Sleep away

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Do you recognize the value of the life you life, if you can live it to the fullest? If your life crumbles beneath your feet, what will you do? If you have to let everything go, where will you be left?
A bitter fight against oneself, when you're your own worst enemy, there's not much left to do but wait until you lose your struggle or surrender, battered and beaten. If there's nothing to fight for, is there any worth in trying?

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Where do I go, if my feet are bound

What do I see if I am blind

From where I am now, I can't see no sky

the only thing moving is shadows


Where should I go to, if there is no path

What am I to choose, if nothing is there

From where I am now, I can reach no stars

The only thing burning is my heart


Which signs am I to follow, if I can not read

Who should I listen to if I am deaf

From where I am, I can hear no music

The only thing is crying of my soul


How to solve a riddle, that has no solution

How to live a life, without a future

And how to walk, with the feet in the air

And how to breath, with a rope around the neck


How to see the light, if there is only darkness

How to love a sun, that burns you to ashes

There is nothing to reach, with a body of stone

Just stay in the shade, hidden from their eyes...

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