The Cry, The Scream, The Sufferer

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Okay, picture this...

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



"Close your eyes". He said. I reluctantly closed my eyes before giving one last peek, I was smiling.

"Now, everything I say, you will picture, okay?"

"Fine." A chuckle escaped my breath. 

"You are walking in the dessert. All alone. The sun shines and breaths its last breath before going to sleep. There is a slight breeze that hits your face and blows your hair gently. All you can hear is the shuffling of your own feet against the sand. 

All of a sudden you hear a cry for help. At first it is bearly noticeable and you can only hear the soft eco of a high pitched voice. You stop where you are and look around. No one. Not a single soul for at least 2 miles away. 'how can I hear her?' you wonder; you twist and turn looking for a sign of life. A dot, a speck, a figure, a moving thing, anything...There is nothing. You keep hearing it and it slowly gets louder each time. 'What is she saying?'. 'Help?', 'ahh?', 'why?'. You look and analyze the whole surface that meets your eye only to realize that the cry, the scream, the sufferer; comes from within." 

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