A Nice Run.

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A Story About Life.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Saturdays are always great. A day to chill out and relax, to do whatever you want. Tom Burton has been married to Gemma now for nigh on 10 years. They both work extremely hard and therefore look forward to the weekend. Tom starts the day with an unhealthy breakfast of bacon, eggs, beans and toast all washed down with a mug of coffee. No decaf for Tom. After that he usually grabs the paper and relaxes for an hour or two. Around midday he’ll put on his trainers and go out for a run, no matter what the weather. Once finished it’s into the shower and after that a nice lie down for an hour. A siesta as he likes to call it.

Gemma on the other hand has a different routine. She gets up on time and after a more healthy breakfast goes out, picks up her sister and heads down town to the shops. They can spend hours just looking at shoes and going into boutiques trying, it seems, everything on while never actually buying anything.  She calls it therapy. Tom calls it something else. In fact they used to spend Saturdays together, going into town, grabbing a coffee before heading to the shops. Tom is very impatient though and used to get annoyed waiting for Gemma as she appeared to try almost every bit of clothing on. After one argument too many they decided, in future to spend the day apart.

Tom was at a loss for a while because it was a routine they had done together for a long time. He tried various new hobbies such as fishing (too dull), cycling (takes too much time) and bird watching (too impatient). Someone at work said why don’t you take up running? You can run as much or as little as you want while having a good aerobic workout. Tom decided he could do with losing a little weight plus it’s always good for the old ticker. That was a good 6 months ago now and it has become his weekly routine.

Tom and Gemma are both in the kitchen eating their oh so different breakfasts. ‘I have no idea how you can eat that,’ Gemma said looking at his plate in astonishment.  ‘Have you any idea how many calories you are putting into yourself, not to mention the fat?’

‘I need energy for my run,’ Tom replied. ‘I can hardly be expected to pound the pavements on an empty stomach now can I? Besides I could say the same for you. A half croissant and some orange juice, that’ll really set you up nicely for the day.’

‘A woman has to look after her figure,’ she said drinking the last bit of juice while standing up. ‘Anyway, got to run. Oh, don’t forget we have to be at Jim and Janice’s no later than 6. And don’t forget to feed Tom junior.’ Tom junior was their 6 year old Persian. Very fluffy but quite lazy and docile.

Tom got up as well, puts his arms around her and kissed her on the top of her head.

‘And a tasty figure you have too,’ he said slowly moving his hand down her back towards her backside. ‘Not to mention your lovely, pert bum.’  She grabbed his hand, moving it away from her backside.  ‘Down tiger,’ she said.‘ we’ll finish this off later’. With that she turned around, grabbed the car keys from the table and was gone.

Tom stood there for a few more seconds relishing the thought of what was to come later. In a snap, he came back to reality. Walking to the cupboard, he took out a tin of cat food, grabbed a spoon from the drawer and emptied some food into Tom junior’s dish. As if from nowhere Tom junior was at his feet meowing with delight. ‘There you go my little friend,’ he said placing the dish on the floor. ‘Enjoy.’ With that Tom junior had his nose in the dish and was eating himself into heaven.

After a couple of hours of reading and basically letting his breakfast settle Tom was outside running in the fresh air. Today he was going to run the 5 mile circular route which took him into the local woods for a mile or so and then back on the path home. At least it was dry and not at all warm. Ideal running weather.  He was running at a good pace when he came out of the woods and onto the path.  He was thinking to himself how well he was doing when he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He stopped, bent over and waited till the pain subsided. She’s right you know. A heavy breakfast before a run is not good. Must be indigestion. After a minute or two he was back to running at about the same pace he had before the pain. Coming round the bend at the end of the path which is on the home straight, he heard a siren in the background. Some poor bugger is in distress he thought. After a few more minutes he was at his front door and a few seconds later he was inside.

Feeling a little groggy he run upstairs, threw off his running gear and stepped under the shower. The water on his body felt good even though it wasn’t that warm. After showering he grabbed his dressing gown and was just walking towards the bedroom when he heard the door slam downstairs. At the same time Tom junior came out of the bedroom, took one startled look at him and hissed.

‘Is that you love,’ he shouted out paying no attention to the cat. ‘You’re home early.’

Gemma came shuffling up the stairs towards him. On top of the landing he took her hand and pulled her to him. ‘Jeez, your hand is freezing.’ He lifted her head up and placed his hand on her forehead. Her head was bright red but just as cold. ‘You were ok when you left this morning,’ he said anxiously. ‘Looks like we’ll be staying in tonight if you don’t perk up. Let’s get you to bed though as you really don’t look that well.’

Taking her hand, he guided her to the bedroom, pulled the covers back and laid her gently onto the bed. Once in bed he placed the covers back over her. Tom junior was standing by the bedroom door taking it all in. Within a few seconds though he was hissing again and then darted under the bed.

‘Bloody cat, what is up with you?,’ he said as he walked towards the bedroom door. Looking back at Gemma he said, ‘I’ll join you in a minute. I’m just going to finish off in the bathroom.’

Once ready he returned to the bedroom, turned the bed covers over and climbed into bed. ‘Get some rest love,’ he said looking over at Gemma. ‘I’ve set the alarm for an hour. If you’re no better I’ll call Jim to cancel this evening.’ With that he closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep unaware of Tom junior under the bed growling.


A Family Tragedy.

A local couple suffered a double tragedy last Saturday. First Mr Tom Burton, 32 suffered a fatal heart attack while out jogging.  Another jogger out running on the same path came across his body lying on the grass at the side of the pathway. He tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.  Almost around the same time his wife Mrs Gemma Burton, 28 was involved in a car crash and died at the scene. The alarm was raised by Mrs Burton’s sister after she failed to turn up for their regular shopping trip. 

Meanwhile back at the house, Tom junior was still sitting under the bed, staring into the distance and still growling.



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