Long Walk Home:Late Night Ramblings

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A piece that is hard to define. I was trying to write in a different style. This is very experimental.

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 17, 2016



Has anybody ever dreaded going to the grocery store? Not because you are out of food, necessarily. But because you had to go and get that one odd item. I can't handle going to the grocery store anymore. Because the grocery store is where you go and take out your aggressions on random strangers. It is a place that pretty much takes away all hope that their are still good and decent people in the world.

I'll explain this theory.

Last week I went into a Wal Mart Supercenter. It is like Wal Mart, but on Steroids. It has a larger grocery store section. This is the type of place where all of those "Memes" you see of the supposed "Walmart People" come to life. These incredibly obese people who don't understand that they are being made fun of. These people play it off like it is nothing. Like it is OK to be over 400 pounds and let pictures of themselves on the internet be used for some of the most cruel and inhumane remarks possible. Some of the things I had seen of late with these remarks make me question why I bother going out in the world anymore. 

One in particular that had stood out was, "The Walmart woman was so fat, her bathtub has stretchmarks." This woman had skin hanging out of her clothes and had appeared as though she hadn't taken a bath or shower in quite sometime. I don't know the situation of this woman, I do not particularly care either. 

Does that make me a bad person? Maybe. I am just tired of seeing people like this being glamorized and used for comedy purposes. There are a lot of better and funnier things that we can make fun of. But no one has the imagination.


Our society is so backwards that you cannot define right and wrong. We have a sense of punishing and making fun of those who succeed and glamourizing those who are identified as "Rebels and Outcasts,". People who don't want to join the mainstream of society, who are looking to disrupt it and attempt to change it. 

The other day, I happened to be watching CNN for some reason. I turned it on to a story about why Millenials are so upset. I would be classified as a "Millenial". 19-34 years old. I am 28. They are the ones who are constantly criticizing traditions and established rules for the longest time. The story I saw on CNN was about a college in New York that wanted to make "Safe Zones" for hateful speech. 

What was the hateful speech? It was because of a recent Conservative speaker they had on Campus. This speaker criticized groups such as "Black Lives Matter" and "Occupy Wall Street" and said that they were hateful and lazy and "Disrupting The American Way." I had to shake my head at that.

Three points I had for that CNN host:

1. All speech is hateful speech. Anything by Liberals is just as bad as if it comes from Conservatives. These people claim that one group is out to hurt the country and vice versa.When in fact, good intentions does not have the rightful impact like it used to. Any time you see a group on TV or the Internet attempt to promote a cause, polictical or not, there is always someone right there to shoot them down. To knock the cause before the average person can make the determination of the facts. 

2. Millenials need to grow the hell up. I remember when I was five my mother used to say, "If someone doesn't say anything nice to you, don't respond to them." You don't like what they have to say, don't listen. One other thing about Millenials. Safe Zone's? Are you kidding me? For God Sake, you are adults. I remember safe zones when we were playing Hide and Seek. Grow up and get a clue. The world is mean and nasty. No one gives a damn about you. Quit trying to change things that you have no business changing. It's called Freedom of Speech, not Selective Freedom of Speech.

3. Of all the 12 viewers that watch CNN sober, you could come up with more interesting and substantive topics. If I wanted to know why young people's feelings are hurt, I would watch Dr Phil. 

I guess that all the anger in the world is starting to rub off on me. No matter what I do or say, I find myself with this rage built up. Innocence around me, I just wanna scream and shout at everyone:


It isn't healthy for a person to be angry all the time, but when I go out in public and see the world around me I can't help but be angry.


A sacred spot for me is the local record store. It's the one spot that I can escape from the mundane and anger inciting hell called "The World". I can listen to all my favorite music. Great stuff from people like Chuck Berry to Billy Joel and John Mellencamp. Great bands like Bad Company, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. The Who and Beach Boys to Aerosmith and ACDC. It's weird for a writer to frequent a music store, but lyricists are some of the best and honest storytellers. Just look at "American Pie" by Don Mclean. His story with that song, I would honestly put him up against anything Hemingway had ever written. 

A recent visit almost ruined the record store for me. I walked in and was reading the liner notes of "Blood on The Tracks" by Bob Dylan. I watched as a young teenager, he had to be 15 years old, ask if they had the latest Kanye West track. I could feel my blood begin to boil. The fact that someone would consider Kanye music. I let that slide until I heard someone ask the question that should have never been asked. The kid asked the record store employee:

"Who is Paul McCartney?"

I dropped the CD from my hand. The shock of the question took over my body. I couldn't control my actions. I could not believe that he had asked that.

Everyone knows that Paul McCartney is one of the greatest songwriters. Responsible for one of the greatest songwriting partnerships with John Lennon. Part of two great bands. The Beatles and Wings. His story was one that had inspired millions of songwriters and musicians all over the world. A role model for people of all ages.

I felt the urge to take my belt off and beat this child. But more importantly, I wanted to find the parents of this child and criticize them for their lack of social awareness. It was very hard and impossible to fathom that someone in the modern and civilized world could not have heard of Paul McCartney.

It is a belief of mine that people are more abst to forget the past. History has done a lot of good for people. It has educated a lot on many particular topics. This culture has been all about "Moving Forward." It is a premise that I can accept. What I cannot accept and refuse to accept, is that there are those in this culture that fail to pay attention and fail to learn and appreciate what the past has to offer. 

If we do not learn from history, we are bound to make some serious mistakes. Society is more than willing, it seems, to forget what has happened. To simply take out the eraser and wipe it from the books.

I believe that even though my words do come across as rambling and incoherant, I am aware of the point that I am trying to make. My point is this:

Somewhere, somehow, we as a people have lost a sense of brotherhood. A pride in helping people, learning from and about one another. This world has been made more into a very "It's all about me" type mindset. I am not against individuality, I believe each person has a right to create a unique identity. To make their mark in the world. I just wish people could accept that the world was and is in fact, never gonna be perfect. 

Perfection doesn't exist. For those who claim to have "OCD" or call themselves "Perfectionists" are nothing more than liars who try and take the simple and base objectives of life and pervert them into a false sense of self.


I want to confess something.

You may have guessed it from some of what has been in this essay, but I want to be the first to say it now:

I am a misanthrope.

That is right, I am a misanthrope. 

I do not like people. Like Dr House says, "Humanity is Overrated". I fully agree with that sentiment. 

When I go out in public, I want to interact with people as little as possible. But as a writer, it is kind of a requirement that my words have to reach somebody. That is why I publish my stories and essays. 

Perhaps I need to rewrite my statement.

I am not a misanthrope fully, I just don't like people. What I see of the world around me, I prefer to stay away.


© Copyright 2018 Robert Logan. All rights reserved.

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