The Metal Monster

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  No Houses

The monster likes Strawberries.

Total silence washed over the stygian apartment building nothing was heard save the soft dying whimpers of a young maiden accompanied by the faint sound of her tears as they mimicked the sound of a leaky faucet each time they fell from her cheek into a puddle of her blood beneath her. Her body was cold and her skin now turning gray pail as her life began to pour from her wrists and the tendons on her ankles. She cursed to God in the back of her mind shouting out why would this happen, only to be met with no response. So she lay there whimpering as hard as she could muster as the flashes of her family’s deaths continuously haunted her; creeping themselves back into her mind whenever she decided to allow the rest of her life to slip away. However she did not want that scene to be the last thing she remembered. She did not want to remember the place at which she died she did not want to even know its smell. The smell of her families blood the smell of their death or the sounds of their slow breaking bones; she did want the realization that the baby in her belly will lose its life as she does before it had a chance to walk on this Earth. She did not want to know that she lay in a pool of her father’s blood and that her mother had been torn to pieces in the room beside her. She did not want to know that she attempted to run when the smiling man grabbed her younger sister and she had to listen to everything when she failed to escape. She did not want to remember any of it. Oh how God is cruel. And with that final thought she wanted to die but as she attempted to allow her life to fade one final noise began to refresh her memory. The clanking and clattering of metal on metal and the rapping of steel dragging on the floor. The grotesque heavy wheezing in a rhythm of two breathes and the smell of blood permeating from her lungs. This small metal monster emerging from the shadows, petite with arms and legs of blood painted steel. Leather on her breasts with chainmail covering her naked torso, short blood caked blond cut into a boyish bowl shape. Eyes dead and sewage green as the color seemed as if it were fading, Her hands and feet were steel, with fingers and toes made of  long pointed serrated razors that still dripped with her families blood. She walked up to the dying girl crawling on all fours like an animal. She sniffed around her like a curious feline catching a hint of cat nip in a bag. She closed in sniffing every inch of her body before coming to her face and staring her in the eyes. The metal monsters eyes opened abnormally wide as she spoke flashing shining iron teeth pointed like spikes and her K-9’s sharpened like blades. Her wheezing stopped as she began to speak, her voice sounded like that of a normal young girls.

“You smell like strawberries” she said with a wide iron smile. The dying girl just lay there weak and speechless. The iron monster continued to sniff around the dying girl with each whiff she showed growing interest until finally she came to holt at the side of her neck.

“I like strawberries” she whispered in her ear before taking one last large whiff. “I wonder if you taste like strawberries”. The room went silent once more as the monster looked into the dying girls face with an innocent smile and laugh before biting down on the dying girls neck allowing her to finally die instantly. From the shadows a tall observer with skin nearly as dark as the shadows themselves watched with a grin from the upstairs hallway. The wrenching of flesh from bone and metal scraping on metal as the metal monster clamped down on the dead woman corpse piercing through her guts and tearing through her intestines. The observer watched without a sound the sounds of the abnormal carnal actions taking place seeming to have no effect on his resolve. The sight of the metal monsters iron teeth cracking through the dead woman’s skull like a coconut and the sounds of the flesh around her head tearing as she forced her skull in half with her claws. He watched the entire spectacle until the very end, until there was nothing left save a puddle of blood, piles of left over organ chunk, a dismembered skeleton and the thick smell of raw flesh and bile leaking from the leftover intestines of the corpse. The metal monster sat there on all fours staring with  a look of disappointment decorating her face.

“She didn’t taste like strawberries?” said the observer. The metal monster glanced up at him sucking the blood from one of her blade claws and shook her head no.  Police sirens began to sound in the distance and there echoes began to close in quickly and as they arrived on the guns drawn headlong, they found nothing save the remnants of brutality that had initially taken place. . 

Submitted: September 15, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Kossettes Novellettes. All rights reserved.

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You should post it to creepypasta. I like it thought, could you maybe check out my short horror stories?

Mon, September 26th, 2016 5:07am

Keke Serene

Metal monster

I've never heard the word "stygian," but after a quick dictionary check it means relating to the Styx River. That's the river of hell, man! But you know this, haha. :)
But I'm super confused now bc it doesn't seem to fit in the scentence well since its discribing an apartment. Am I missing something lol? XD
Oh, wow I love the metaphor of this maiden's tears and the faucet. Gray pail, should be pale. :p
Wow, some crazy shit has obviously gone down if this lady is bleeding to death, pregnant and her entire family murdered! D:
Man the discription of the metal monster is pretty grotesque. Certainly creepy. I don't particularly appreciate her sniffing the poor girl! I'd say help her!! But the robot seems the monster! The poor dying girl must be terrified! But at least she smells good while she's dying, hahaha! And at least the robot gave her a swift death! I hope it wasn't painful. :(
I wonder who this mysterious figure is. Maybe it's a demon or something. Or the smiling man who snatched the dead girl's sis? :( And WTF is the robot eating the girl and tearing through her intestines and cracking through her skull like coconut (really didn't need that imagery but well done nonetheless! XD)?! It doesn't need nutrients!
Wow, that ending is not to be taken lightly! You tell us nothing, man, maaaannnn! D: A very chilling take indeed! Don't think I'll be eating strawberries anytime soon though, or coconuts, haha! XD

Mon, October 10th, 2016 12:57am


Hahaha I'm glad you liked it, that one was a bit brutal buuuuuuttttt stay tuned that is a short story byt things will be coming lol a the word Stygian does mean relating to river Styx but is also another word meaning dark, gloomy or foreboding hahaha I literally almost forgot why I used that word until I reread the story lol but yeah its just saying the apartment was dark, gloomy, foreboding. Black lol regardless thanks I genuinley love your comments. You actually give literal critiques lol thank you




Sun, October 9th, 2016 9:29pm


Good descriptive power, Kosettes. Proud of you!

Wed, May 17th, 2017 5:00pm


Ive never had anyone proud of me bebefo!!!!!!!!!! :D hahaahahaha

Thanx though seriously for reading i appreciate it

Wed, May 17th, 2017 7:31pm

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