We are just friends

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beautiful and sad love story...

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



" Stupid where were you I was waiting for you for so long huh?" shouted krishna at me . He was my best friend , we were in same class in same school . " Hey answer me where were you " Krishna said again . My eyes were filled with tear I can't say a single word to him and ran away . He ran after me hold my hand and hugged me tightly . I felt relaxed . " what happened tell me now ?" he asked and left my chin upward . " Em....hmm... I ... I ... just want to buy a dress but mom denied ". I told . " Hahahahah....you are stupid you are crying just for a stupid dress" . laughed Krishna . " I hate you , you are laughing ... i don't want to talk anymore go away ", I pushed him toward wall . " Okay.....okay...sorry ...forgive me ". he said . " It's okay , I hate my life , I could not even get a dress I love most " . I said . " don't worry I would buy you that dress , okay " he said . " really ??", I screamed happily . " hahahahahah I was Kidding stupid " . he laughed out loud . " I hate you ...hate you ...hate you ", I just shouted over him. He went to his home with huge smile. Life went on happily .

I loved him very much not as just a friend but as a boyfriend , even whole schools talks about us that . many days passed I thought I should tell Krishna that I love him. I made decision that I would tell him yesterday .

Next day

I was waiting for him in front of big gate of our school . It was 7:00 AM . He was late . He didn't come so late before . Finally class started , he didn't come . In the class I was just staring at the door and wishing if he could come . Time passed after school , I was on the road waiting for him I tried to call him but cell phone was off . I went his house saw a big lock at his door . I asked for him then his neighbor told me that he left city forever . As I heard those heart breaking words , I couldn't say anything I just crying...out loud .

Many months passed he didn't tried to contact me , changed his number . I was living but lifelessly . Then many years passed , I couldn't forget him just living with his memory , I just wanted to tell him that We are not just friends but he left without hearing this .

I went for a interview in a company far away from my city . I was waiting for my turn , " Are you miss Sia ? "

" yes I am ." " Sir is calling you please come in ". I knocked at door , " may I come in please ?" " Yes please ." A firm voice came from inside . As I entered I stunned , when I saw those black deep eyes , I recognized him . He was him , yeah ...Krishna . I couldn't stop my tears . " oh... are you okay miss Sia ". My lips was speechless as my eyes wanted to speak . I wanted if he could hug me tightly like before . But he couldn't do that. I left from that office , with watery eyes . He called me I replied " Hey can we meet ?" he asked " okay " " hmm just tell me where are you I am coming to meet you " He came and I asked him so many question he answered me that he had to left city because his father died and he had to handle everything and he was sorry for everything . I asked him why he ignored me he said he didn't want to make me cry or her mother asked him to do so not to contact with anyone . I was looking in his eyes , and said " I missed you every single second ." He smiled and hugged me tightly . I just wanted to tell him everything that I wanted to tell him before many years . But suddenly He said " I want to give you something " . " okay " I said , He gave me a box packed with beautiful covering . " open it stupid " he said , " I opened and saw It was the dress I wanted to buy that day many years ago . " you bought it , for me ?" I asked , " No.... I chose it for me to wear " He laughed . " Thanks ....I love you so much ......" kissed him on his cheeks . " I want to tell you something ". he said . " Okay " . I said " i love someone very much ," he said . " what is her name ?" I asked as I already knew he would tell my name . " Her name is...Maya ". he said . I couldn't believe so I again asked tell me seriously then he told me . That he met a girl here in office named Maya and she loved him too . " you have to were this dress in our engagement , okay " he said . I was speechless , with heavy heart I nodded . " Hey tell me what happened do you found someone to love ?" he asked

" yes " I tell " wow ... who is the lucky guy "? he asked

" KRISHNA....." I shouted with watery eyes. " what " he said

" yes , I do from our childhood " I said

" Sorry Sia .. I Just want to say that we are just friends " he said .

I was broken and left but I made realize that we are just friends ....nothing more than that..

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