Calm nights

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

late night boat trip on calm water moon over head island reflections sweet aromas from the farmers fields around the lake stars filled the night. Is there any thing more peacefu lthen this scenario?. Please enjoy my poem Calm Nights.

Sometimes on warm summer nights, my brother Jody and I would sneak out borrow one of the boats down at the dock in the first cove.  One such night we went out on the south end of Silver Lake just outside of the first-second cove. 

 We just sat there in the calm water looking up at the thousands of shiny stars they were so vividly apparent to the naked eye.  Many times we witnessed great meteor showers.

Another fantastic view on a bright moonlit night was the reflection of the surrounding shorelines-islands.  

Especially did the white birch trees studded along the shoreline of the island reflect in the dark still water.  

 However, the dead cedar tree branches were also visible reaching out towards the boat like tentacles as it were.

A quick thrust with my boat paddle [.0063 milliseconds to be exact]. 

 The reflection of the cedar trees branches-tentacles was pulverized by the many wavelets as they pushed their way forwards towards the shoreline of the island causing the lily pads to make a gentle swaying motion as if they were slow dancing to a classical tune.

Every so often a night bird would let out a single lonely chirp.  Bullfrogs could be heard croaking along the nearby shoreline.  

 Also, crickets chirping along the edge of the farmer's fields.  For such a tranquil setting the sound of the night was filled with nature's songs.

Once again the peaceful nightscape was permeated by a lunker bass which became restless in his dark pool of water below. 

  Doing a summersault head over tail catching an extreme amount of air as if he were curious as to what life would be like outside of his deluged deep water home for just a short period .0063 milliseconds then touch down Splash.

The air flow was still nil as mister bass was safely back in his deep water home. The wake that he left on the surface the night, turned into wavelets then ripples as they faded without a fight.   The sense of smell on the lake is also a delight, especially on a calm summer night.

The green foliage, the mold on the underside of the shore stumps, the smell of the water itself brought me great delight the fragrance of field weeds -lilac flowers alike.  

 The open lake is an amphitheater, as well as a resting place for air born fragrances and aromas alike as the seek to cross the lake some to the left others to the right.

But when the wind dies out it's here the smells must wait for the wind to move them directly.

These moments in my young life filled my five senses on that warm night with deep heartfelt feelings and rare delight.

460 words 

Submitted: September 20, 2016

© Copyright 2022 fish man. All rights reserved.

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Megan Nicole

Your word choice and the way in which you describe everything in this piece is really beautiful. I really enjoyed that aspect of it. This piece has a very reminiscent feel to it; I like that a lot. The way you wrapped it up at the end was also very nice. This gives a very soothing feeling to readers, which fits the theme. Good job!

Mon, December 5th, 2016 4:54pm


Thank you, Megan Nicole, for you thoughtful and heartwarming comment on Calm summer night. Your comments on my work have given me the confidence to begin posting more of my stories. They seem to be having the effect on people that only a writer could hope to accomplish. Thanks.

Wed, December 7th, 2016 12:42am

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