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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: U never loved

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



 It all happens at some point in time; it might be by accident or because of natures work. However, sometimes it is taken by force, by someone else or by you.

What am i talking about you ask? Oh am just talking about life and how it’s taken but more specifically the last way

I am standing all on a small square platform hanging in the air.

Across from my platform is another; standing upon that platform is an unrecognizable face. I blink and the face changes to that of someone I love. I blink again and it changes again. Every time I blink the face changes to someone else.

Suddenly a bridge between our platforms begins to appear starting at the platform opposite me. The platform of this thing appearing as everyone I have ever loved. I stand deathly still afraid of what this thing might do. I realize as soon as the bridge touches my platform that I am right to be afraid for the next time I blink it appears as him. I blink again in hope the face will again change; it does not.

I begin to cry silently when I realize a gun has appeared in his hand. He cocks his head at me recognizing my tears and begins laughing loudly. He takes a step forward, I back into the railing. He raises the gun at me, as my knees give out and I fall to the floor of the platform.  I realized his face exactly matches with the one I used to arrange constellations, He begins to run across the long span of bridge and before I know it he's picking me off the floor screaming unintelligible things at me. No matter how hard I try, I cannot understand what he is saying. Suddenly he stops screaming takes a step back and places the cold metal of the gun against my bare stomach. I hear him countdown "3, 2, 1". Not a second after his says one I hear the gun go off, feel the bullet tearing its way through my body and then I feel him push me. Right through the frail railing.  Now I am falling, falling, falling. Begging god to let me hit the ground soon and end this excruciating pain. However, I do not hit the ground, I land in his arms and he holds me. Holds me and whispers sweet words in my ear until finally I die. The last words I heard him say, "I love you, and I always will.

Living in fantasy is quite dreamy and exactly...and there, you can go for what you want to because it has nothing to do with what is happening in your real life.

For if life depends on a body working together there is always a point of success as all chambers are filled with love. Can we always be interpreted as a giver can we always assume there is a place of turning on a narrow path for when our eyes look straight ahead there will be a choice to switch to a new trail in life.  Being just a engineering student, he always has focuses on his goal there lies in US. This is what has happened as history moves forward the patriarchs have shared the truth as generations now continue telling and sharing and setting an example as many, others will now soon follow.

A light in the darkness is your heart as you move forward aware of what is not smart. We all cheer as you move forward today doing what is right and listening to what I have to say.

This is not weird, when we just up to that level we always had wished to be there, and finally when we got it...! We will be scared of losing but love growing with it.

Is it YOU that...still I hold on to a dream that is broken, does your way of thinking say it is not so when it beats down the rain from the heaven, as my common sense tries to grow through the haze of the pain you are given is it so hard to SLEEP alone..!!

Being the size of an ant, looking up, my love for you is much farther than an attic.
There is no ending to our love being climatic
Yes, I miss you, but I am satisfied knowing you will return to me, like your bed.
My King, let my chest be your pillow for your head.
Your presence to me, always consummate happiness.
My love for you is never scantiness..
Like a helicopter's rotor blades, our love is forever circulating.
Our love is terminating, everyone that is hating.
Against that person that hates you, I'm detest.
I love you with every meaning of it being expressed.
Look how far we have progressed.
No longer do you have to feel oppressed.
Like being possessed, I give you my love worthy to be obsessed.
So take it in and digest.
Your the best thing to happen to me, on any podium this will be confessed.
You have me like an arrest.
Keeping you forever, I look forward to the quest.
What you mean to me will always be addressed.
My life went from being stressed, to having you being blessed.




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