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This moment when you realize, that you're nowhere you wanted to be, and a douzen regrets come weighting you down. It is make or break, right then and there.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Hidden in the shades

A bench stood lonely

Withering away

And with it an old lady

So far away from home

Her face long forgotten

The heart as shallow as a hole

Memories are fading

Lots of friends have died

Life has long since passed


And sulking there she wondered


Could life have been that easy

If she hadn't made it so hard?

Time will soon have passed

What had she done?

Stood aside just watching

Not a move to take control


When she was young

Life was just so much fun

Drinking, laughing, passing time

Even love was just a game

Nothing for the faint of heart

They all played along together

While ignoring feelings all along

But they hadn't known

For how they'd gain

Nothing but a bunch of pain


Would she've done better now, she wondered


Could life be just that easy

If one didn't make it so hard?

Time will soon be passing

And what is one to do?

Stand aside just watching

Or move on and take control?


Looking back now in these days

Her life's been a waste

Just waiting for her time to come

It had all ran by at once

Now she sat here grieving

For her faults can't be undone

Kids just watch her closely

Do not walk this same wrong way

Live your life the fullest

Do not just give it up!


What will you choose, I wonder


Life will really be that easy

If you won't make it too hard

Time will soon start passing

And you know just what to do

Don't stand aside just watching

Move it now and take control!

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