Love's Waiting

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15 year old Amy is having trouble sticking to only horses. She enters a new school. There stood Ryan. The popular guy. She could never win him AND love horses. Or could she?

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 15, 2016



New school. New people. Not my thing. But that changed today. Yes, today.

"Star, I still love you and I always will. Don't worry about me. I'm fine." I told my horse, Star. I would be going to a new school today, and I was not excited. At all. But, I'm doing it. I ran and got my bike. I rode all the way to the school, which wasn't too far away. I locked up my bike and went to the bathroom. I didn't get to brush my hair before leaving, so I took out my brush and did my hair. I did a loose braid, the most attractive thing I could do. I left, but as I stepped out I bumped into Ryan, who was the cutest - and most popular - boy in the school. Though I didn't know that at the moment. "Sorry!" I said immeditely. He laughed and said, "It's alright. I wasn't watching where I was going. I'm Ryan. What's your name?" "Amy." I replied. "Nice meeting you Amy! Well, see ya 'round!" He said while turning away, then walking off. Nice meeting you too. I thought and kept walking.

Some other girl came up to me and said, "Hey, you new? I'm Emma, or Em." I looked at her and said, "Yeah, I am new. I'm Amy." She laughed. "I saw your run in with Ryan!" I cringed and said, "Yeah... I... it.. was on accident." "Oh of course it was! He's the most popular boy here, and in my opinion, the cutest." Em said. "No! It was on accident!" I defended myself. "I believe you! No worries here! I meant, it was on accident." My face turned red with embarrassment. "Sorry." I told her. "All's fine here! What class do you have first?" She asked. "Uh.. English? Yeah, English." I said. "Mine is too! I'll show you where the room is!" Em offered. I smiled and followed. 

We made it to English the second it started. I saw Ryan, and he waved. I fake smiled and sat down. Girls around me whispered. I knew what they were saying. "Just ignore them." Em leaned over and whispered in my ear. I nodded without looking her way. I couldn't wait for class to end. Turns out, me and Em had all the same classes that day. Soon, it was lunch. "Let's get it line quick!" She said and dragged me into the line - right behind Ryan.

Ryn turned around and said, "Hey, Amy!" I smiled awkwardly and said, "Hey, Ryan." Then he turned back to talk with his friends. "So Amy, are you liking it here?" Em asked. "Yeah, I guess." I replied. Actually, I was liking it. That surprised me. Ryan was cute and all, but I didn't want to get into that. The moment Ryan said hi I wanted to go home and ride away on Star. But I couldn't. I had to face it like... a woman! I moved up in the lunch line and got my food. Me and Em went to an empty table and sat down together. "So Amy, what are you like? I mean, I don't really know much about you." Em asked. "Well, I love horses, and I actually own one. She is a light gray Arabian mare. Her name is Star and she is the most beautiful horse I've ever seen!" I said.

"Cool, can I meet her sometime?!" 

"Uh.. Sure!" I answered.

"How about today!" Em suggested. "Sorry, can't today. Maybe some other time this week." I said. "That's alright." She replied.  Just then, someome came up to our table and said, "Oh Emma, you will never guess what just happened!" She was laughing, but once she noticed me, she stopped. "Emma? Why don't you come sit with us?" The girl suggested. "Uh, no thanks. I'd rather sit here with Amy." Em replied. "Oh, so you're Amy? Well, I can tell that Ryan likes you..." Her voice drifted away as she turned over to Ryan's table. "See ya." She mumbled. "That was Jade. We were best friends last year. But we aren't really that close anymore." Em whispered into my ear. Then I realized that I had been thinking of Ryan the entire day! Star wasn't ever in my thoughts. Ever. Except for a moment I was telling Em about her, but other than that, horses were off my mind.

The rest of the day went by so fast. School was already out, though I didn't realize it yet."You riding the bus?" Em soon asked. "Oh, uh, no I rode my bike here." I answered. "Oh, I rode the bus. So see you tomorrow!" Em said as she boarded the bus. I waved and started riding. After about 10 seconds, Ryan was riding his bike right next to me. "Hey." Is all he said. "Hey.. What are you doing?" I asked. "My house is this way." He replied. Oh great. So this is going to be every day of the school year?! I thought, but kept going. "Are you going straight home?" He asked. "Uh, yeah?" I looked confused. He laughed. "School ended an hour early today!" "Oh, so that's why the day went by so fast." I thought out loud. "Follow me." He said and turned down a different road. I shrugged and followed. "Where are we going?!" I said. "To Riverside Stables." He answered. Wait... a stable?! "I go here every day after school." He added. 

Soon we were to the place he was going. I read a sign that said, "Riverside Stables." He looked over at me and said, "I go riding here." Now I feel more comfortable around him. He likes horses, I like horses. All's good! We walked up the brick path that led to a building. "This is where you sign up for lessons, and where you check in." He said. It was a small shed. We walked in and he signed his name. He held out the pen for me to take, and I surprised myself by doing so. He smiled and led me to the stable. "Here it is." He said. I looked at all the horses. "Can I ride... whichever one I want?" I asked. "Yup." He replied Now I am liking this. I looked around a bit and found one horse that stood out. A beautiful bay Andalusian. "Can.. I ride.. her?" I asked. "Yeah, her name is Sunrise." Ryan told me. I went over to her. I stroked her beautiful mane. "Let's get tacked up and ride!" He said. 

Soon, both of the horses were tacked up and ready to go. We both mounted at the same time and started riding on this trail. "Whoa.... It so beautiful in here!" I though out loud again. Ryan looked over and smiled. "So, do you have any horses? You knew a lot about tacking them and everything." He asked. "Yeah, I own one horse named Star. She is a light gray Arabian. We are going to get another horse soon too." I replied. "I don't, so that's why I ride here. I am normally by myself because none of my guy friends like horses." Ryan explained. I nodded. I wondered how it would feel to be the only one riding, and no one to talk to about them, or anything! Soon we came to a river. It was beautiful! So we both dismounted and sat on a nearby log. "The woods around here are beautiful!" I said. We both looked at each other. Stared into one another's eyes. Soon, he tilted his head and I too. Our lips touched. The warm feeling I had at that moment. I would trade anything! They touched again. We sat there until sunset. Then we decided to head back. There was no talking the whole way. This warm feeling surrounded us, and that was enough to satisfy.

Once we made it to the stable, I tried to go a bit fast because I stayed later than I wanted to. We went to the shed and checked out. "Bye." I said. "Yeah, bye." Ryan replied. Then I rode home, with the feeling that I was late. Once I was home, I threw my bike down and ran to Star. I also noticed that mom and dad still weren't home yet, so that made me feel much better. Star nickered and ran over to me. I rode her bareback around the arena. It felt so good to be on my own horse. I think that this school year isn't going to be as back as I thought. Maybe even better!

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