A Lady's Pride

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Relationships means to give and take - sometimes more of this, another time more of that. But once that delicate ballance is disrupted, we should ask ourselfs, if the pain is really worth the gain.
Now watch it play out...

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Didn't break me as lover

Thou did as a friend

Don't care for other women

Go right on, take ten

Ain't need no consolation

Just want some truth


Don't feed me sweet words

If they be lies

Don't give me fake smiles

If there ain't lovin'

Don't buy me hot stuff

If you just ain't care


Gather courage once

Say it flat out

Don't want me no more

Back off and get lost

There's a whole lot more

Where you came from


Be it lovin' or else

Won't longer be me to beg

Get off the high horse

Discard this pride

Want me so bad

Go scrape your knees


Ain't manage a talk

Good will show at last

Ain't no monster, truly

This lady you never knew

Babe, next round is yours

Make it count

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