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To all who suffer, to all who doubt and fear, who brave their struggles, day by day, do not despair. Hold onto seeking the meaning behind, and maybe you may find a little comfort in these words about my own way out of hell

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Never do we know

what fate holds for us.

We have no choice,

but to welcome it

with open arms,

no matter what may come.

No matter how

we fight and struggle,

what has to be will be,

either way.


The pain that haunts us,

we must bear,

look to soothe

our aching hearts alone,

bring back the light

into the darkness

of our own.

Brave we hide our tears

behind the sweetest smile,

as if everything was fine,

'cause no one's left to care.


That's the way things are,

just how they have to be,

for this cruel world

to keep on turning

day, by day, by day,

by our suffering untouched.

Leave now if you can't stand it

One loss more or less,

no one will even know.

Even if we moan and cry,

nothing will ever change.


Only thing still left to do,

to stand strong it is, my friend.

Whatever there might come,

take it good, as man can,

and all there is to get.

Yet better be adviced,

to seek not for either

great fame, great might, great fortune,

good never comes of greed;

suffice yourself with little,

over nothing at all.


Make the best

of what you got,

treat each day

like it were the last,

free yourself of every bond,

then only will you learn

of value, truth and love,

what wisdom hides beyond.

It is a leap of faith indeed,

once there ain't a thing to lose

with death at best to win,

there's no such thing as terror.


Lay the wounded heart to rest

learn to trust for once,

how finally you will be free.

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