The Preditor

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Predators in a lake are very important as they are the cleaning experts in the lake. this poem is dedicated to one such predator that my brother Jody and I nearly came into contact with some forty five years ago. I hope that you enjoy this poem.

Submitted: September 19, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016





One afternoon, down at the first cove Jody [ one of my younger brothers] and I were pitching stones into the lake from the edge of the sea wall.  I noticed a large fish swimming in from deeper water along the shoreline of Pringle's island.

I could tell that fish was a true lunker because I was able to see him from fifty yards away.  As he got closer to us, he seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

Eventually, he swam by right in front of Jody and myself fifteen feet out in front of us.  I had seen many large Pike in that cove on Silver Lake in the eleven years that we lived on East Silver Lake Road and dozens more in the past thirty-two years.

However, at that point in my life, I had never seen a fish as long as that fish was.  The Pike appeared to be fifty some inches long in his prime he probably had forty some pound on him.

  As he swam by us, headed south slowly fading away back into the deeper water no doubt he was a timeworn fish.

I think that huge predatory fish was facing his final swim into the shallows as though he were in a state of euphoria on a pleasant journey home probably feeling his age.

 He was swimming very slowly his girth was sadly lacking he appeared to be very ill.  I remember thinking how sad it was that this large predatory fish who's job it had been for no dought many decades helping in controlling the populations of small fishes, ducks, and frogs. 

  Eating hundreds if not thousands of pounds of aquatic life enjoying them all without any strife.

  It was sad for me to think of that great fish in the lake at the top of the food chain, who knew every ambush point in his underwater aquatic, jungle domain.

Rock and sand flats, twisted brush piles, and logs.   Any were from his bill on the sandy beach to the lowest depths of the north end of the lake down to the south end and from east and to west

This proud warrior of sorts swift fearless in battle without a twitch.   Facing the only evil his experience could not teach.   I am sure that he did not understand why his mighty tail was unable to propel him as it once had to cause this mighty hunter so graceful and accurate, too miss out on a meal yes even two.

Yes, the only evil he could not understand and endure was the passing of time this would take him for sure.  I felt sad for this once large predatory fish.  But on the other hand, he probably went unchallenged by the many anglers that sought to intrude on his peaceful underwater domain.

His life was not cut short or snuffed out by a proud fisherman such as me.  His purpose for existence fulfilled to a tee.

This predatory fish the lake lunker was he during the spring hatch of pan fish and bass, his watchful eyes will be there to see to the sickly unwary lone swimmers beware.

Like a technician would vacuum and dust, controlling populations to this predator was a must.  Yes, he lived out his existence in perfect accord in peaceful tranquility he never felt board.

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