Eternal Melodie

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Sometimes there's more than love, and sometimes what is dearest to us, is taken from our hands, leave us struggling to cope. What is left, are fond memories, to guide us on.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Wherever I might travel to

how long I might ever wander

it's always around me

soothing me with a sweet melody


I can feel your melody

wherever I go

I know you beside me

even though your hand I can't feel


Whomever I might run to

how deep I might ever fall

it's always you beside me

possesing my heart with your sweet whisper


I long for your melody

whomever I might be with

it's always you I miss

crying silent tears into your bleeding heart


Whom I might ever be

how I might ever feel

it's always you in my heart

comforting me with your tenderness


I hum your melody

whether it hurts

I know you're there

even if your arms can't hold me


Wherever you now might be

whatever you now might be

it's always the you I know

remaining in my heart in dear memory


I'll never forget your melody

whatever might happen

I know your melody won't fade

even though you're gone


An eternal melody

is carried with the wind

hearts will open

just pray the wings are real....

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