What is it to Write a Poem?

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A friend once wondered at the way I describe things when I message them. I often become passionate and very descriptive. I told him simply, I am a poet. However, to better explain, I have written this poem on poetry.

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



What is it to be a poet, what does it mean to write?

What does it mean, to catch the things, that dare come out at night?

To write of love and romance, write magic into words,

To neither be a victim of the jocks, preps, or the nerds.

Watching inspiration, billow up from all around,

To see beauty simply emerge, watch it rise up from the ground. 

Every feeling is a lyric, every experience is a rhyme, 

And not a single one is overlooked, so long as it is mine.

Danger, fears, tears, and sorrow, pour out onto the page, 

The pen becomes my actors, the paper is my stage.

The words will dance across the page, claiming it their own,

Thier twirling grace the melody, thier movements set the tone.

Till finally a creshendo, of beauty and of passion,

Thier fireworks combining, creating a new fashion, 

Comes together all as one, making something new and great,

Spelling out the future, and slowly weaving fate.

© Copyright 2018 jmcduffie00. All rights reserved.

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