Fallout 3 Stories: The battle for megaton

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This is a story I created based on the game Fallout 3

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



" Sir, sir the enclave is attacking the city sir. What should we do?" said General Simms

"Gather everyone and take them to the bunker get equipped we are going to have to fight"

" but, sir the bunker is for emergencies only" he said

"This is an emergency god damn it"

General Simms heads off towards the bunker with the city following him. 

I head into the water processing plant. I take the emergency elevator down to the 28th floor

The top-secret war equipment is stored on this floor I walk by all the low power rifles and pistols. I open the hanger doors . I see him standing their 100 feet tall "The Patriot" robot. I go over the choice of activating him and I smack that red button so hard I'm afraid I might break it. Then I get in my power armor and grab my cryogenic gatling laser gun and haul ass to the surface. I find the city armored up and ready to go to war. Then the ground opens up behind me and "The Patriot" comes out to play. "Hoorah" I yell towards my people as we march through the gates and know there is no turning back now. So we step through and well lets just say it was liking staring into the face of the grim reaper.  We duck for cover as "The Patriot" throws his mark 28 nukes around like darts. So we fight we fight hard but they just keep coming then through the black billowing smoke I see him. Mr. John President Eden himself and my blood starts to boil and i try to use my gatling but its fusion core drained so I drop and take off sprinting through the battlefield. I have waited for this my whole fucking life. I come to him and bring my fist pounding down on his skull it makes a dent in his head and he just stands right back up. O M F G!!! He is a synth!!! I heard stories but I didn't think they were real. Then I feel it he smashes down on my head with what feels like a 20 story building I stand up and I am more determined than ever his reign of tyranny ends now by my hand. I stun him and start striking fist after fist into his body. " Your end will come by my hand." I take one last strike at his head, and it rolls off and his army is like dominos you take down the first one and the rest start to fall. So as we head back to the city. We only have one thought " We are now the ones who control the wasteland."

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