the girl i fell in love with

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I wrote this short when i was in 8th grade so bare with me it's old so it might not be that great but just work with me here ????

my name is toby this is my story about a girl i know it's sounds like a typical story about a guy and girl but to me it's real it's different

Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



The Girl I Fell In Love With

It started with her she changed my life forever. I was always the bad kid in school not that popular. Girls wanted me but I never liked that, and when she came along I fell in love and then it ended with her. 

"Toby Hemingway," said the teacher

"Here," Toby answered

 "psst." I turned my head to see my best friend Garrett 

"What! I whispered.

 "Did you see the new girl?" Garrett shot back

 "No."I answered

 Then the door opened and a girl walked into the room.

"October Hi I'm Mrs. Ford, and well where all glad to meet you so if you could take your seat and will begin!" Said Mrs. Ford.

I looked up at her and she smiled she sat behind me I could smell her perfume it smelt of channel no nine which was a sweet smell.

"I'm October" she whispered

 I turned to face her I'm Toby I answered she smiled again," 

"Mr. Hemingway pay attention "Mrs. Ford yelled

"Sorry it's just that your face scared me so I looked away." I smirked

 Mrs. Ford's eyes widened 

"Go to the office now!" she yelled

 Toby stood he looked at October she was giggling Toby smiled and headed out of the room.

After first period Toby came out of the office and headed toward second period when he saw October at her locker he walked up to her 

"That was my old locker go you need help opening it?" asked Toby

 "Um yes actually, Toby right" she answered.

 Toby banged on the locker and it opened. 

"Yeah it's Toby," he responded.

 'What's your lunch period?' October asked

"Oh I have C lunch." Toby replied

 "Oh so do I, so I guess I'll see you at lunch then!" October smiled again

 "Um yeah but you probably don't want to sit with a bunch of guys."Stated Toby 

"oh no, you're probably right I shouldn't well got to go." bye" said October

She closed her locker and headed off. I sat through math class thinking about her I even wrote her name on my binder. October, she was so cute and different from every other girl, her smile and how she walks it's so perfect that's when I thought to myself I think I like this girl. 

After second period Toby headed to lunch he sat down next to Garrett, 

"So Toby what do you think?" Garrett asked

"Oh dude she's so cute and really nice."Toby answered 

"Oh well I'm just letting you know October is my cousin and her best friend is my girlfriend how cool is that!"Stated Garrett

 "She's your cousin no way man that's cool" Toby answered 

"October over here!"Yelled Garrett

 October walked over sitting down, 

"Hi Garrett oh Toby; Garrett you didn't tell me Toby was your friend wow."October stated

 "Oh yeah sorry maybe you two should hangout ?"Asked Garrett 

"Oh maybe that's not such a good idea Garrett." October snapped

"Oh come on October let your guard down your fine nothing is going to happen to you so chill." answered Garrett.

 I looked at October her eyes where glossy and it looked like she was about to cry. "Garrett you don't know anything do you "I don't want a boyfriend," October shot back

 She stood up and left "

"What did I say." yelled Garrett.

 Toby stood up and followed October. 

"October stop!"Toby yelled

 October stopped and spun around. 

"Are you okay?" I asked

 October looked at me she was crying

"Look the reason why I don't want a boyfriend is because my last boyfriend." October trailed off.

"Last boyfriend did what?"

 I looked into her eyes. 

"What?" I asked

 "his name was Greg Whitman I thought he loved me but when he started drinking everything changed he hit me he would drug me until I was out of it, now he's in jail, my parents found out cause I told them everything he soon broke out of jail and tried to kill me I have a scar on my chest wear he stabbed me." Said October

October looked down at the marble ground. 

"October I know it's your first day and everything but I would never do anything like that to any girl." Stated Toby

 October smiled after that day October grew stronger we where close then ever she laughed at almost everything we talked on the phone we hung out a lot she trusted me she told me all her secrets.

Toby sat down next to October 

"So October I bet I can get into trouble before you."Stated Toby

 October smiled 

"You're on Hey Mrs. Ford nice wig!" Yelled Toby 

"Toby Hemingway shut your mouth?"Yelled Mrs. Ford 

"He's right your wig matches the huge mole on your face."October yelled

 "That's it both of you in the hallway now. "Yelled Mrs. Ford

 The class started to laugh Toby and October headed out into the hallway they both where laughing Toby stopped laughing and stared at October, October looked at Toby before they knew it they kissed. Toby leaned his head against October 

"Sorry "Toby whispered 

"It's okay just promise me you won't fall in love with me." October asked

"I promise" said Toby

 They kissed again after school Garrett and October got through the door 

"So you and Toby?" asked Garrett

 "Yes Garrett me and Toby big deal!" October answered

 "Well all I want to say is Toby's my best friend and you know you're my cousin I love toy like............. I don't know you're like my sister" Garrett stated

 October hugged Garrett 

"You're the only family I have left Garrett." October smiled.

"Yeah I know ever since that day with your parents I became responsible and looked after you." Answered Garrett 

"Thanks Garrett" said October

October then rain upstairs, Garrett's mom came into the living room 

"Garrett your home where's October?" Garrett's mom Lucinda asked

 "Oh she's upstairs." Garrett answered 

"Oh good I need to talk to you it's really bad." Stated Lucinda.

Garrett looked at his mom and noticed she had been crying

 "Mom what's going on. "Asked Garrett

 They both sat down on the couch.

"So how was your day. "Asked October

 "oh you know just chill in with you" answered Toby 

"so you want to go to the mall" Toby asked

 "Sure I'd love to let me change and I'll come over bye" answered October

 They hung up October changed and headed down stairs 

"Bye going to the mall."October yelled

 "Bye." Lucinda called back

 "October left mom stop crying we can't do anything about it. Your making me cry." Garrett snapped

 "I know it's just October is a part of us but the people want her cause she has no other family."Lucinda started to cry harder.

"Why child services, Come on cant they just go away?"Garrett started to yell 

"Their taking her because I'm not her relative." Lucinda stated 

"What? You're kidding right? What the hell!" yelled Garrett as he slammed his fist against the wall. 

"Come down sweet heart please" asked Lucinda? 

Garrett had tears running down his face.

October and Toby held hands as they walked around

 "Alright you need to try this ice cream."October asked 

"Fine I will", Toby tried it "wow that is good." Toby answered 

He kissed October's cheek, October blushed 

"Oh hey lets go into Pacsun!"October shouted and she ran into the store.

Wow she was so perfect and I loved that about her she always had a smile on, She was never upset and that made me happy and so I headed into the store and there she was trying on shoes. I walked over and sat next to her

 "How about these ones." She asked.

 I looked at the shoes 

"Yeah their great get those," I smiled.

 She paid for the shoes and we left the store 

"So what's next?" I asked.

 "Well I'm bored," Stated October 

"Let's go back to my house" I replied

"sure." she answered 

"My parents are on a cruise so I have people over all the time." I replied

We got back to my place. 

"Do you want to watch a movie" I asked 

"No" she answered

 We ate and one thing lead to another we watched a movie, October got home 

"How was the mall?"Asked Lucinda 

"Oh it was great I'm going to bed." Answered October 

She headed upstairs when she got upstairs she heard sobbing from Garrett's room October opened the door Garrett looked up

 "Rachel I'll call you later love you, bye" said Garrett

 "Are you okay" asked October. 

"October I need to talk to you" stated Garrett as he wiped the tears away

 October sat down next to Garrett. Garrett told October everything she cries for two hours and drifted off to sleep I think that was the last time I spoke to October until two months past we started talking again she told me about child services I didn't want the month to end.

October sat next to Garrett; Garrett smiled at October she smiled back. 

"So you got homework" asked Garrett 

"No actually I don't but have you seen Toby?"replied October 

"oh he want to his locker to get something." Said Garrett

 "hey." said Toby

Toby sat down handing October roses 

"Oh Toby there beautiful" October stated

 She kissed Toby. After school October and Toby hung out.

"October you know how you told me not to fell in love with you....well I'm in love with you." stated Toby as he grabbed both of October's hands 

She looked at Toby. 

"I love you too Toby Hemingway" October answered and they kissed.

 That was the last time I saw October she stopped coming to school, so I want to her house. "Toby you should leave" said Lucinda

 Garrett then came to the door 

"Mom go" snapped Garrett, Lucinda walked away,

 "Garrett why haven't you and October been to school it has been a week you know child services is coming?" Toby asked 

"Oh well child services isn't coming anymore its Octobers ex boyfriend?"Garrett stated "what? No he's in jail" Toby responded.

"No he got out and he called here we told the police but they told me and October to stay home and when child services found out they freaked they wanted no part of this at all."Garrett answered

 "Can I just see October please?"Said Toby

 "Sorry but you can't" said Garrett

 Garrett then closed the door. October soon was turning eighteen and I wanted to see her buy on April twenty first In the middle of the night I woke up to my phone ringing. I picked up my phone 

"Hello?" I answered 

It was Garrett he sounded scared and he was crying. 

"Garrett what's wrong!" I shouted

 "October she's at the hospital Greg found us he killed my mom October ran outside she was going toward your house and Greg shot her I'm lucky I got away please come to the hospital" Garrett cried 

"Alright I'll be there." I said

we hung up I threw on clothes grabbed my keys and left. I reached the hospital I saw Garrett he was with Rachel I ran over to them Garrett stood hugging I saw Rachel's face she too had been crying she stood and hugged me as well 

"October okay?" I asked 

"The doctor said there doing all they can but the doctor also said she may not make it." Said the Garrett

 Garrett's eyes started to water again. Rachel hugged Garrett 

"Today's her birthday."Rachel announced.

 I looked at the time it said 3:15 and yeah it was the twenty second it was her birthday "excuse me you may go see her" a doctor called 

We all headed into the room October had bandages over her body we walked over to her, October opened her eyes 

"Hey." she smiled

 She still had that perfect smile 

"Hey." I whispered

 "Happy birthday." I finished

 Octobers smile somehow got brighter.

 "How are you feeling." asked Garrett.

October turned her head slowly toward Garrett 

"The doctor said I won't make it the bullet id in too deep." October answered.

Rachel then pulled out a box and handed it to October 

"It's for our friendship together" Rachel smiled 

October opened the box and a necklace was revealed 

"Rachel its beautiful thank you," said October

 Toby took the necklace and put it on October and he set the box on the table.

Two hours went by me, Rachel and Garrett stayed in the waiting room it was going onto 7:35 in the morning Rachel had her head on Garrett she was sleeping Garrett couldn't keep his eyes off me he kept staring then a cop walked up to us. 

"Garrett Hedlund" he asked

 Garrett looked. 

"Yes." he answered 

"We caught the killer he's going back to prison and you guys are now safe" stated the cop

 "Thank you officer" replied Garrett

 The officer left. Well Garrett and Rachel are safe but am I safe will October ever make it through this I thought.

Soon it was 8:15 we never left that's when I heard nurses screaming and doctors running to Octobers room Garrett shot up he ran over Rachel tried to grab him but she was to late, "stay back ser" yelled a nurse 

"She's bleeding" a doctor yelled 

"Someone hurry" a nurse screamed 

I grabbed Garrett quickly turning him to face me.

We both could hear the doctors.

 "One.......Two.......Three clear" a doctor shouted

 "Again" the nurse yelled

 Is she really dead I thought the doctor came out. 

"I'm sorry" said the doctor

  The doctor headed off Garrett started to cry I hugged Garrett I could feel warm tears running down my face Rachel didn't move she was shocked.

A year want by since Octobers death she change our lives. Garrett proposed to Rachel and she said yes. I was going to ask October to marry me too we were so close and I would never forget her. Her beauty, her kindness, her love, and her smile I'll always remember that beautiful smile. I stopped getting into trouble and kept up my grades I want college. 

I remember walking down the street and stopped when I saw to people holding hands and I thought back to October and I, A light want off in my head and well I thought I'm going to write my story about my adventure that I had with this girl and tell everyone that she was loving. Toby stopped thinking and walked down the long street wanting to get home to tell his story.

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