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We shall discuss the reasons behind birth of every human.

If you believe that every person is born for some reason then why am I born on this Earth?

If it needs time to know then how much time will I have to wait?

If no one knows when and where does it come then how can I know that it is the specific movement for which I was born for?

If I start waiting for that special movement but I get drive with many similar consequences then answer me why it is so?

If those similar consequences make me strong enough to face that special movement in my life then are you sure that I can definitely win in that special movement?

If that movement has arrived and I have successfully completed my part in my life then why should I live further?

If that is not the only reason for why I was born then what short of reasons I am left behind even?

If I am done with my life achievements then why don’t I die without pain?

If ever I have done some mistakes in this mean while of gaining something for my future then why don’t you plan for my life to go without mistakes?

If I do some mistakes to make me even stronger to get achieved in my birth reason then why do we call them as mistakes and not as lessons to be learned?

If every reason for the mistakes has the words like money and women then why can’t we prepare not to make those mistakes as we already knew the reason?

If making mistakes make the man to learn some lessons then why those lessons are included with punishments?

If punishments are the only ways to learn lessons even harder enough then why do people are categorized in many ways and are born?

If I am born to a family and a place which is already facing lot of difficulties then why should I have to start my career facing those punishments with a sour taste of life?

If I am born to a family and place with an average identity then why should I have to start my career with an insufficient amount of taste in life?

If I am born to a family and place with lot of richness then why should I have to start my career with a sweet taste of my life?  

If all the tastes of life ends up with opposite tastes of lives then why don’t we all people start with a tasteless life?

If life is full of combinations of taste then why do people of one kind hate the other kind having different tastes?

If everyone is born for some reason then everyone has his own style of living but as everyone is interdependent on one another why should we hate living with others?

If god has created us with combinations of taste and asked us to live with interdependence then it’s better to live united then why do we quarrel for some meaningless reasons?

***** I wish everyone on this earth called themselves as mankind to live with unity*****



Submitted: September 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 PandiRamPrasad. All rights reserved.

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