Suspicion-The First Job

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
a short mystery story crime and confusion more to come.

Submitted: September 15, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



Suspicion- The First Job


In the presence of Death time leans for a moment, in this moment the witnesses try to show their emotional response. There is no natural response- however in films it is shown to be either to scream, or to cry- in both scenarios the subject freezes from shock. When Alex was first in the presents of Death he already had known what was coming, because he knew it was he’s fault that his wife had met her end…


… Before this Alex was the usual family man with a respectable job, a house and a beautiful wife. He would say “goodbye,” in the morning as he left for work and greet her in the evening as he returned. But this all shortly ended, the only question was, why?


Since the Death of his wife Alex had been shifting towards a life of crime. Some would say it’s how he copes, like a hit to a junkie. He had joined a gang, but not any gang, he joined a gang that wasn’t just for show. They were known by almost everyone as there terror would spread like a puddle of blood spilling from one of their fallen members. Ruthless gang for real gangsters, not teenagers wearing baggy clothes and spitting rhymes. Like the darkness of the gangsters souls, the gang was known as SINISTER.


Named for the lack of mercy and love of torture, the gang would take jobs from the highest bidder to do whatever shit they paid for no matter how disgusting, inhumane or sinister. Alex’s first job was greatly paid even though he wasn’t in the gang. Alex remembers  that day as though he had relived it over and over. He was slouched in a chair outside a family restaurant sipping his black coffee after he swallowed the last mouth full, Alex would tap his foot in the air as he had his left leg crossed over his right lap- he seemed nervous gripping his cup with both hands. As he sat there waiting for the email to tell him he had got the salesman job. Out of the calming sound of the morning there was a build-up of sound, was it a door being rapidly slammed or some kind of car accident without the sound of drifting. As the ideas rushed through Alex’s head a stocky man sprinted around the corner passing Alex with a glare, this was someone he would soon come to know as “Conner the killing Kong”. Shortly behind Conner where 3 officers unconsciously shooting at Conner as if they didn’t want to hit him just scare him, but why? Before Alex fought anything of it he noticed one of the cops drop their wallet, he attempted to call for the officer but he was ignored. Desperately shouting “Hey. Hey you dropped your wallet!”

“Go, go!” one of the NYPD officers spoke in a volume just so only they could here. Alex was curios and ventured around the alley to find the assumed thief and cops all jumping into the same van, as if they were friends or working together. The cop who spoke earlier dug his sight into Alex and groaned “Who the fuck are you man?” Alex looked nervous he went into shock as the man pulled out his side arm. Before Alex knew what to do he had a hood thrown over his head and tossed into the vehicle. Before he knew it the van was being unloaded and he was now waiting to die. Alex took a deep breath  and made a run for it, what none of the others knew was that he was a skilled free runner. This didn’t matter as when he left the van he slipped on a coin in the van and shot out of the van hitting the floor. After hours of the four men tortured Alex trying to find out who he is he said nothing, the men weren’t bad people they were just trying to make a living. Conner was the first to notice that Alex could be a great adjustment to the team as he is hard to break. Without speaking to the others he snatched a bottle of water and untied Alex then giving him the refreshment.


The other men began shouting “what you doing?”

“Are you for real?”

“The fuck are you doing Kong?” Conner replied with

“This man is a good man he doesn’t deserve this shit, I think we should recruit him he has what we need.”

“And what’s that?”

“Loyalty, bitch!” Alex was confused but he needed work and he would do anything for it, even work for his torturers. Alex growled

“Are you offering me a job?” Conner paused and then answered

“Ha, yes.”

He was then given his first job, Conner offered Alex a weapon and told him to shoot a bottle a few feet away on a wall. Alex instantly span around and shot the police impersonator that spent hours torturing him and pulled the trigger. Alex was confused as no one reacted, Conner just began to applaud. He then spoke “You passed, rule one, don’t take shit from no one.” This was when Alex realised; that they wasn’t a usual gang, that they wasn’t fucking around, that they were SINISTER!


Written by Dylan McGowan

Age 16

© Copyright 2018 Dylantheboss. All rights reserved.

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Suspicion-The First Job

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