Last train missed

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This one is more of a catchy rock scenario

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



"Who ever does not believe in Jesus Christ the father, will burn in Hell forever!"

Pity for my rage, glory for the king, found the keys to life. Found the door to death. A minute in life is a second closer to death.

Short of breathe. Symptom of anxiety, short of eye sight cataract for the weak, impaired by faith. Lack of ignorance. But if you have too much you will find religion and life two things that don't mean shit. Yeah.

Love and is blind! I had a lover but she's not mine. I don't need to bother. Left me for a token home a hero with no cape a man who is secretly a snake. Only wants her for sex and what do I do. She must be use to that kind of punishment. Abuse for mankind.

Why are we so blind. Going in circles. There's a crossroad by the signs are all Gone. Do I go left or right. No I can't straight. Sit on the fence and wait for judgment day!

When I am down. I hold my hands up high and hit the ground. When I am upset. I have a drink and let my memory forget.

The days when I was a young boy. I won't get them back like my GI Joe action toy!

Anger regret and depression my three friends, my three friends
Anger is inside of me and regret is all around me and depression is my neighbour! 
Wish we never met
Wish we never met.

That day when you said I will love you forever. Were you lying or didn't you forget to remember?
If it was an oath you would be dead
I still have an oath and the blood on my hand is from my cut in my hand for shaking a deal with the devil just to get you back again!

Feeling weaker still won't fall down 
Feeling a little stronger but I don't do much to 
I am not a soldier but I will go to war
Christians and religions shame that are all a bore
They all mean the same thing
They say come to my church and learn to pray but first pay me in money

Is it a scam cos it's tax free the government sees them as an eye opening opportunity
I am not gonna fill you're head with shit but I will say the devil is real and he is fucking pissed yeah

*guitar solo*

I will say one thing the devil is real and when he gets out of Hell
You will know just how he feels
The bible teaches us god loves us true
But when the fuck does it say we all will pull through

We are weak to the mind of addiction and we love having sex smoking and drinking 
But when does he return in the clouds
I don't know but I don't wanna be here to find out!

The devil is real and he is pissed
Gonna rip off our heads and fill our body with piss
You can't run or hide the opportunity has been missed we are just animals who haven't realised the last train to heaven was missed I said
The last train to heaven

Sharp pain of glory heavens missed we are all abundant to go to Hell so much for gods true gift

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