The california scenario

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story told by twenty-eight year old Logan and his friends as they travel across california to his best friends house. But will he be there? Maybe or Maybe not stay tuned to find out what happens

They traveled all the way to Tommy's to find him not their so now they must travel cross country to meet Tommy in DC


Table of Contents


 March 6, 2029, Trinity, California The day the earth stood still and the apocalypse began... It was anarchy people committing c... Read Chapter

It has began

If they cannot contain it and/or create a cure then they will have to go to plan B which is total extermination of infected. Which mean... Read Chapter

The journey Begins

So there we were me, Kayla, Tim, Alex, Joe, Cameron, & James preparing to face what the world has in stock for us outside the crumb... Read Chapter

Life is a fucking asshole

March 11, 2029 I have awoken from my coma and I feel perfect I have more energy than ever. It was hilarious that I woke up while ever... Read Chapter

Things take a turn for the worst

It is 9:45 and I am just going back over trying to think of why he would leave such a safe place. I mean this zombies would never been ab... Read Chapter

Welcome to Nevada, Bitch!

So it it has been about 2-3 weeks since the breakout started. We scavenged through Nevada When out of nowhere a pack of zombies attacked.... Read Chapter

Las Vegas, The zombie capital

We get to a dark Las Vegas, and there are more zombies here then I have seen since we started our trip. Then hanging on  the side of... Read Chapter

Welcome to Denver, the queen city of the west

We have been driving for a couple of hours now when I see the welcome sign for Denver, Colorado, "Queen city of the west". Of fucking cou... Read Chapter

The world is not a total asshole

I wake up in a lime green bed in a room of dark oak walls and light tan carpet. I sit up and see Alex leaning against the door frame. Tur... Read Chapter

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