"My Love Where Areth thy'll..?"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic


"If you are out there which I Know you are Cause my Heart tills me so...?"
I don't know where But I Pray That you are Closer then afar ...?"
If I had wings Like a Hawk in the sky I'd Fly to you and bring you Home to My Little open arm's...?'
If Perhaps by Fate you are reading this Short story I write to you, Please lemme know Cause I've been seeking for you and Because I need you too....?"
If I had one wish , I would wish to find you so I can do with you things I've only Imagined and wished to...?"
In the year Of "1990" when I first saw you, your hair of soft yellow, looking up in your Bright-eyes Which I hope to again soon...?"

You are My heart and destiny First I would have to touch and Caress your Face and run my fingers through your hair because your face so smooth and your hair so soft...!"

The thought of touching you and can't tears me apart...?"

To wake up every Morning to the sound of your Breath on my Neck...?"
To Kiss your eye's, your hair and smell your Breath why you sleep...?"
The sweet taste and warmth of your lips On Thy Lips again...?"

The touch of your Big long wide hands upon and all over my Skin...?'
The feel of your heart Beat against and next to Mine...?"

So Imma Writing a short story about me and you...?"
From me to you hoping it will by fate that it will reach you some How and you'll find me soon ...?"
A fact I've been waiting years for you that's Sad but True If I could put a Rose on this Paper I would it wouldn't have a Fragrance that A real Rose do, It wouldn't be Red nor Blue nor will it be touched By Dew, The Only water that the paper Rose gets is The Tears That I Cry for you...?"

I feel Lost and Lonely and don't know what to do, I Dream and I Write about it too, I have to till you that no Matter what we may go Through "My Love" I Still want to be with you, I can't Live , I can't Breath and I am Nothing without you knowing it is all worth while This I Promise I make With, Kiss, Hold, Grow Old and die with...?"
I Could not find that feeling with any one "My Love!" other then you...?"
Oh "My Love!" where Aretha they'll want to want and Love and Know My heart Only Belongs and still waiting For You.... Awe... "My Love!" please find me soon.
" My Big Redneck Cowboy up grab a rope and Lasso me in and Please, Please Don't ever let me go again...?" and Please By all means do leave me a comment to let me know how I am doing Please thank You!

Chapter One!...?”


Based on a true Short Love Story about me and the first and for most The Love of My Life Back in the Year “1990” we may have been Young, and everyone called it puppy Love but for me and him we Knew better we knew deep down inside we was Mint for each other It started out to be the Best day of our lives and ended up being The worse day of our lives I reamer like it was Yesterday I was thirteen and he was Thirteen and a hafe years old a hafe a minute older then me I reamer what we was wearing and how we both looked....?”


I was wearing my long Bleach blonde hair down which went down to my wee-waist bangs same length but I wore a red hair band to keep my bangs out of my eye's a Little red and white Checkered Sun tie up tank top that you tie up on both shoulders and little light blue short Dazzie Dukes Freshly Cut shorts I was at my babysitter Barbra's Home here in Statesville, NC. At what they called Black Town and still do Today...?”


She had a big back Yard and lived in a brick Home she also watched other kids including my baby Brother but as for him he was a New kid she was just starting to watch...?”


I was sitting on Barbra's Sofa Indian style with My glasses on watching Mr. Ed. Back then that was one of My favorite TV. Show's I wasn't Much paying attention to anything accept for the TV. When Barbra answered her door there he stood I suppose I done no like I said I wasn't paying attention I got lost wondering Now How in the world does that horse talk...?” I suppose his mom Dropped him off and left to go to work or something I guess... But he was the first to speak to me...?”


He Said Hey!

I looked at him and Smiled:)...?”


And I said Hey back...?”

He said The Names...?”

Which I can't reamer Today what it was to save my life must have been an odd name or a long name “a fart sound A brain Fart but Awe... I so reamer him...?'


He said May I ask what's your Name...?”

I ran right into this one “Duh...?” I told him my name and said his name...?”

He said oh your last names the same as my First name...?'

I honestly thank he just said that to be or make a funny but he made me giggle...?'

I said No...?”

He said what your last names No...?”

I said Oh My goodness...?”

He said Oh your Names Goodness...?”

I giggled again it's a good thing your cute I said his name then told him my Name again...?'

He said awe... yeah I knew that and Arched his Eyebrow at me and cleared his throat and said is anyone sitting here...?”

I said No...?”

He said OK so can I...?”

I said do you Bite...?'

He said I Done no I might and chuckled...?”

I giggled Sure...?” so he got up on the sofa beside me...?'

He said awe... Mr. Ed....?”

I said Yeah it's one of my Favorite TV. Shows...?'

He said yeah one of mine too...?”


I reamer what he was wearing that is so Screwed up I can reamer what he and I was wearing and him and everything else but I can not reamer his Name to save my life it really boggles my mind But E-N-Way z he was wearing over the knees shorts Baggy but wore a belt and a T-shirt with something rolled up in one sleeve so we sit there watching Mr. Ed. Well I was anyway as for him he kept looking at me after Mr. Ed. And we ate we could finally go outside and play until Lunch time.


Will so we all went outside to play, I had to take my glasses off because I could not play in them, I played a little bit with the other kids but then I Felt Claustrophobic and getting ready to have one of my panic attacks so I went off by myself to Barbra's Rose Bushes in the back I picked one and the thorns in the Rose Pricked me so I put my finger that it pricked in my mouth then put the Rose I picked in my hair why I was smelling another that was on the Bush I have always Loved the smell of roses so I was smelling it with my eye's closed and Smiling:) bit my lip when I opened them...?”


I saw Him with his T-Shirt off covered in Sweat from playing even his hair had a little bit of that wet look suppose he sweated a lot and he was standing there with one leg up on a tree gazing at me with his good size arm's crossed his Broad chest Then he Arched his eyebrow winked at me licked his big lips and cocked his head up Like Ed-Lover I “Blushed' for my face felt warm flushed I knew my face had to be just a little red then he came walking over to me bow-legit for some reason Maybe was just the way he walked I smelt the Rose again...?'


He said What'cha doing over here all by yourself...?”

I said sorry I just had to be by myself for a little bit...?”

He said don't apologize as he Squinted down beside me and said so you like Roses humph...?”

I said yes I Love them and the way they smell too...?”

He Fixed the Rose in my Hair and said There that's better and Smiled:) bit then licked his Big shiny lips and said so do you mind if I hang out with you for a little...?”

I said I don't mind...?”

He said Cool...?”

I Said Ain't they Purdy....?”

he took his fingers over his Lips and said yeah but They are not The only Thing Purdy... My Eye's narrowed looking up at him he arched his eyebrow like the wrestler The Rock then moved them just a little done if he mint too but he did...and again licked his big shiny tickle me pink lips...?”

I “Blushed” again...?”

he Smiled:)...?'

I said have you ever played chase...?”

He said no accept with my cousin's or something does that count other then that, that's it...?”

I Said want to with me...?”


He had a good since of humor he made me giggle, he said Eh... Humph... if only you lemme catch you...?”

I giggled but then it wouldn't be chase now would it you'd have to catch me...?'

He said Kay sure...?”

I Smiled:) oh good M-Kay...?”


So we started playing chase he chased after me all around Barbra's big back yard it was so Much fun Until I turned my head to see if he was still chasing me and Clumsy me fail right on my little Behynd and he tripped over me and fail over me I could not Bleeve how much in shape he was at the age of Thirteen and a hafe years old he had to have started lifting weights a t a really young age to be as Built as he was he was covered in sweat and his Smooth face and his hair had a Bowl Cut with long bangs which sweat was dripping from him onto me yes he was a Bleach blonde like me too...?” Bleeve me he was a cut-tie don't get me wrong. Well so we both fail between two Bushes and noticed his nose was bleeding so I grabbed a Tissue out of my shorts pocket for his nose...?”


I said awe... No your nose is bleeding does it hurt...?”

He said No it does that when I get to Hot, to angry, or to upset...?”

I said Awe... and I'd whip his nose with the tissue my eye's narrowed looking up at him as I was whipping his nose and he looked down at me with the most Lightest Brightest Beautiful Blue-green eyes I have ever looked up into and seen alotta Blue but mostly Green like the Picture of him on my cover...?”


We Both was Breathless from running and playing Chase but when after I whipped his nose is when the I experienced my very First Kiss Upon Thy lips he was a good kisser and his lips was soft and sweet but I was surprised as my Eyes glistered and my face lite up like a candle with a warm “Blushful” red and I knew that it was a bad thing but I put my hand over my mouth...?”


He looked around to see if anybody was watching and he put his finger over his lips with a...?”

Shh... please don't till on me...?”

I said I won't till...?” He Smiled:) at me and jumped to his feet then held his hand out to help me up...?”

We walked around in the back yard hand and hand yes he was Very much taller then me I came up to his chest. He made me “Smile:)”, he made me giggle he did just about anything to make me laugh...?”


Chapter Two...?”


Well to make a very long story Short His Mom had to work over so she called Barbra and asked her if she could take him home that afternoon...?' and of course Barbra said sure some of the kids parents had done came got them but there was still a couple that was with us when she put us all in her white sod-an and we took off to take him Home and on the way to his house he acted as if he really wasn't in a hurry to return home but on the way like I said to his house he sit in the back seat with me with his hand on his head long bow legs out rocking one from up and down or side to side gazing at me with the Brightest- eyes like I said before that I had ever looked into it made me kind of Nerves, I had my little hand on the seat it was strange it was like he Knew I felt nerves with butterfly's in My tummy and he slide his big warm hand onto mines yes his hand was bigger then mines I jumped a little looked at him as he gazed at me through them long bangs Arched his eyebrow and bit his lip as he gently rubbed my hand to Calm me I held his hand back and he “Smiled:)” but he kept Staring at me it was a long Ride Until Finally we got yo his place...?”


Barbra let us out the car... and said go play and be good...?”

I guess she was going to go have a talk with his step dad and why I say that is because he looked nothing like him he had to have been another Daddy's baby...?” so we did what Barbra told us to do and we went to play me him and the few other kids she still had we played a little with them and for some reason he already knew that I was starting to feel uncomfortable and was feeling Claustrophobic again he took my hand Waved his head tilling me to fallow him and so I did...?”


He said lemme show you around she'll I...?”

I said yeah...?”

He said as you wish...?”

So we went walking away from the other kids and he took me to the woods will near the woods and we was talking I sit down a little bit why he was thoroughgoing rocks out in the woods heating a Tree...?” and talking to me then all of a sodding I didn't hearing no more rocks being through n and it was Quiet just for a little I said are you still there...?”

He said Yeah...?”

Suppose he was Comfortable around me and well fail right into this one too and turned to look back at him and he was peeing right in front of me behind a tree yes was the first time I had ever seen a boy just go to pee in front of me again Surprised putting my hand over my mouth again face as red as an Cherry and eye's opened wide...?”

After he was done go pee pee I said Are you done...?”

He said yup shh... don't till on me....?”

I again said I won't till...?”

He “Smiled:)”


We walked some more we Played some more then it Started raining so we all had to go in... why the others watched TV. He took me into his room Bleeve it or not It was spotless and smelt the way it looked I reamer the way his room looked and where things was in it so Obviously he was very clean nature d, his bed was made up Neatly twin bed that is on your left in front of a window...?”

a big book shelf with many books and a whole Roll of sketch books so obviously he Loved to read Pro- say Imply a Bookworm and Draw a Little entertainment center in front his bed with a little TV. And an Nintendo a dresser on your left let's just say it was nice...?”


He asked me ever played Nintendo...?”

I said Yeah me and My baby brother play it all of the time...?”

He said what game you like looking down at me bitten his lip...?”

I said Mario Brothers...?”

He said Gotcha and he turned on his little TV. Put the game in his system gave me an controller and he got a controller...?”

He said Awe... how rude of me excuse me first would you like to play reaching down to get the Controller If 'n I didn't want to play...?”

I said yes I would love too...?”

He said Kay as you wish and looked at me through them long Bleach blonde bangs...?”

So we started playing Mario Brothers he played a little but most the time he kept staring at me...?” and I honestly thank that he would do it on porpoise but he would die on the game and he would....?”

Say oh man and bite his lip...?”


I really thank he lemme win on porpoise he Kept gazing at me...?'

I Caught him doing so again and “Blushed” and I asked him “What!...?”

He said your Purdy...?”

I “Blushed” again he put the controller down and said don't want to play no more....?”

I said OK...?”

He said May I mean made a fart sound clearing his throat can I kiss you again...?”

First I giggled then I said Again...?”

He said Yes can I, I mean may I kiss you again please is that right...?”

I giggled before I said anything he took me on his bed holding my hands with his and pushed his lips against mines again took my Breath away I honestly done no why but I kissed him back and I took his Breath away he gasped and this time he went down hard on my lips again then he let my lips go with a slight Curl of his lip we both gasped....?”


He looked down at me through his long blonde bangs with them bright-eyes he said sorry swallowed hard bit his lip hard his face was Pitch red... he took his long bangs back and said sorry and oh my goodness I could of sworn y he was going to cry his eye's was glistering but also watery at the same time I again put my hand over my mouth he said I can't help...?” I was a little Speechless at first my face was also a Flushed red...?” he tried to say I'm SSS...

I took my hand over his hard trembling guessing pout y lips and I said shh...?” bit my lip caressed the side his face at first like he was skittish for some reason as if I was going to smack him or something he jerked his head back a little I shook my head and he came back down to my hand and swallowed hard and I finally got to touch his smooth face though he tensed then closed his eye's like he had like never had his face caressed or something my eye's narrowed looking up at him and he'd open his eyes and I looked into his Bright eyes and I kissed him again... just to let him know it was OK...?”

I “Smiled:)” sweetly then he “Smiled:)”


Then he asked me are you mad at me...?”

I said No...?” I'm not mad at you, you big silly...?”

He Chuckled a little Kay looked around then looked at me and bit his lip and said can I show you something...?”

I said Show me something.... show me what...?”


Chapter Three...?”


He said Something....?”

I said M-Kay what...?”

He said OK I'll show you but only if you promise me you won't till on me afterwords please promise me you won't till on me...?”

I said I Promise I won't till on you...?”

He said Kay...?”

I will not Mention what he showed me but I will say he asked me....?”

Do you Like it...?”

My face was Pitch red again and bit my lip and I simply said I done no but I..., I thank I do...?”

This time he “Blushed” My eye's narrowed looking up at him into his bright eye's right when he was doing something his Step Dad walked in Catching him and for some reason I got a little Scared when his step dad came tore me raising his hand to Slap me and he got in front of me and I was correct actually he said Step Dad No....It was me not her...?”


Then he again tried to hit me again he got in front me again and he said angrily NO...Stop it... It was my fault not her's he kept guarding me from his step dad and before you know it him and his Step Dad got into it big time People I mean Fist sighting oh he was very angry for his nose was bleeding again and said she's Mine leave her alone! I was up against the window crying when he to was crying along with his nose blooding with angry tears I had never seen a boy with such a Hot team per like his I mean he had a very, very short Fuse Hot Tampered that he was...?”


But” he was protecting me at the same time from his Step Dad he was on a Rampage in a Rage until he latterly Pushed his Step Dad away leave her alone and he took my hand then Barbra came in there to see what in the world was going on I was holding his hand and he was mines standing in front of me when his Step Dad told Barbra too... and I quote you Need to take that little Slut-Bitch out of my house Now!...?”

The Boy said NO!...?” he had me behind him in a corner of his room holding my hand “NO!....?” Leave her alone we both was crying his nose was Bleeding which he whipped away angrily with his hand and finally somehow Barbra grabbed me when when he turned to look at his Step Dad grabbing him we was still holding hands he Said “NO!... don't take her away NO!...?”and again his Step Dad real Hateful tore Barbra said get her out of here Now!”


He again cried NO!... don't take her away from me I told you I did it it was My fault...?” “But!” his Step Dad Plead to Ignore that cry and as he finally pulled him from me and my hand and Barbra mine from his...?” She took me out his room and on my way out of his house The boy Screamed out to me BABYGURL! I will find you someday I Promise and she put the other kids in the Car then me in her white Sudan Obviously he got lose from his step Dad and ran out into the pouring rain holding out his hand to me and I put my hand on the inside of the back of her car window tore him crying and gazing out at him from the back the window and he was dripping wet watching me through his long wet dripping bangs as they was dripping down over his face and sadden lips We Knew there wasn't no Puppy Love to it it was Love true Love so That is then when the Best day of our Lives Turned into the worst day of our Lives we was pulled apart from each other from His Step Dad and our Babysitter- Barbra...?” and we haven't seen each-other since then...?”

so if you've seen this MAN Wanted! as of the Picture on the Cover gives you a very good idea how he looks now...?”or if By Fate you are him and you read this please lemme Know or let him know Here I am still waiting for you to keep your Promise to find me Someday hopefully soon cause I am so not getting any younger and “I reamer you...?” “Do you Reamer me...?” and this True Story... that really ha-pan between you and me...?” do let me Know OK Please Thank you hope you Enjoy This Short Very True Story...?” Bye! Bye! Now!”


FROM: “1990”

TO: “2016”













Submitted: September 17, 2016

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