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Rayne Lolas had always knew that the large academy atop the mountain held more secrets than anyone can ever imagine. Apart from admiring it's intricated designs, she never had any thoughts of exploring it or even go near it.

But her brother had other plans.

They climbed for what seemed like forever to reach the top, and what was waiting for them, wasn't something that could be described by words alone.

Welcome to Cole's Academy, where the life you knew is about to become a whole lot stranger.

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00 Prologue

Submitted: September 15, 2016

Hi guys,

Lexis (BackwardPsycho) here,

This is my first story and I would love to hear some constructive criticism. Grammar was never my thing but I do genuinely try to edit my stories to the best of my abilities. Please bear with any spelling/grammar mistakes.

Lots of Love
- Lexis Read Chapter