Cruelest Thing

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Pain and pleasure can come as one, when such desperate love is not returned, turning the sweetest sentiment in life to the most bitter of all

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Do you know what it means to wake up every morning

only to know you're still alone?

Do you know what it means to cry day by day

without knowing why?

Do you know what it means to look at someone

and know you'll never reach them?

And do you know what it means to know nothing

but the pain that tears your soul


Every time You'd watch then turn away

You'd smile again like that

as bittersweet as life

Every time you'd think the worst has passed

they come again smiling sweetly

turning all your life upside down

Every time you'd smile for real

their lips would form a word

to bring back the tears before you even know


You know you can't just turn away

because there's too much left to say

You know you can't run away

because next day you'll be at start again

You know you can't forget

because your memory will hunt you


If you hear my words

you might laugh and smile

If you see her smile

you'll know what I'm talking about

If you know this feeling

then you know it's true


The cruelest thing in life

will allways be the love

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