The Blackmail Murder

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Milly Dowler was murdered on her way back from school. The events that caused her to be murdered were a complex acts of blackmail by her Mother. Milly Dowler born 25 Jun 1988 was abducted on her way home from Heathside school, Surry, England. These are the events that sent Milly on her way to be murdered.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Milly Dowler was murdered on her way back from school. The events that caused her to be murdered were a complex acts of blackmail by her Mother. Milly Dowler born 25 Jun 1988 was abducted on her way home from Heathside school, Surry, England. These are the events that sent Milly on her way to be murdered.

Milly's Mother Sally had for a unknown amount of time being blackmailing one of her friends who's name cannot be given her legal reasons, she will now be referred to as the adult female. The adult female had been loaned a large amount of money by Milly's Mother and could not pay it back. It is understood that the adult female was in danger of losing her home. This caused her to be the victim of blackmail by Milly's Mother Sally. Sally demanded sex acts from her friend and was given them on a regular basis. Milly then aged thirteen would go with her Mother to the adult female's home but being only thirteen Milly wouldn't join in the sex acts. Milly would stay with the adult woman's daughter when her Mother went to bed with the adult female. The daughter was two years older than Milly and Milly used to humiliate the daughter in a none sexual way in public and in the adult woman's home.

Milly inside the victims home

What went on in home is not known however there is no evidence that Milly carried out sex acts. What is known from the courts is that Milly would wear her Mother's heavy boots and knick the daughter over and over. Milly also force the daughter to go to school wearing a long red coat in order to humiliate the girl.

The adult woman and her daughter were also blackmailed by Milly's Mother outside of their house force to wear clothing Milly and her Mother Sally wanted them to, clothing that would humiliate them. This was done to them many times but was only seen once. Milly had forced the daughter to wear the red coat and wear a red ribbon in her hair. Milly force the daughter to walk past their school friends causing the daughter humiliation. Most of the time the blackmail was carried out in their victims home. This blackmail went on for some time until the adult female told a friend what was happening to her and her daughter one night whilst drinking heavily. The adult female didn't know that her friend Levi Bellfield was a rapist and murderer. Once the adult woman pointed out thirteen year old Milly and her Mother's photo in her email contacts the blackmail they had been inflicting began Milly's path to being murdered.

Milly was last seen leaving Heathside school on March 21st 2002 to catch the train home.

Milly got off at Walton-on-Thames station which was one stop before her usual station. Exiting the train at the station she did placed in the direction of the adult female's home, who wasn't in at this time. The only person in was her daughter who it is thought Milly was on her way to see. After phoning her Mother Milly made a disturbing phone call to the adult female's daughter telling her to keep her uniform on and her coat. Milly was clearly on her way to humiliate the daughter however Milly never got there. She was last seen at 4:08 pm walking along Station Avenue, by a friend of her sister who was waiting at a bus stop. A closed-circuit television camera located further along the road showed no images of Milly, indicating she was abducted within minutes of passing the bus stop. A red Daewoo Nexia, which belonged to Levi Bellfield's girlfriend Emma Mills was captured driving past by the same camera at 4:32 pm. In an April 2009 interview Bellfield revealed that he was the driver of the car. Milly's parents reported her missing to the police at 7:00 pm on 21 March. A nationwide search followed the disappearance, including 100 police officers and helicopters searching fields, streets and rivers around Hersham. Detectives who had investigated the abduction of Sarah Payne were called in to help. A week after Milly's disappearance the police stated that she was probably not taken by force. They reasoned that while she was unlikely to have gone off with someone she did not know of her own free will no-one had come forward who had witnessed a struggle despite a number of apparent sightings of her prior to her disappearance. Also unknown to the public Milly's phone showed she had talked to the adult woman's daughter for some time and was heading there of her own free will.

On 18 September 2002 human remains were discovered by mushroom pickers in Yateley Heath Woods near Yateley, Hampshire they were later confirmed as Milly's. The Milly's was unclothed all but a pair of boots that didn't belong to her. However her Mother Sally had to confirm to police that they were her boots and that she kept at the adult woman's home. The sexual blackmail up to this time was unknown to Sally's husband and Milly's sister. Milly's clothes, nor any of the possessions the purse, rucksack phone she had with her at the time of her disappearance have ever been recovered. The discovery of the body led the police to reclassify the case from a missing person investigation to a murder investigation. The investigation was undertaken by Surrey Police and code named Operation Ruby. On 22 November 2002, police set up a road block near the spot where the body was found. Motorists in the area were questioned, but no leads were discovered. Initially the Surrey police considered Milly's father a suspect. They suspected him mainly because of Milly's Mother Sally sleeping with the adult women, Milly not only knowing about it but going with her Mother to stay with the Adult woman's daughter whilst her Mother was in the bedroom. On 25 February 2008 Surrey Police confirmed that Levi Bellfield was their prime suspect in the murder inquiry and were very interested in questioning him. Levi Bellfield had the photo of Milly from the adult woman's phone, the adult woman didn't know this had happened or of Bellfield's sex crime past. On 30 March 2010 Bellfield was charged with Dowler's abduction and murder as a result, the inquest into the death was adjourned. On 6 October 2010 he appeared in court via video link and was formally charged with one count of attempted abduction, one count of abduction, one count of disposal of evidence and one count of murder.

Bellfield's trial began on 10 May 2011 at the Central Criminal Court and concluded on 23 June 2011 with the jury finding him guilty, he was sentenced to life imprisonment the following day and the trial judge recommended a whole life tariff in line with his previous murder convictions three years earlier. The trial of Bellfield on another charge of attempted abduction of Rachel Cowles, an 11-year-old girl offered a lift in the Walton area by a man in a red car on 20 March 2002, was abandoned due to newspapers publishing prejudicial material and the judge ordered that the charge should remain on file. On 27 January 2016, Surrey Police announced that Bellfield had admitted to the abduction, rape and murder of Milly. Bellfield in his statement described how be forced Milly to wear the boots before raping her to get back at her Mother. This statement was after an arrest had been made and Bellfield was interviewed about whether he had had an accomplice. The Adult woman however was released without charge her daughter would not give a statement to police. This was because of the humiliation she would have faced in court whilst talking about what Milly made her do. Also she would have had to give a statement about Sally and her Mother. She did confirm that once when Sally and Milly arrived at her house Milly was holding a pair of boots and Milly made her wear them. It will never be known what the boots were used for or how many times Milly made her wear them.

The boots Milly made the daughter wear

There is no evidence ever found that Milly used blackmail to carry out sex acts on the adult woman's daughter mainly because Milly was only thirteen. However when police looked at Milly's Computer they found notes she had made. They described how she would like the adult woman's daughter and some other of her school friends her age to attend school only in boots. This was most likely a teenage girls fantasy. However children came forward saying they had seen Milly's with the daughter and the daughter was wearing the boots described in Milly's fantasy. There is no evidence that Milly was sexually active with the daughter however her Mothers blackmail did cause the events that ended in murder.

This photo was found on Milly's Mothers phone. The girl's home is close to Milly's home and her Mother used to pick this child up from school. What is known is that the uniform she is wearing is not the one she went to school in. Why she has this uniform on when she was with Milly's Mother is still unknown.


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