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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

so this is my first story!it's mainly about how this girl named mia homes slowly snaps and kills her family and two close friends,but i will warn you this does include:suicide,murder,and mental disorders!!! if you don't like that kind of stuff then please do not read my if you decided to read i hope you enjoy!



The cool air of the night hit me as I stepped outside.I scanned the night for something but I didn’t know what I was looking for.I heard the voice of my little brother,caleb,calling my name asking what I was doing.I felt the hot wet tears roll down my face.The blood was wet even though I did it and hour ago.I heard my mother’s last words”I forgive you”over and over.I stood there crying for what it seemed like for hours until I heard my mother’s voice “Sweetie what are you doing out here it’s cold outside” she said in a sad tone.

I turned to see my mother blood-coated face smiling at me.I ran towards her ready to hug her when she disappeared.I stared at the empty doorway.My tears blurred my vision as I stood there.I walked in the quiet house only to break the silnce by calling my mother’s name .everytime I did I got more and more angry for what I had done,I grab a vase and smashed it I was angry at the world. No my family. No myself. I grabbed my blood stained knife and ran towards the bathroom.I looked in the mirror and smiled at my bloody face. I began to put the knife to my throat And whispered” I’ll be with them soon”.I laughed as I began to cut my throat,but then I stopped and frowned.

“My mind my fragile mind was broken because”I thought to myself

“I’m angry at myself why should I commit suicide because of their actions.”

I heard lisa’s voice behind me

“Mia, are you ok why did you do that to us?”

I turn to see her sad bloody face.I cried and shouted “you're  hallucination I’m not stupid!”

she started walking towards me as

she said ”you're dreaming Mia wake up”

I closed my eyes and started to stabbed her over and over hearing the begs for mercy! I cried asking myself why I was doing this and telling myself to stop,but I couldn’t I loved feeling the blood and hearing the screams of the victim.I opened my eyes to see I was stabbing the air.I grabbed the first aid kit and patched my neck and left the bathroom.I walked Into the living room and stared at my brother’s dead body.I wanted to cry but I had no tears left.Their voices echoed in my head.

I shouted” Stop, Stop I never met to kill you!”

I ran to my room and curled into a tiny ball and cried myself to sleep.

My last thought was “I guess I still have tears to shed”

I woke up the next morning as the warm clam sunlight greeted me. I smiled and walked downstairs to see that last night wasn’t a dream my brother dead body was still on the floor.I walked upstairs to grab some clothes to take a shower.After that I started a fire in the fireplace so I could burn the evidence.I watched the flames as I grab each body and tossed them in.Once that was done I started to clean the house just like my mother did on the weekends. Soon all the blood and evidence was cleaned,but the bodies still weren’t all the way burned.I sat by the fire and watched the flames dance.shortly after the bodies were burned I decided to keep them forever by putting there ashs in a vase.I made breakfast and washed the plates when I was done, basically I lived my normal life.Until a few hours later, I got a call asking where Lily and Lisa was.I told their parents that they're on there way home and that I’ll call them later to see if there okay.They understanded and hung up.I hugged my vase filled with dead ashes and sat down to watch TV.I mostly cried that day until the police showed up and started to ask questions I told them many lies about my family’s disappear. Let’s just say I started to panic and ended up killing them by their own guns. My arm hurt from them shooting me.I heard the sirens of cop cars I thought “ Crap they must called for backup before I shot them!”

I grabbed the vase and ran towards the basement I could hear the voice outside shouting for me to come out with my hands up.I knew what I had to do it was either be on the run for the rest of my life or die.I grabbed some rope we had from family mountain trips and hung it wear my dad use to keep a garage lamp and tied it I stuck my head through the noose as I smiled and wrote my will. I cried as I said my last words “I am nothing”...The police found The the corpses of sergeant Coles,Tinman, and Shows in the living room of the homes family and reports say that they check the whole house to find the suspect Mia homes.Her body was found in the basement.Sergeant docks says”We found a letter,we think it was a suicide but we will look into it and then disappearances of Kelly Holmes,Ben Holmes,Calum Homes,Lisa Reed,and Lillie Reed.”



The officer began to read the letter of Mia’s suicide.


Thank you for taking time out of your life to read this.  Please cremate me so I dont rotten in a coffin.I know you may think I’m a monster for killing my family and two close friends but my soul made me even though I didn’t want to.We are just a shell for our soul.YOU ARE NOTHING.



Mia Homes

He looked at the note.

“Officer homes come take a look at this.”he said in shock.

Henry Homes walked over to the cop and took a look at the letter.He felt tears run down his cheeks.

“Steve that’s my niece!”he mistakenly spat.

“I know this Homes,Why did your niece do this?”he replied

“She was always mental unstable,I guess her schizophrenia got to her.”he sighed

“Why didn’t she get the help she need?”he looked at Henry

“Her family never got a chance to get her on medicine as they thought it disappeared a month ago.”he said in a angry tone]e.

“Why in the hell did you not tell them that she need medication!”he shouted

Before Henry could answer steve’s phone rang.HE picked it up and walked off.Henry kept reading and reading the note over and over.He stood there for a good 15 minutes before walking off.

“I can’t tell Janet she be despot.”He mumbled to himself.

A few months later,They found out what happen and had a funeral for the family and two young children.Henry got up from his bed.He looked at his sleeping wife and smiled.He got ready for work and left the house.He arrived at the police station to see Steve’s wife there.

“Henry.”she said in a sad-like tone.

“Yes Alice what are you doing here?”He replied.

“Steve is dead.He died this morning by a heart attack.”She looked at her with tears flowing down her face.He was stunned as the woman hug him crying in his shoulder.That week Officer Steve Docks’ funeral was held at Oak tree graveyard.A few weeks later Henry Holmes was killed in a car accident.They say that he didn’t real died by the accident but that is was a suicide. I’ll leave the story with two questions.The mind is fragile or is it an illusion?Who knows?

Submitted: September 16, 2016

© Copyright 2021 firelilyxxx. All rights reserved.

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Cree-pay!!... Did Mia go on to haunt the rest of her family, and the cops that arrived, after she committed suicide? Was she really schizophrenic, or possess by a unknown entity? Will there be more urban murder mysteries?

Fri, September 16th, 2016 4:18am

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