The Desire of Women

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it is for young men to know the secrets that the ladies wish to tell us so that we can please them

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016




Many hundreds of years ago, the English had a powerful ruler called King Arthur. They loved him very much and have praised him to this day. Ghana must be proud of Kwame Nkrumah too. In those far-off days, people believed in the existence of fairies and the stories associated with them. Not in Ghana, we believe in native magics (Juju).These fairies had their queen and countries. They were known to be happy little creatures who danced in beautiful green meadow, and were supposed to have magical powers which they could use in all sorts of ways. Many therefore stood in awe of them. However, two hundred years ago, because of the teachings and preachings of the priests and other servants of the church, fairies and fairy tales had less hold on the imagination of the people. Of course some still believed in them but most people moved about the countryside without the hunting fear of coming across a band of these creatures engaged in some strange activities. But the only monsters that were a danger to the honor of young women in the country appeared to be the wandering friars. As I have observed, long, long ago, good King Arthur reigned; and during his rule, there was a knight, a strong, well-built fellow. One day, as this knight was returning from the riverside riding a horse, he saw a young woman walking along a lonely path. He assaulted her in spite of her pleading for mercy, was indecent to her. The act annoyed everybody including King Arthur who immediately condemned him to death.

But the King’s wife noticing that the knight was looking miserable and repentant at the trial, begged her husband to spare his life. The King therefore, handed over the knight to the queen and added, “You better take appropriate actions because if he repeat this again, I will not hesitate to kill him by my own sword”. The queen was happy and thanked the king. Later, she sent for the knight and said, “I am prepared to spare your life and save your head from the axe if you can this question: What is it that women desire most?” Upon seeing that he was not having any idea of the question and answer to give, she added, “If you cannot answer it right now, I am prepared to allow you to go and think about it over a period of twelve month, and a day. When you are sure you have got the answer, come back here and tell me. If your answer is unsatisfactory, you will be taken to the executioner”. The knight was sad and sighed sorrowfully. He went away to return after a year and a day to give the answer. He visited every house, knocked at every door, and searched every place, asking everybody the question to see if he/she could get the right answer. But after wandering through country, town, and city, he was unable to get an answer which was satisfactory or at least on which any two persons would agree and save his head from the axe of the executioner. Some said; what women like most was money, they like to be flattered and pampered, and few said women liked their husbands to die so that they could marry all over again. Of course those who said women liked to be flattered and pampered, I think very nearly got at the truth because men easily win women over by flattering them, by paying great attention to them and toy fussing over them. Even if women are reluctant, flattering alone is enough to win them over. These are of course, a whole host of other things women desire. They are: Freedom to do as they please, and to be called good and wise even when they are full of vice and lies; for however vicious a woman is, it is unwise to tell her so. You have to pretend she is sensible, dependable, capable of keeping a secret, firm of purpose, controlled, and never betraying anybody. But can women really keep secret? No! because it is difficult for a woman to keep a secret. Indeed, the knight realized that it would be extremely difficult to discover what it was that women desired the most. He kept on praying to god of love, god of war to come to his aid, but no answers.

He will sometimes go and hide near the palace if he could get a clue to what he has been searching. He tried to escape but the queen had him monitored that he was everywhere as indebted to the queen. Then sooner as it was, there was only one day left. As he was returning home depressed, he saw twenty-four beautiful ladies dancing near a forest. He rode towards the group to ask if they could give him the answer. But when he got close to them, they vanished into thin air and he saw them no more. His heart sanked as he stood there not knowing what to do, an ugly-looking wrinkled old woman suddenly appeared and said to him. “Sir Knight, what’s your trouble? What are you looking for, my dear? Maybe I can help go. We old ladies can be useful sometimes, you know? The knight replied, “Alas”, dear mother, although you see me alive, I know am a dead man because I am unable to find out what women desire most. If you can tell me what it is, I will pay you fully for your service”. The old lady said, “Give me your hand and swear to do whatever I ask of you. If you do what I tell you, you will know the answer before sunset.

The knight agreed to do whatever she asked him. So the old woman said, “I will save your life but after that you will honor your pledge to me”. So she whispered into his ear what he should tell the queen. The day came and the man was fully dressed as a knight and went to the queen’s palace. He stepped before the queen and said, “My lady, I have kept my word and I have come back on the day you asked me to. I apology for my several unsuccessful escape missions. I have my answer ready.” The hall was full of great ladies and young girls and widows who looked knowledgeable and grave, though many would have had no objection if the Knight had made advances to them. The queen sat on her throne to receive the answer that would either save or condemn the knight. When the knight said he was ready, he commanded silence and the hall was completely quiet. She then asked him to tell the gathering what women desired most. The man stood silent for a minute and the said loud and clear, “What women desire most is authority over their man. Women want to feel that they have complete control over men and that no man is above them. My lady, I am sure this is your greatest wish; whether you kill me or spare my life, I know I have spoken the truth. I now wait for your judgment. Every one present knew at once that the knight had given the right answer and was very pleased. Indeed, they all cried, “He has saved his life!” As soon as they uttered those words, the ugly lady, who accompanied the knight to the court, leapt before the gathering and said, “May I humbly ask Your Majesty to listen to me and do the right thing for me before the assembly here rises! I was the one who told this knight what he just said. It was agreed between the two of us that if the answer he gave was the right one, then upon his honour, he would do what I asked him to promise to do for me. He promised solemnly he would do so. Your highness, I therefore ask before the gathering here that the honourable Knight should keep his word and take me for his wife! The knight was extremely sad and confused. How could he, a knight, marry such a hag? He pleaded but to no avail. The old lady insisted that he should be her husband. Willy-nilly the knight had to obey and so he married the old woman. There was no merry-making at the wedding. Very few people attended and no seemed to enjoy the wedding cake. Night came and man and wife went to bed but the wife looked so revolting and foul. The knight would not sleep and he kept turning in bed, feeling desperate. His wife was, however pleased with herself and kept on smiling all the time. But when she realized that her husband would not even hold her hand she said, “My dear, is this the way knight treat their wives? This is our wedding night and you will not even hold me, you would not let me feel that I am your wife”. The knight rose in disgust and said, “You know you are very old, too old to marry. You know, I’m a young man. You know I am a knight and ii must not marry a woman who is not only so old but also, so poor and of low birth. Only God can save me from the grip of your trap!”

When he had spoken these words, she asked, “Is this why you look so helpless and won’t enjoy your bed?” and the knight replied quickly. “Yes, certainly! There can be nothing else”. So his old wife said, “You know, I can get things straight if I want to in a day or two. You want a young one who comes from a noble family and is rich. She also said, a real gentle person is the person who is not so presumptuous; he is a man who works for virtuous ends in all he does. He is also kind and as humble as Christ. A person who actually behaves in a gentlemanly way is the one we should call a gentle man. A person who has good breeding shows respect to old age. You see, if you have an ugly old wife such as I am, no man will try to take her away from you. Now, I will give you what you want. You will have to choose between two things and please tell me which one. The first is to have me as your wife, old and ugly till you die and yet true, humble and loyal wife, who will always make you happy or to have me young and pretty so that when we are in the city, your friends will be flocking to visit you as if they want to enjoy your company when, in fact, it is me they want. So please decide which one you want; an old and loyal wife or a young wife that is sought by other men! The knight thought for a long time, turning over his mind what to say. Finally, he told his wife. “My dearest wife, there is nothing I can say. I leave the choice and the decision to you. Whatever you decide will b agreeable to me. The old lady smiled happily and said, “And so I have won full authority over you, sir knight! Then she added, “Kiss me dear, don’t refuse, and you will not regret it. You will find me both attractive and faithful wife. She had hardly finished the last sentence then the knight kissed him. Then she told him, ‘draw the curtain my dear and look at me”. The knight did as he was told and looked at her. He could not believe his eyes. She had become young, lovely and charming. In a fit of great happiness, he took her in his arms, his heart pounding with pleasure and gave her a long, loving kiss. She also responded fully and they were both full of joy. And so they lived together in happiness. This is the end of my story. And I pray that Jesus Christ bestow upon your husbands and dear one, a heart of meekness. So that they can be govern by their women; for this I think, is what women desire most

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