Boy Annuwan Soldier”.

“What happened to the boy?”

“Girl Kill……Liability”.

Terry allowed the life of this girl to cycle throughout his mind. He attempted to allow his heart to intake a form of darkness toward the thought, yet he could only allow for one sentiment to undertake a throne within his affections pertaining to this girl. One of which played out perfectly for both of them. She was resourceful a wonderful personification of serendipity for him. He would survive and at the same time as would she.

“You want me to be your owner?”

“Terry…….Owner” the girl said again her eye fixed on Terry’s. “Terry………Girl life ……….Choked in hands……..Terry……..Hold life……..Terry give back breathe……..Terry take away pain”.

What is it? This child a broken beacon thrust outward into a realm of chaos. This child was a beast, a demon if he had ever known one. A danger without reason for being one save for the will of a mind that was capable of anything simply because any mind could have it if powerful enough to overcome the original.

“What’s your name?” Terry asked.

“Girl” she said

Terry shook his head. He thought back to Trepious. To Jaxton and then looked to the girls naked frame. He brought up the memories of his people. The sisters the brothers. The children that walked in blood and snow. She had the soul of one of them if he had ever felt one. Yet she was so stupid, so naïve to existence as a whole.

“Trepious never gave you name?” Terry said it with a grin and the girl shook her head.

“I am girl……Girl always girl”

“Do you want one?”

“Girl is not a name?”

Terry’s eyes widened as his mind began to rationalize the shear astonishment of the girl in front of him, firstly assuming Girl was a legitimate name and secondly that she actually formed a legitimate sentence even if it turned out to be an utterly stupid comment such as “Girl is not a name?”.

“It’s not, it’s what you are. You’re a girl” Terry explained

“I’m a girl……..Terry……Give name…..Terry owner”

“No” Terry stood up taking off his shirt.

“Terry” the girls eye like a squirrel at the edge of park bench watch and begging to be given a piece of a person’s food.  Her voice a gentle whine.

“I’m not your owner. You have no owner” he handed her the shirt. He studied her naked body he thought to all the Testran slaves, the ones that the Testrans kept and the ones that the Testran’s were. He thought back to the memories of the slave sympathizers and the slavers. He favored the sentiments of the initial. This girl was not a thing to be used as the slaves that he remembered were used.

“We’re a family” he said. He saw the look on the girls face and her head cock to the side contemplating exactly what the word may have meant. “It means we never leave each other. We never let each other die. We care for each other until we die”.

“Family?” the girl said. “Terry……Family”

“It also means I let you choose your own name…….If you can” he said

“Sparrah” she blurted, her voice still a simple heightened whisper. “Sparrah Jesla”.

Terry’s heart sank at the words as he saw the picture of two young children running along the shores of a Testran lake within his mind. The memoires of a sister lost to some poor soul whom he had never met yet knew everything about. He crouched down in front of the Girl now named Sparrah Jesla.

“Hello” he said handing her the shirt. “Sparrah Jesla McCoy. I’m Terry. Terry Jacks Mccoy”

Sparrah let a grin paint her red streaked face and dropping the bread and sweet rock and took the shirt. “Hello Terry……Sparrah – I’m Sparrah. Sparrah Jesla McCoy……..Family”.

Sparrah stood and put on the shirt that hung like a tarp on her body. Terry amidst a held laughter took the knife that Sparrah had placed beside the duffle bags and cut the bottom of the shirt to thigh length. He used the cut piece to tie the shirt closed on her body, the knot a lump on her back. Sparrah looked at him as if attempting to contemplate something but Terry decided that it wasn’t worth the brainpower to figure out exactly what. He picked the sweet rock and bread up off the ground and stared at them attempting t o work out how the two might work in unison.


“Terry watch me” Terry Corrected Sparrah gave him another crooked headed stare of contemplation. “Say it”

“Terry…..Watch me” she repeated. She took the sweet rock and with the other she broke a small piece off of the tip and placed it in her mouth.

Terry gave her a confused look and she simply grinned. He reached for the rock and she held it out allowing him to snap a piece off and he crushed the piece in his hands sprinkling it on the bread. He looked to her and then to the bread and took a chunk out of it.  The taste was like honey spread across the bread.

“Its good” he said

“Sweet rock” she said softly with a confident flare in her voice. Terry offered her a bite of his bread. She stared at it then glared at him before chomping down on his bread taking all but the bottom which he held in his hand. He looked to his hand and simply began to allow laughter to take hold. She looked to him and mimicked his laughter mainly because he was laughing and for no other reason not even that she knew what it meant. 

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