like father like son

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Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016








“What do you mean I’m the problem?” bellowed Brandon Lightlace, feeling like his heart was being rung tight. Why did he of all people have to be in this situation? A drunk dad who doesn't even do anything. A step  mom that works herself to death; just to pay the bills piling up in the kitchen drawer.

Right now, Brandon was having another fight with his father over the grades that he didn't even care about. He only wanted to find a reason to yell and drink more.

“I mean exactly what I fucking said! Why are we sending you to that shit-hole of a school, when all you do is fail! You're the reason for the piles of bills we have! You are the problem!” growled Brandon’s father.

How can I be the problem, you don't even help with the bills. Thought Brandon scornfully. His father, Randy Lightlace, really started to drink when his wife, Brandon’s mother, died in a car wreak only five years ago. Brandon was only ten. It happened Christmas morning.

It was gray and snowing that day as Brandon woke up. Brandon sat in bed for a while, a cocky smile slowly spreading on his face. Warm thoughts wrapped around him like a quilt. Christmas. Brandon thought sweetly. The time of the year that family was supposed to be the closest. Brandon was about to get up and go down stairs, when his door slowly opened. His father walked in with a small box wrapped in blue and red wrapping. His dad saw that he was already up, and smiled.

“There’s my boy! All ready up and ready to go!” His dad came to the bed and started tickling the young boy. Brandon giggled.

“Dad! It's Christmas!” laughed Brandon, reminding his father why he came in his room in the first place.

“Right! This is for you. I thought you might need one just like me!”

Brandon tore into the wrapping excitedly as his father watched. Inside the wrapping was a cardboard box. Brandon quickly got rid of the top and gasped. A metal watch gleamed out of the box. It was one of the kind of watches where you could see the workings of it.All the gears shone like new pennies. It was, indeed, just like his father’s.

“ OH-MY-GOD! Dad, it's awesome!” screamed Brandon. His father laughed his laugh. The kind of laugh that could make the worse situation look like just a small spill on the table.

“ Shhh! The whole neighborhood will hear you!” His father swooped him up into his arms and carried him downstairs, Brandon giggling hysterically. As soon as his dad put him down by the glowing tree,he got a phone call. The phone call that changed their lives forever.

“ Hello?” answered his father.

“ Is this Randy Lightlace?” Asked the voice on the other end of the phone.

“ Yes. Hold on let me go into a different room. Be right back, Brandon.” his dad kissed his forehead, and walked away. Brandon stayed by the Christmas tree, staring at the watch, thinking what a good day this was going to be. Until his dad walked in with a grief stricken face. He looked at the boy sitting by the Christmas tree, and said in a voice that was almost a whisper,

“ Go get some clothes on, and please don't talk. Please.” Tears streaked down his dad's face.

“ Yes sir.” whispered a very confused boy, realizing that he was still in his pajamas. When he returned to the room his dad told him to get in the car. Brandon and his dad hustled to the car. Brandon, only being ten didn't understand what was happening until they got to the road and his dad said,

“ Now when we get to where we’re going, I need you to not freak out on me. Okay? Do this for daddy. Brandon?” The child had been quiet for a long period of time.

“ Yes, sir.” The car turned around a curve, and Brandon looked up from the seat he was staring at. The hospital loomed above them like a horrible monster. His father parked the car and ushered him out of the car. The father and his boy jogged up to the doors, side by side. The automatic doors slid open silently. Father and son ran to the desk were a woman sat looking at some forms.She glanced up as they ran towards her.

“ My name is Randy Lightlace! I need to see Lily! Right now!”

“ Okay, calm down! She’s in the ER! But you can't go there! Sir!” She called, but Brandon’s father was already running down the hall to the ER.

“Lily!” bawled Brandon's dad, tears rolling down his face. Brandon called out. He was crying,too. At this age, he didn't understand everything that was happening, but he understood one thing. His mother was hurt. And things would never be the same.

Later that month was the funeral. Even before that, Brandon noticed things changing. Namely, his father, who had started becoming more secluded and angry. He didn't want to be around anybody, and when he had to be, at the slightest problem he’d explode. Brandon loved his father, but, now, he was scared.

The thing that changed the most was holidays.

They didn't celebrate any holidays anymore. No More birthdays. No More christmas. No more love. Then Brandon's father discovered beer.That's when things truly went from bad, to a whole new level of worse.

Brandon’s father started staying away most nights. He would still go to work, but he lost most of his jobs a week after he got them. Brandon may have been scared, but he felt more numb, even as he grew accustomed to the fighting in the house. The worst fight came when Brandon's father got married again. Then Brandon fully understood hell.

When Brandon was about twelve, he was walking home from school, down the road that led to his house, when a black car drove up beside him. A very familiar car.

The window slowly rolled down, revealing the face of a nightmare Brandon had dreamed many times before. There sat his father. His face flushed and red, showing signs that he'd been drinking. He breathed angerly like a winded bull. His eyes held a look that Brandon would never forget. Like a storm about to erupt.

His father spit on the ground and growled in a feral way,

" You're late, shitbag. Get your ass home, or you'll be sorry you were born." What Brandons father did'nt know, was that Brandon already wished he wasnt born. He didnt know, or didnt care.

" Yes sir." Brandon said in the most polite way he could with aggitation scratching at his heart. Brandons father sneered,

" Get home fast, we have things to discuss." To discuss? That didnt sound good, especally after his father had been drinking.

" Okay, I guess." Brandon mumbled. The window rolled up, and the car rolled away. Brandon waited for the car to disapear, then he kicked a rock across the yard of a cheerful blue house with a yellow picket fence. The rock hit a tree and bounced off. Brandon sneered and continued to walk while saying,

" Selfish asshole! Didnt even offer me a ride! I still have three blocks to walk!" And Brandon did walk all the way home.

When he got home, his father was sitting in his ushall chair in the livingroom, watching football. Brandon didnt like sports, but his father was a little bit too into them. Just as Brandon walked into the living room, his father jumped up and yelled,

" Yeah! Fuck you, ya' shitty Cowboys! Yeah!"

Brandon cleared his throught. His father paused and turned. His eyes narrowed to slits as he lowered himself into his chair.

" As you know, I've been having a hard time since Lucy died," Brandons father started. Hard time? Ha! As if. The thought almost made Brandon laugh. But he held it in.

His father continued,

" Im getting remarried." Brandon felt as if he were Atlas holding the sky. Except the sky had crushed him to the ground. Brandon didnt just feel surprised, he felt pissed off.

" So you'll just replace mom, huh. Just like you replaced your heart with beer!" Brandon snarled. His father just stood there, surprised.

"Thats right, you jerk, I just said that. What ya' ganna do? Huh? Hit me? Come at me! HIT ME!" and he did. So hard that Brandon had to go to the hospital for a broken jaw. When the doctors asked what had happened, Brandon's father just gave me a dirty look ,like, You better not say a word.

"He fell down the stairs." That was that.
When Brandons jaw was healed, father and son went to see Brandon's new mom. And she was not how Brandon pictured she'd be.

Chapter 2 comming soon.




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