The dream

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This is about two friends named Jacob and David.Jacob wakes up from a horrible dream but it turns out to be real. Every child's and adult's fear.

Submitted: September 16, 2016

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Submitted: September 16, 2016



It was a hell of a dream.

Jacob shoots up from a deep, dark sleep. Warm sweat running down his back and face, his shirt sticks to his back uncomfortably. He looks at his alarm clock and it reads 3:33 am.

He stands up and off his bed onto the soft, medium height carpet and he feels it in between his toes. Jacob rubs his eyes and yawns. He hears something from under his bed.

He freezes with fear, his whole body filled with pins and needles. He chokes on his words as he tries to talk but it comes out in a slight whisper, “Hello?”

Jacob feels something brush the back of his foot from the darkness under his bed. He jumps back onto his bed, imagining the horrible creature he saw in his dream.

Jacob’s cat jumps onto his lap, making his heart skip. “Jesus Christ  Persephone, you scared the sh-” In the guest room next door, Jacob hears his friend David move slightly.

Both of his parents were killed in a car crash last weekend on there way to a church service, so he had come to live with Jacob and his mom for a while. Jacob’s mom is a little crazy; she talks to herself randomly at night and one other strange thing… she tapes all of the light switches to off.

He lays his head down but can’t seem to go back to sleep. He keeps thinking of that dream. That terrible dream…

While trying to sleep, lying on his side, facing the wall. Once everything got real quiet. He feels a slight breath on the back of his neck, making his hair prickle up. He then looks behind him, the creature from his dream is right there, laying in his bed, staring back at him into his eyes.  And one second later there’s a scream, not his but the creatures terrible scream that would make anyones blood run cold. Then silence. Nothing but the sound of blood trickling slowly off the side of his bed.

But that was just imaginary, so he turns on the lamp standing on top of his night stand with a click. The bright but soft illumination doesn’t hurt his eyes one bit, but as Jacob lays his head down again, he hears talking,  it’s his mom.

As Jacob stands up and puts his feet on the soft carpet, he thinks to himself,  it was only a dream. He walks over to his door and opens it slowly. David is standing there. Jacob jumps slightly. “Hey, whatcha doin up?” David replies, “I was gonna ask you the same thing… Do you hear your mom talking to herself?”

“Yeah, I do.” Jacob tip toes quietly down the hall as David follows behind.

They both arrive at the room where Jacob’s mom is talking to herself. Jacob barges in and sees his mom talking into her closet. Jacob says, “m-mom. What are you doing?” She replies, startled, “oh, Jacob, did we wake you?” She is sweating slightly and looks frightened but grins. “Who are you talking to?” She starts to push them out while saying, “children shouldn’t be residing here at this time”

As Jacob and David are walking backwards out of her room, a hand with long fingers, darker than a shadow, creeps out of the side of the door.  Jacob’s eyes widen. The air goes stale. He shakingly whispers to David, “run…”

They both start to run down the hall way, Jacob’s mom says, “please, don’t hurt them!” She goes silent and they both hear foot steps behind them but Jacob doesn’t look back.  David runs into Jacob’s room and Jacob follows behind, slamming and locking the door.

They both  jump onto the bed, pulling the blankets over themselves as Jacob turns on the lamp. The footsteps stop… Everything goes still… Quiet…

Jacob whispers, “David, you alright?” He doesn’t answer… Then the lamp suddenly turns off. “David?” still, no answer…


Then, he feels a slight breath on the back of his neck...

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