The Bergie Visit - Part 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Kitten Revelation is the title to this Part 5 and it pretty much tells what is up with that darn oversize cat. You may not be surprised, but then, again?

Part 5 --- The Kitten Revelation


The afternoon that SA arrived at her house she found two of the servants waiting to talk to her, she could tell that they had bad news.

"What is the trouble?" she asked.

"It is that darn cat, or whatever it is!" They countered.

"Isn't it eating its dinners?" SA asked.

They replied, "No, it doesn't eat what is put out for it any more, it must be eating mice, rats, and God knows what else, because we haven't seen either of those vermin in, or outside, the house in at least two weeks!"

SA asked, "Well, that's a good thing, Right?"

One of the servants replied, "I guess, but that cat has been leaving stinky fur-ball and other piles all over the house. We have to have the gardener gather them and cart them away.

But that isn't the problem, that Troid has been chasing the sheep dogs as if it were one of their overgrown puppies, and the dogs can't do their job, minding the sheep, if they are playing with Troid.

Now, today, just before you arrived, we found that cat chasing the goats and butting heads with them. I mean, have you ever heard of a cat butting heads with a goat?"

"Hum, where is the gardener, have you seen him?" SA asked.

"The Gardener (?), I suppose that he is in the vegetable garden, Misses. But the cat is the problem and he is in the field with the goats," one replied.

SA found the gardener and asked him, "The fur-balls from the cat, where did you dispose of them?"

"Right here in this row of our garden, Misses, and look at the size of these vegetables!" The gardener said with a beaming smile on his face.

SA raced toward the field and found a Pony sized Troid being chased by several goats, all joyfully bounding around and running as fast as possible. And just as SA was about to call to Troid, Troid's new wings opened up and he took to the air. The flight was brief and not all that elegant, but when he crash landed she could tell he was amazed and surprised at what had just happened. SA laughed despite her concern for him.

Troid stood, shook himself off, and then rose up on his hind legs like a stallion. That is when he opened his newly discovered wings and flapped them a time or two, then he took a long moment to just admire them.

With that done and before SA could utter a word, he bounded into the sky. He flew this way and that, here and there, narrowly avoiding more crash landings and collisions with trees and buildings. Troid was joyfully trying out his new found mode of transportation.

After a few moments of experimentation Troid flew off towards Shallow-Cave Mountain; a perfect place for a Bergie to finish growing, and to make a home for himself.

SA thought as she watched him fly away, "He is a Bergie and his hunting instincts have taken hold, he will do well in the mountains. He is certainly big enough to be on his own and much too big for the confines of my house."

But something bothered SA, and when something bothers SA, she finds answers. But these answers would have to wait until other pressing business was attended to.


A month passed sense SA last saw Troid, then two months, then ten, and finally a lull in the madness of governing regions, SA had some time to herself.

On a bright and cheerful morning SA decided to take her horse of another color out for a ride. It is called that because when someone is sure what color it is, it isn't. Besides, it is the fastest and smartest horse in her stable.

Anyway, SA rode to the Seer's tree to ask some questions; the Seer lives in a bubble-root tree.

"Greetings Seer-John," SA said, "I hope all is well with you and yours."

"To you as well, a greeting quite similar," Seer-John replied. Questions you have, am I correct?

"Yes, the questions involve Bergies and how they come about," SA replied.

Seer-John stated, "Three ways into this world for the Bergie; by cat, by dragon, or mating each other."

"How is it that Bergies do not die?" SA questioned.

Bergies die, they do. But Bergies of RIN fade away, drifting as fog, drifting as clouds, drifting and waiting for another day. Their spirit drifts seeking a cat, or sometimes a dragon would do, they must fulfill their worldly quest, then they will be born to another; it's true, Seer-John replied."

So only Bergies of RIN fade away, but they reincarnate and so they are not dead, ever. Is that what you are saying?" SA asked.

"They're essence never dies, moving like a memory through time and space, becoming a part of many; that is the RIN-Bergie," Seer-John replied. "But understand and know, not born of RIN normal Bergies are, life and death they do." Seer-John said.

SA thanked and paid Seer-John his normal fee, one cherry-chocolate bar and a dozen coconut dip-drop cookies. As a bonus SA threw in a loaf of Whats-it Bread with Lemon sauce in the middle; Seer-John was very happy and ate it immediately.


Submitted: September 14, 2016

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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