Cosmic Rain

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Borders get invaded, pride is shattered and what remains is bitter regret, searing pain and the wish to be freed of it all

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Wish for cosmic rain

Trickle down on me

Stand in cosmic rain

How hard could it be

Cry in cosmic rain

Drown within the sea

Ain't no more feign

In the cosmic rain


Hear me shout

Covered in sin

Troubled by doubt

Seep poison in

Eat inside out

Burn my skin

Leave a gape

Rip me apart

Like worthless apes

Lose all smart

Sensing juicy lay

With no heart

Drive everyone away


Call for cosmic rain

Patter down on me

Walk in cosmic rain

How easy should it be

Dance in cosmic rain

Find just some gree

Ain't no more gain

In the cosmic rain



Have me fight

But melt away

Nothing too bright

Exeed the play

One wild flight

Until the day

The bones bare

On the ground

No slight care

Once unwound

Love ain't fair

Still you dare


Seek for cosmic rain

Pour down on me

Run in cosmic rain

How hard can it be

Rave in cosmic rain

Once found the glee

Ain't no more strain

In the cosmic rain


Feel me rise

With raging urge

Pretend ain't wise

Saviours don't emerge

Need some purge

Round between eyes

All the pretend

Bargain for pleasure

Heart won't mend

Lost it's allure

Needs an end

All too impure



Hunt for cosmic rain

Tear down on me

Faint in cosmik rain

How easy can it be

Wither in cosmic rain

Once you broke free

Ain't no more pain

In the cosmic rain

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