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this is not a true story and nothing in like this has ever happened to me

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



It all happens at some point in time, it might be by accident or because of natures work. but sometimes its taken by force, by someone else or by yourself. What am i talking about you asK? Oh im just talking about life and how its taken but more specifically the last way.

You ask why now? Thats only because its affected me greatly unlike nothing else and not many people will know what its like. Again with the questions, how? You ask. If your asking how its greatly affected me, then that is because of what heppen. I know the next question your going to ask and i'll answer it before you can ask, what happened was that one of my very near and dear friends had done this awful and vile thing to them selfs.

Why with all the questions? Fine im getting used to these now and it just makes me talk more, anyway what was your question again? Why did they do that thing? Hmmm..... its because of people my kind sir, people that hurt others and dont care about anyone except them selfs. Cold hearted bastards.They hurt my dear friend and pushed them too far, now its too late to fix it.

What did those people do? Oh they just were mean and didnt care about how others feelings. they bullyed her in to doing something very bad, something no one should ever do no matter what.

Again why did they do that? Ehm that is because they are mean bastards that dont know what there doing until its too late, one little thing such as being killed names and such has such an affect on certen people..... she was one of them and she never got a break from the bullying. At school, at home, even on the internet. No where was safe for her.

You ask why didnt i help her? Oh my kind sir have you tryed protecteing someone you love from everyone, its impossible but i tryed my hardest but that wasnt enough to stop her..... i should have tryed harder, i didnt do good enough if i did she would still be here. Who was she to me you ask? She was um... sh-she was the love of my life... no more questions please im done now.

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