Children Fairytales

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The transit into adulthood can be hard, especially once you find out, that it's not what you thought it would be. The loss of old comfort awakens a longing for better, innocent days to ease the pain and disappointment.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Remember the tale of a fairy

dancing through children's dreams

to guard and guide, give them love

how could later they forget

all that they had endured

laugh off what's been comfort


I look outside, see nothing

cloudy mess of hate and sadness

all dreams and fairies gone

I look at people, see nothing

shattered hearts, griefing souls

eyes drown in tears and fear


Rediscover the glory of love

Forgive a childhood's pain

Forget this faded life

Recover our innocence

Come trust in fate

And live the fantasy


Walk dusty, empty streets

where has happiness, has beauty gone

even children act so cold, pain in their eyes

walk dark, lonesome nights

find no peace, nor silence

where did ancient virtues go


Remember nights crying into sleep

In the kingdom of happiness

all wounds have gone

go ask those adults

how not believe to in dreams

pretend to know nothing, frozen inside


Treasure your memories

Find the dreams

See a better future

Open ignorant minds

Soothe the pain

And return to fairytales

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