Sin of hope

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Sometimes we think we found a mirror, for it to only betray our innocently believing eyes, sometimes the best of struggles will safe no pain, a love that won't return is a love lost

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Life has ways

So strangely wicked

For none to understand

Everything to happen

Is for a reason

Leave us wonder why


Please darling, do believe

How all this was never

How I wanted it to be


Not out seeking

Things just come for you

Giving all the more

You never dared to pray


There I was

Broken and alone

Looking for kindred

But found a mirror

Not to reach


Thought I'd understand

But made a fool of me

Broke just what

I needed most


There I was

Unknowing not innocent

Looking for casualty

But found love

Not to return


Thought I'd do right

But have chosen wrong

Hurt just what

Mattered the most


Please darling, do forgive

How the best intentions

Brought the worst of pain


Become too attached

Things just slip awy

Taking all the more

You never wanted to lose


These are the stories

Only life can write

To break our hearts

And leave us bare

Deep on our knees

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