The Bergie Visit - Part 9

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This is the final Part in this series. And this is where all the loose ends and unexplained occurrences are, hopefully, tied in a neat little bundle. Like a vague "Who Done It", the author reveals all to the reader.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016




Part 9 - Ties that Bind


Several weeks pass by and we find SA and Dartan fishing from the small dock at the lakefront. And of course, Daddy is trying to show Celeste how to bate a hook, but she is having nothing to do with the whole concept.

"Nooo Daddy, that worm is all slimy and wiggly, and I don't like slimy or wiggly!"

"I like you," Daddy replies, "and you are all wiggly, and giggly, and squirmy."

"I don't care; I don't want to touch it! Mommy, Mommy help me," Celeste yells while trying not to laugh too much.

SA counters, "I'm not going to rescue you, you little scamp, you wanted Daddy to teach you to fish, so fish."

At that moment Celeste pointed to the sky and said, "Look, Dragons!"

SA looked up and thought for a moment, then said, "No dear, see, they don't have long tails. Those aren't Dragons, those are Bergies."

Within minutes three Bergies landed near the water's edge and began to drink. They looked tired, especially the little one who was just a cub.

SA moved from the dock and approached the big one and said, "I see you have brought company to visit us, Troid"

"Yes my friend, I would like for you and your family to meet mine. This is my mate, Samoset, and that is our first offspring, I have named her Samantha; I hope that that does not offend you."

"Oh my NO," SA replied, "I am honored beyond words.

Well, I guess it is my turn; as you know, this is my husband Dartan and...

Troid interjected, "and that little girl trying to climb on Samantha's back must be Celeste."

"Celeste, leave Samantha alone, she is not a pony," SA said as she scooped the child up into her arms. "I am so sorry Troid, she has never met Bergies before."

"It is not a problem, Samantha loves playing with human children, we live near many humans and she spends much of her afternoons with them and their children. I am their Wizard and their Seer; they look to me for guidance and protection."

"I have heard nothing of your governance or stewardship, where are these people that we know of?" SA asked.

"Yes, you know of them, but I doubt that either of you have ever met any of them, they are Rubians, the builders of the Rubian Castle," Troid answered.

Dartan asked, "Where did you find them? I have been looking for them for years. I have been studying their wood carving and stone work for my entire life, but have never been able to find any of them, or to duplicate their precision and craftsmanship."

Troid grinned and replied, "Well then, I guess that there is no time like the present. Please, climb aboard and we shall show you where to find them."

SA and Celeste climbed upon Triod's back and Dartan hoisted himself up on Samoset, and off they went.

SA asked questions in route and found out that Samoset and Samantha are not children of RIN, they are natural Bergies, born from the union of two Bergies, so they by do not speak in any human language. The language of the Bergie, yes, they both do quite well at that Troid states, with eyes rolling up into his head and laughing.

Troid told SA, "RIN-Bergies have never had a line that flowed from Bergie to Bergie, there has always been a Cat or a Dragon mother, but not anymore. It is my last and final purpose, to live a full life and to have many offspring so that when I fade away my spirit will find a new home in one of my own offspring, a grandchild, or even a great grandchild. From that day forward, RIN-Bergies shall be born and die just as all other children of RIN."

Troid brought them to the edge of the ocean and landed on what looked to be a low-lying cliff overlooking the turbulent waters. For about a quarter mile, in either direction, there was a thick fog that blanketed the churning waters.

After everyone dismounted Troid asked SA to sing with him, even though it was only the middle of the day.

SA thought it odd, but had no objections.

After Troid and SA sang for a very long time they heard the voices of other singers, it was as a quire singing from the waves.

SA opened her eyes to see the fog disperse and the entrance to a land-bridge that was right in front of her, a bridge that spanned from continent to continent. And there upon the bridge stood the Rubian Emissary and many children of RIN who were singing the same song.

This bridge is the passage that the Rubians had discovered and used so many years ago, and by it they were able to reach the other continent. The Rubians are the original followers of RIN. And now RIN has brought the bridge and they back to us all," Troid told SA.

SA looked confused and said; "Now wait, are you saying that this was all planed from the very beginning?"

"Yes SA." Troid replied.

"By who and how far back does this go?" SA inquired.

Troid answered, "By RIN, of course. This goes back to the beginning, when the Rubians first sought guidance from RIN. It was RIN who prompted them to build the castle, once the castle was built a child of RIN was born to a Rubian-mystic; it was that child who was told how to bring the bridge to view. Once the bridge was revealed, then the Rubians flooded across to the new land and populated it with those of their tribe.

With their temporary desire to remain on the new continent paramount, the bridge disappeared into the fog once again. No one noticed, or even looked for it, for decades.

By the time that they realized that they no longer were able to see the bridge, or to know it's location, their mystical child of RIN had passed away. And without that child their bridge couldn't be seen."

"Why didn't a new child of RIN appear in their tribes?" SA asked.

"There were many children of RIN, but for whatever reason they needed someone taught in the mystical arts as well as just being a RIN-child, and they had none. The only way to bring the bridge back was to bring a RIN-Mystic to them; and as we know, no man or beast could cross that terrifying ocean."

SA laughed and replied, "You mean until Troid was born."

"Yes," Troid replied, "but it wasn't that simple.

Mylon had to occupy the Rubian Castle until my Mother, Mergatroid, was born.

When Mergatroid was born Mylon was instructed to make an excuse to leave the castle, but to leave some behind to mind it and to watch after Mergatroid.

Mylon was also instructed to cause the avalanche that covered the Bergie's cave home; thus Celeste had to look for other accommodations. And of course, she was directed to the castle's great hall.

Unknown to everyone, except Mylon, Mergatroid was a RIN-Guide and orchestrated your meeting with Celeste.

Once Celeste taught you the ways of RIN then Mylon was instructed to make off with Shimm's fortune so he and his enslaved army would follow them back to the castle.

RIN knew that Celeste would see the army coming from one of her mountain perches and do all in her power to see to it that no harm came to you, her life's mission.

After Celeste completed your teaching, then she faded so that you would continue your RIN education with Mylon the Wizard, and while doing so, you would develop your own inherent mystical skills.

Of course, you kept a watchful eye on your friend and my Mother, Mergatroid. She was the beginning and the end of the chain that brought us together. She would complete the cycle by giving birth to me and bonding you and I with a common love, Mergatroid.

Your help and teachings brought me to a state of RIN-Mysticism that no one else, not even Mylon, has. Those powers increased my physical strength and allowed me to withstand the grueling hours of flying over that terrible, storm-riddled, ocean. 

Shimm almost succeeded in causing a rift in the plan, but our Mystic connection alerted me that you were in danger. Due to Shimm's close proximity to you, I could not let him know of my approach, it had to be swift enough that he never knew that I was there."

SA replied, "Yah, well, I didn't know either until you were long gone."

"So you see," Troid said, "there was little left to chance in this plan. 

It is good that the bridge has been made visible and all those of RIN are joined again, we can look forward to a bright and prosperous future," Troid remarked.

"That is true," said SA, "we are fortunate to know RIN and let us hope that the Riddles In Nature are always understood by those who care.

D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  09-13-2016

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