Place called Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
Just a rough ripp-off of what was going through my mind back then, the fear and uncertainity, with nowhere to run or hide without a safe place around.
Just one word of advice, if that's you: accept any help offered, and get out as fast as you can

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



I don't know what people want

I don't understand why they tell me who to be

I hate to lie, make good face to evil game

I'm so fed up!


Why should I call this place my home,

soaked with my tears?

What should I call the people,

who broke me, walking on my pieces?

Why should I call you parents,

who never saw the misery I've suffered?

Why should I call you mother,

so conveniently forgetting I exist?

Why should I call you father,

tearing my heart with violence and rejection?

Why should I call you teachers,

showing me nothing to build upon?

Why should I call you mates,

betraying me, hurting me, not blinking an eye?

What should I call this world,

with no sun visible behind the filth?

What should I call this life,

a torture so cruel I won't imagine?

What should I call this emotion,

slowly killing with the promise of sweet heaven?

Why should I be thankful,

and call all this good?


Let me go!

I don't want to live between lies!

I don't want to drown in hate!

I don't want to cry 'til death!

Why can't I break the chains of past?

Why can't I escape that cage called home?

Why can't I flee this misery called life?

What have I ever done?

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