The Bergie Visit - Part 8

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Just wrapping up this story's 9 Parts, but this one holds surprises that only Mylon saw coming..

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Part 8 --- Unexpected Events


SA had a few close friends over for dinner and they were discussing the fact that SA had not married yet.

"As for me," said her best friend Sanah, "I think that it is best, given all her responsibilities. She has enough to do without catering to a husband and chasing kids around."

Tysar disagreed and said, "She should have children before time runs out. If she simply delegates more authority to others, then she will have time for more of a personnel life; not that she has any now."

After dinner was finished and SA's guests were gone, SA asked Gertie what she thought, about the marriage thing.

Gertie got a very serious look on her face, then remarked, "If it is meant to happen, then I suppose that I would agree with what is meant to happen."

SA scratched her head in total incomprehension of what Gertie meant, then just shrugged her shoulders and poured a glass of sweet-wine.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I have to travel to Bakarathe and then to Loowe tomorrow, I will be gone for at least two weeks. If there is an emergency, send my Froth-Falcon, with a message attached."

"I don't know how that bird does it, but Sanandel always seems to know how to find you, Mum," Gertie replied.

Then Gertie inquired, "Are you going on business?"

"No, actually I have grown weary of most of the house furnishings and I am going to see an artist-craftsman that I have heard of. It is said that he designs and builds some of the most beautiful furniture imaginable. They say that he works in the traditions of the Rubians, whatever that means, but we will see if his reputation is as good as his work.


Well, the visit with the artist turned into something totally unexpected, an engagement to be married. Both SA and Dartan fell in love the instant their eyes met. It was a shock to both, both being in their early thirties and neither having any desire to change their life in any way.

They were both dedicated to their work and hardly thought love was going to find them under such strange circumstances; but it did. --- Boy did it!

After two weeks at Dartan's house, slash, workshop, they left there and ventured out to a nearby lake for some sailing and swimming.

Afterward they decided to visit Mylon to ask for his insight into their marriage. They were not seeking his blessing, but both respected his thoughts on such matters.

When they arrived Mylon was already making minor preparations for the wedding, so they had little to discuss about that topic, other than congratulations and how did Mylon know.

Mylon suggested that they both return to their homes and gather together those who were to attend the wedding, and that would give both of them time to settle their household affairs so that they would have time for a true honeymoon, a Stichsallah as they call it. Traditions state that work is never to distract a Stichsallah from its purpose and joy.

They would meet back at the Rubian Castle in one month, the month of RIN-Tan, for the ceremony.

The month would also serve as a cool-off period for the both of them, and give them time to focus on thoughts for the future.

However and in the meantime, Mylon would have his people notify all in the lands from the Black-Sea, to the Sand Mountains, and from the Trimont Crater to the Rin-tole Valley. They would notify Gen-rod the Warlock Sage, the Two Witches of More, and all the various tribes following the ways of RIN. Providing music, the tribe of nomadic gypsies. Who else?


Mylon had to work his magic to provide additional sleeping and servant's quarters, a four story dormitory, a temporary east tower and wing and a west wing, plus beds and furnishing for all the additional guests. It was a good thing that the wedding only lasted seven nights and eight days, Magic living facilities usually disappear within ten to twelve days; they aren't renewable, or so I been told.

It was early winter and the road to the castle was beginning to muddy, so all the additional cooks, staff, servants, supplies, food, and wine were brought in a steady stream.  Teams of Bulltwains, a type of six legged Ox, pulling long and narrow flexible sleigh, known as snake-skids, provided all the transportation needed.

Fresh foods, cheeses, wines, and all sorts of baked goods were furnished by the Former Warriors of Shimm, which occupied the valleys that were all around Mylon Mountain. It was quite a wedding!

On the eighth day the bride and groom were off to their Stichsallah hideaway next to Lake Bliss. And as a parting gesture, Dartan flew their wedding sky-craft over the castle grounds and SA dropped her flowered headdress to the waiting singles below.


A Year passes and Troid returns to receive his training from SA. It was hard at first for Troid to grasp the mystical side of RIN, but once he saw that flicker of light, the rest burst upon him like a dragon's flame. His abilities soon surpassed SA's just as the student often becomes the master.

The time at SA's and Dartan's compound was a great time for all concerned. Troid got to know SA and Dartan much better and they truly enjoyed this Bergies company. But sadly, all good things end.

And so it was that one night Troid felt the urgent need to fly toward the ocean.

So he bid them both a fond farewell and flew away.


It is now another year and a half later and SA has bore her first child, she has named her Celeste. Celeste is a joyful bubbly fifteen month old with a penchant for adventure; she always wants to see what is over the next horizon, so to speak, with little regard to the dangers that may lurk there. But with her Father and Mother watching closely, she hasn't managed to do herself a lot of bodily harm, except for the usual scrapes and bruises.

Dartan was off working in the Mellow-woods gathering materials for his next project, but should be home within the week.

In the mean time SA and Celeste are bonding in the kitchen. They have baked Bergie-brownies, which taste a lot better than some might think. They also made some coconut dip-drops, chocolate-covered OMG's, and last but not least, Celeste's favorite, Whats-it Bread with a Lemon sauce inside.

The cook was happy to see them having such a great time, and was even happier to see them finish and leave. The kitchen was a disaster!

That evening after dinner, Gertie took Celeste off for her bath, there was unknown kitchen substances still lurking in her hair and who knows where else. And SA went up to her balcony for her afternoon communion with RIN; just as she does every evening.

"Mommy, mommy, do you have a story for me tonight?" asked a little squeaky voice as she bounded into the room in her very favorite Fuzzy-bunny Bath Robe.

SA replied, "Well I don't know, are you prune-ie enough for a story?"

"Oh yes, I was in the tub for ages. See my fingers, how Prune-ie they are?" Celeste said giggling as she tried to climb up on top of the big feather bed to show her mother the tips of her fingers.

SA scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, Thud, she sank into the mattress while screeching with delight. Then Sa dived into the bed and said, “You seem too excited for a story right now, how about an action Rhyme?"

Celeste sounded off, "Yes, Yes, The Flea and the Farmer Please!"

SA replied, "Well, OK, but you need to get ready to play the parts!"

So Celeste jumped to her feet and pretended to be the flee.


Fiddle A. Dee, the hopping flea, (Celeste hops on the bed.)

Hopped right onto the dog. (The dog being Mom, who acts out the next part, running around the bed while carrying Celeste under one arm, and scratching with the other arm.)

The dog scratched here, The dog scratched there,

Then the flea hopped onto a Hog. (Mom again, loudly sounding off, "Oink, Oink, Snort!")

Well ---

The hog scratched here,

The hog scratched there,

It scratched all the way

To a cranberry bog.  (The cranberry bog is the again, the bed.)


The cranberry farmer (Celeste)

Said, "Get out, get out!"

To the wiggling,

Scratching old hog. (Mom again, sounding off, "Oink, Oink, Snort!")

So it ran over here

And it ran over there,

Then it ran

Right into a log! (Mom says "BONG" and falls over backwards onto the feather bed, with Celeste in her arms.).

Well, that is reaped for awhile until they are both exhausted, then it is story time.

After about ten minutes into Mom's bedtime story they both fall fast asleep.

Moments later Gertie tip-toed in and tucks them in. She smiles as she blows out the candles and says, "Goodnight my babies."


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