Heard It In Study Hall

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Travis and Jimmy are in the library working on a project after school when they meet two girls that they both like. What happens is an awkward conversation that can be best summed up as "Only in High School".

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



"Why are we in here again?" Travis asked.

Jimmy looked at him and shook his head. "Because we have a project due for Civics. We need to get this done." Jimmy said

Travis was still adamantly looking for an answer. "Seriously, we couldn't go to my house and play some video games? Order a pizza? Nothing like that what so ever." Travis said.

"Travis, shut up and look through the book," Jimmy said. "We're supposed to be looking for how our Congressman has made a difference for our state." 

"Dude, that is easy enough." Travis said. "He doesn't do anything. All those douchebags don't do shit."

"That is a good point," Jimmy said. "But we are still supposed to come up with something." 

"Speaking of coming up with something," Travis said. 

Two girls in cheerleader outfits walked into the library. One was a redhead and the other was a blonde. They were indistingushable. Both were wearing glasses, had very slim athletic bodies and they were carrying their notebooks in the same hand. Typical of high school, cheerleaders were very twin like. Same movements, same thoughts, same body type, same everything for the most part.

"Shut up, Travis," Jimmy said.

"Dude, forget Civics." Travis said. "I'll spoil it for you. Congress dude did something good, but didn't want to mention it cause he is a douche who doesn't want credit. Those girls over there are the project I'd rather be working on right now."

Travis got up from the table and walked over to where the cheerleaders were sitting. Jimmy sat there, shaking his head. Jimmy was determined to get some work done on this project, so he didn't get another C on a project in Civics. The Civics teacher, a man who had been teaching since Jimmy Carter was elected President, was a hard taskmaster. He made it clear that young minds needed to know about what was going on in the world. If you lose sight of what's happening in the US, you will lose sight of what could happen to you. Jimmy took that lesson to heart. 

Studying everynight after school. Watching and reading as many things as he could, Jimmy tried to come to grips with learning about the country and the government as best as any seventeen year old could. Jimmy wanted to suceed in everything, but Civics was the one class he couldn't. All A's, except for that pesky C+. Jimmy knew that with this project, he could finally break the C streak and get into the A range.

But there was just one problem.

Travis was Jimmy's best friend. Been connected at the hip since birth. They did everything together. Sports, camping trips, sleepovers, afterschool parties, etc. Jimmy was the brains of their friendship, while Travis was more of the brawn. Travis was a tall, athletically gifted young man. Basketball and Track star. Travis was more abst to coast on his athletic talents than his ability to learn. Jimmy was there to cover for Travis, when it was possible. 

The Civics class was assigned a research essay. Write a five to eight page essay on an accomplisment of either the U.S. Senator or Congressman from the state. Jimmy got the Congressman. Travis got the teacher to let him work with Jimmy.

Jimmy got a lot more put on his plate than he wanted.

Jimmy was reading a newspaper that had published an article involving the Congressman's latest bill proposal. He was taking a highlighter out of his backpack when he heard Travis start to laugh. There were only four people in the library at the time, Jimmy and Travis and the two cheerleaders. Jimmy didn't want to head home and lose what he thought was a good rythym with his work. So he sat there, trying as hard as possible, to concentrate on the work. 

Travis brought over one of the cheerleaders and they sat across from Jimmy.

"Dude, this is Jessie. She is a Junior on the Cheer Squad. Jessie, this is my best friend Jimmy." Travis said.

Jimmy looked up at them. "Nice to meet you," Jimmy said.

Jessie was the blonde cheerleader. She stared at Jimmy. Her expression was one that could only be described as offended. Jessie couldn't believe that Jimmy wasn't paying attention to her. Beautiful girl like that, always got the attention of every guy in here.

"Your kinda cute," Jessie said.

"Your kind of a whore," Jimmy said. 

"Excuse me?" Jessie said.

"Your excused," Jimmy said. "Go back to Whore Island. Let those of us who have our minds open and not our legs open, get back to work."

"Screw you, jerk," Jessie said. She walked back to the table where her friend was sitting. Jimmy looked at Travis and shook his head.

"Dude we need to get to work on this." Jimmy said.

"What the hell, Jimmy?" Travis asked.

"Let's for a good time later, we need to get this done. Soon as we get this done, you can chase all the girls around school then. Come on and sit down," Jimmy said.

"Seriously, I just tried to get you a girlfriend. You had to be a dick. Wow, just wow Jimmy." Travis said.

"Don't wow me, Travis. You knew that I was gonna need your help with this. Yet you are doing what you always do. Goof around and expect me to do all the work. Well you know something, Travis. To hell with you. You wanna try and screw one of the cheerleaders then go a head. But remember this. When I am in college and you fail at getting a scholarship, you had your chance." Jimmy said.

"What the hell?" Travis said.

Travis walked over to the table where the cheerleaders were sitting. Jimmy just shook his head and went back to work. Jimmy felt a sense of relief wash over him. The work could commence and he would pour his attention into it. A few minutes into his renewed dedication, the librarian came and told him that it was time to go home. 

Jimmy slammed his head into the stack of papers.

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