The Bergie Visit - Part 6

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Shimm the Warlock returns and he has revenge in mind.

Part 6 --- Shimm's Return


On the way back home SA had to pass through the Shadow Canyon where many strange and disastrous things have occurred. And as she reached the middle of the pass, there stood Shimm in all his deviate Warlock regalia.

"I see that you have somehow escaped Mylon's goat curse," SA said to Shimm.

Shimm laughed a cackling laugh and replied, "Well, with a little help from my friends, I am now goat-free."

"What friends?" SA questioned. You have no friends!"

"True, but I have those that want more power than they will ever have under Mylon's equality rule. So they scratch my back and, well, you know how it goes."

"There is only one that I can think of that would do such a thing, Sackrand and his tribe of nomadic gypsies.

Most of his peoples are not such a bad lot, but why they keep Sackrand as their tribal leader, I'll never know," SA said while shaking her head in disbelief.

"Out of fear," Shimm replied with a grin, "he has spies all through the camps, he just kills anyone who opposed him, just I am going to kill you today.

Sackrand and I will rule and he shall have all of your lands, and I shall have all the rest."

"You mean until you have the opportunity to kill him too, then you will take it all," SA said as she took a more advantageous position near some boulders.

"You shall be an easy victory; your mystic powers are no match for this Warlock. I may not have enough power to bring back my army, but I have enough to see to it that your lifeless body is laid upon Mylon's doorstep.

I understand that the Celeste, the Bergie, has faded away. That is good, now I have just you and Mylon to deal with."

Shimm waved his arms and his body lifted up into the air, at the same time he began tossing balls of lightning at SA; one after the other, until she was pinned down near a bush.

"I have you now, Missy," Shimm yelled as he drew back his right hand and...

All of a sudden a wind gust knocked SA to the ground and Shimm disappeared from his position above her.

The wind was gone as fast as it came and there was a strange silence all around. Some plants were stripped of their leaves and some nearby trees were barren.

SA lifted herself off of the ground while trying to figure out where Shimm had gone, but saw nothing; nothing until she moved to higher ground where she saw the distinctive figure of a Bergie in the sky, flying away from the area.

As SA looked out, over the area, she saw the body of Shimm lying headless at the base of the boulders; his head was some twenty feet away.

Immediately SA remembered what the Rubian Castle Gate-keeper had said many years ago, about Bergies, ("Have you ever seen a Bergie up close? They are fearsome creatures, quick as a Leopard and twice as strong as a full grown lion. They can take your head off with one swipe of a front paw."). After that remembrance SA knew what had saved her from certain death, it was Troid and a swift right paws.

SA cut a water pouch open at one end and placed Shimm's head in it. She tied it off with rope and mounted her horse. Then she said some words only a Mystic might understand, "Solistorus-Ahlistorus-Sham", and she, the horse, and the head, were unexpectedly at the encampment of Sackrand; all in the blink of an eye.

SA rode her horse into the encampment and right up to Sackrand's tent.

Sackrand came out of the tent, having heard all the commotion that this Mystic had set in motion by riding into the camp unannounced, and he said, "Greetings SA, and what brings you to our encampment so late in the evening?"

"I have come to return something to you and to tell those among your tribe and peoples that you are the dog that bites the hand that feeds it!  SA said in a sly and devious manner.

With that said she opened the water satchel and dumped the head of Shimm at Sackrand's feet.

Sackrand's eyes grew wide and he reached for his sword, but it was too late. SA's dagger found his heart and he sank to the ground in a heap.

All the peoples knelt down on one knee and bowed their heard, saying, "Sackrand is dead, long live SA our leader."

SA stretched her arm out, with her palm open, as if pointing with her palm. Then she scanned the crowd with that open palm, stopping on occasion to summon whoever she was pointing at. Then she singled out an middle aged man and his wife.

"You two, what are your names?" she hurriedly asked.

"Mul is my name and my wife is Demarrah," the man replied.

"Good, you two are now responsible for these peoples and you will govern them according to your ancestors and their laws, not according to the laws of Sackrand. Is that agreeable?"

Yes was the quick answer.

Then SA addressed the rest of those that she had summoned around her, and said, "You are now the law in this tribe, on your forehead you will find a mark that I have placed there, it is a sign to any who need clarification as to your authority. I have search your hearts and found them fair and responsible, but remember, I placed the Marks on you and I can surly take them away again, with your life following close behind. Be JUST in your duties and fair to all, then we will get along well. Now, your first duty is to deal with those who helped keep Sackrand in power, those who betrayed you and your families for greed; go out among your tribes and do your duty."

After SA said that the Law Captains spread out among the tribes and gathered all who had been conspiring with Sackrand.

"I must leave now," said SA, "but I will send someone to help you craft a full report as to your progress. Do not disappoint me."

"We won't," Mul replied, "you have given us a great gift, we shall not squander it as Sackrand did."

"I expect great things from your tribe in the future. You will, at last, take your rightful place in the written history of the RIN chronicles. May RIN guide you," SA said as she and her horse disappeared from sight.

Submitted: September 15, 2016

© Copyright 2022 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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