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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Angela is going back to work - what does her first day have in store for her? Flash Fiction



And breathe… in through the nose out through the mouth, Angela recited the mantra in her head.  She felt sick with nerves as she stood alone in the staff room toilets; it had been almost 12 years since she’d been in what she liked to refer to as ‘paid employment’.  Although how anyone could think raising four boys wasn’t work was beyond her.


But here she was.  Angela studied her reflection in the mirror – a bit plump but not too shabby for a 45 year old, she thought to herself.  She smoothed down her floral dress, applied her trademark red lippie and smiled, her best feature so everyone told her, that and her giggly personality.  “Ok,” she said aloud, “no bits in teeth – check, dress not tucked in knickers – check and for goodness sake Angela – think before you speak!”


The corridor was long and silent, her shoes clip clopping the only sound. A familiar figure silently glided towards her; that woman was always so quiet, she thought. “Morning,” Angela said enthusiastically, the sound echoing along the empty hallway. The woman smiled politely but sailed past without a flicker of recognition.


 Angela found her way to the staff room, a room which had filled her with such curiosity, but she had never dared enter before.  But here she was, officially allowed, and yet now all she wanted to do was run back to the familiarity of home.


Suddenly the door opened. “Angela, welcome,” said her new boss, Mr Brannigan, “come in, have a drink before we get started and meet the team.”  He gesticulated around the room to a sea of faces or which none looked up.  “I’ll be back shortly, make yourself at home,” and with that he flounced off before Angela had the chance to speak.


Angela felt rather self-conscious as she stood in the door way with a stupid grin on her face, but then realised no one was looking at her anyway.  Someone shouted, ‘Coffee?” in her direction, but she couldn’t work out if it was aimed at her, so she decided to play it safe with a non-committal nod of her head. 


She surveyed the room and spied a vacant chair in the corner.  That’ll do, she thought to herself as she furtively crept over to the chair, waiting to see if anyone was going to claim it.  Once seated she started to relax – a little.  “Oh these are nice chairs,” Angela said to the woman next to her who happened to be on the larger size too, “just right for us big boned girls.”  The other woman slowly raised her head and with a pinched face, she raised an eyebrow.  Immediately realizing her mouth had opened without her brain telling it to, Angela tried to backtrack, “I mean, me, the chairs are comfy for my fat arse.” She giggled.  The woman’s face didn’t move. “Sorry, I meant bum, er… bottom?” Running out of euphemisms for backside, Angela gave up.


Ok, she thought, let’s try again.  “I’m Angela by the way,” she said extending her hand, “the new classroom assistant.” 

Stony face peered over her glasses, “Ms Dubois, head of Languages.”

Realizing her handshake was not going to be returned, Angela found herself in the awkward hand dangling situation.  Spotting a cup of coffee in front of her, she made a grab for it.


Ahh that’s nice, someone did make me a coffee, she thought.  It was only after taking a comforting swig that she noticed the words ‘Je m’appelle Ms Dubois J’adore Francais, emblazoned across the side of the cup.


This was going to be a long first day - back in her old school.

Submitted: September 16, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Nicola Macbeth. All rights reserved.

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A great story. Angela did make an impression on someone at least -- just not a very favorable one. I enjoyed reading about her experience.

Fri, September 16th, 2016 4:55pm


Thank you for your kind comments.

Mon, September 19th, 2016 5:04am

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