Night also falls

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Terrible sentiments of tiredness and downheartedness, tight as second skin. Yet the sun rises, and the moon falls, day to day anyway. A little mantra for those days...

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Another husky dawn has risen

Over damp green land

Misty rays colour the grey

Rouse me from peaceful slumber

Chill and calm of night

Came to end again


Another dreary morning greets

Tired limbs in motion

Cozy sheets turning cold

Sweet sorrow wakes as well

Clouded mind stirred up

Reality to face again


Another busy day is passing

Into sparkling stars

Scorching sun is to shatter

While world knows only hurry

Leisure far a thought

Challenge to seek again


Another dusty night will fall

Mute the last noise

Slow the pulse of life

Turn towns to dead man's land

Struggles all forgotten

Peace to find again


Another sweet dream to come

Soothe lingering pain

Memories of secret whispers

Ease longing for gentle touches

Tattered heart beating

Hope to lose again


When morings come

Wear you down again

Remember only that

The sun also rises

Though night falls as well

How each kindness given

Will once return

And all you get is just

The wished for most

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