The Death of Faith

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A nun, consumed with lust, questions her faith.

Submitted: September 17, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



The Death of Faith

By Joseph Logsdon

Lucie’s body was soulless, warm, and ready for sin, most certainly the kind of sin that destroyed lives, families, for the purpose of dragging people into damnation, where there could be no salvation for lost souls. She kneeled before Sister Catherine, her guide and trusted mentor, a lustful look in her eye. Lucie knew deep down, somewhere in the dark parts of the human mind, that all virtue was doomed to die a terrible death, evidently at the hands of the Devil himself, who continued to lurk within the area, multiple smiles on his face. Sister Catherine, a woman of considerable years, struck Lucie over and over again, only anger within her heart, as opposed to peace and love, unquestionably the highest virtues within her faith.

The stars dimly lit their tense expressions, both faces equally tired and frustrated, for it soon became clear, first to Lucie, then to Catherine, that nothing could save them from the overwhelming sin in the air. The garden, once green and full of life, no longer produced anything of value. It was a place of misery and destruction, a place of doubt and lust, fueled and driven by silence, quietness of the strongest quality, where there remained no escape from the fallen nature of man. It was a place of solitude and reflection, formerly a place of happiness, currently a place of darkness. 

“Not a woman, yet not a girl, you have brought shame upon me, the teachings that I’ve tried to relay to you, and God knows what else. I tried, God knows I tried, to make you into a decent woman, a woman with courage and honesty, all the things you currently lack. When I saw you that day, standing in the streets, naked and penniless, I took pity on you, perhaps something I shouldn’t have done, now that I know what you’re capable of doing. The way I see it, you have two choices: repent or die,” Catherine said, slapping Lucie again.

“You’ve done well with me, more than well, but it’s time for me to go. I was never meant to be a wife, a good Christian woman, like so many other girls have been, all of them on their bikes, running things for their husbands, acting like slaves, just so they can manage to survive another day. Needless of what you, or anyone else thinks of me, I have to do things my own way, without help, completely on my own,” she said, anger in her voice.

“In other words, you want to be a whore,” Catherine said, striking Lucie.

Lucie gazed up at her tormentor, bruises on her face. She felt the air become sick and cold, clear signs of sinful nature. Almost without warning, there was an expression in Catherine’s eye, one of lust and desire.

“A whore is one thing, a liar is quite another, and I think you know this,” she uttered.

“What do you mean?”

“This entire time, yesterday, the day before, a week ago, maybe even before that, you’ve had that look in your eye, exactly the same look I’ve seen in the eyes of many other people, usually men. You desire me; there is no shame in admitting that. There are many girls on the streets, thousands more than you could even begin to count, and still, even when taking all that into account, you chose me,” Lucie said, more confident than ever before.

Catherine’s lips started to quiver, just a slight twinkle of nervousness within her heart. She looked right, then left, finally at the ground, ashamed and unwilling to admit even the slightest error in judgement. Lucie rose to her feet, no longer intimidated by her former mentor.

“I’ve fantasized about you on many occasions, the first when we met, quite possibly one of the happiest days of my life. I’m God’s servant, destined only to spread his message to all people, whores and harlots among them. You and I, we must repent,” Catherine cried, tears finally entering her eyes.

Lucie looked into the sky, placing two hands on Catherine’s chest, one on her back, lust and excitement permeating throughout her body. Catherine pulled away, conflicted with many confusing feelings, some ranging from mild to severe, all within the span of thirty seconds. Catherine felt herself looking at Lucie’s breasts, ashamed while doing so. Lucie touched the back of her mentor’s head, caressing it gently, softly and with precision, forever consumed by the temptation that surrounded her. They were getting closer and closer, just shy of actually embracing one another.

“I’m a woman of integrity and honesty, probably the only two virtues worth knowing. Many years ago, long before I found God, my only reason for living, I lusted quite frequently and strongly. I was with many people, never satisfied, always wanting more than I could possibly handle. I can’t go back to that way of living. It would destroy my way of life, a method of existing that has been with me for so long, over many days and nights, all across time and space, reaching the point of total isolation,” Catherine gasped.

“You’ve been desperate for a very long time, constantly seeking attention from priests, even God himself, for the purpose of satisfying that longing in your heart, creditable due to the lust in your eyes, throughout your entire body, ultimately making its way to your very soul, within the deepest parts of your mind and body. You need, only God knows, to satisfy that yearning for flesh and ecstasy. There will be a warm sensation, a slight tingling, ending with pure passion,” she uttered, moving her lips towards Catherine’s mouth.

Catherine leaned forward, incapacitated by the incredible desire that existed in her heart, deep inside the corners of her very being, with very little chance of escaping, resisting, or crying for help. Their lips, warm and tender, met gently, passionately, under the spell of sure delight, encased with soft tension, extended by the constant ringing in Catherine’s ear, peculiar in that it was frequent and firm, continuing even after Lucie’s supposed victory. Catherine held the cross in her hands, somewhere between Heaven and Hell, drained of all options and ambitions. Before her very eyes, the beautiful cross, an object she had treasured for so long, turned to ashes, all but destroyed by the sin within her heart, ungodliness of the highest level imaginable, which had been brought about by the carnal nature of human beings, created by God himself, who knew the implications of sin, thus rejecting any and all hope for redemption.

“I can’t bear all of this torment, this helplessness, this pain that has been with me for many years, through good times, bad times, even times when I could just barely get out of bed. It all seems so long ago, distant from everything I know about love and lust, with all things seemingly coming to an end, on this night of all nights, when the stars have perfectly aligned, right there, in the sky, free for all to see and witness, right as I surrender to you, abandoned and full of sin, eager to take the journey to Hell, if it even exists,” she confessed.

The End


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