The Bergie Visit - Part 7

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A short section, Troid is confused by resent events, he seeks help from SA. --- NOTE: Although there is no actual renderings of Bergie Males. The cover features an artist's conception of a cat-like dragon may be as close as we are ever going to see.

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



 Part 7 --- Troid's Confusion


It was almost Sunset, so SA went up to her balcony for her afternoon communion with RIN.

As she prepared to sing she saw the undeniable shape of Troid in the sky. Surprisingly, he was flying in her direction.

It wasn't long before he landed in the grassy area between the lake and SA's balcony; and boy how he had grown.

SA thought to herself, "It is hard to believe that my Mergatroid's ugly little kitten has turned into such a regal and handsome Bergie as Troid."

Troid was at least two feet taller than Celeste once was, and just bigger all over, beefier, some might say. His colors were that of the male Bergie, designed by nature to catch the eye of a female, or so we suspect.

Troid walked back and forth in front of SA's balcony, like a lion paces.

SA thought to calm Troid's soul so she began speaking gently to him, as you might talk to any animal to try to calm them.

"There, there, Troid, there is no need to be upset. You are among friends here."

Troid replied, "I know, I am unset because I am confused by resent events."

"You speak my language?" SA blurted out in amazement.

"That is what I am confused about and it has come to me that you may be able to help me, being a Mystic and of RIN.

It is fearsome in a way, I now understand and speak any language that I come in contact with and I don't know why.  What does it all mean?" Troid replied, in a frustrated state of confusion.

SA thought for a time and then said, "Come and sit facing the sunset and join me in my evening song. Maybe that will sooth you and maybe that will supply some answers too."

Troid seated himself facing the sun, turning his head occasionally to watch SA as she did the same on the balcony.

"Close your eyes and picture the sunset in your mind," SA instructed, "then sing when the feeling comes to you. I will start first."

With that said, SA began to sing in her usual angelic voice.

A few minutes passed and suddenly Troid began to hum, but the hum was a vibrating bass tone that filled the air with reverberation. Then he sang and the sound stretched across the sky like light flashes from a sunbeam. It was so breathtaking that SA had to stop singing, just to listen.


"I feel better now," Troid said after finishing the song. "But where did the words come from and why do I know them?"

"Well, it seems that you are a child of RIN, just as I am. Your lack of understanding causes your confusion, but I know people who can help you to understand so that the confusion will leave you. That is, if you are willing to go to them and let them help you.

Once you finish there, then you will return to me and I will teach you the more mystical side of RIN," SA replied in a soothing and gentle voice.

Troid said, "I will go to them, I must ease this confusion."


SA continued, "I will send you to the Astor Region, twenty miles to the south. There you will find a Tribal Chieftain, Quantrain, he and his family have helped many RIN children, and they will ease your confusion as well."

Troid noted, "I know of this Quantrain and his family. I was once given shelter by them; it was during an electrical storm.

"That is good that you already know your way.," SA said, then she rushed into her bedroom to fetch something and was back in a flash.

"Please come here to me Troid," she said as she reached over the balcony railing and Troid drew near, "I am placing this amulet around your neck so Quantrain will know why you are there and what to do."

Then SA looked at Troid and said, please return to me after your training, we will have much to talk about.

I will show you the ways of RIN as I was shown by my friend Celeste the Bergie, and by Mylon the Wizard. It is through these teachings that your powers will be enhanced and your mission revealed."

"I will return Samantha," Triod said. Then as he turned, he gave one flap of his great wings and disappeared into the night.

SA stood dumbfounded and thought,  "How in the world did he know my childhood name, Samantha? Maybe there is more Celeste hidden in the spirit of that Bergie than I understand."


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