Extraordinary Love volume 2

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In previous volume Lia had to leave her favorite place , her tree friend because of her parents decision about her graduation out of city .

Submitted: September 18, 2016

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Submitted: September 18, 2016



Lia reached her college , she fulfilled college's formalities and took keys and books . It was her very first day at school . She asked way of her class room and reached in class . She was looking very pretty in black full sleeves top and red short skirt with her long wavy black hair .

" Excuse me ....may I come in sir ? "

" Yes ...please you may come in . "

" Thanks .. ."

" You must be Lia , ...Lia Stewart ."

" Yeah .... I am . "

" Nice to meet you , well I am professor Denial , a biologist . "

" Oh .. nice to meet you professor ."

" Please sit , miss Stewart , ask me if you have any problem here . "

Lia sit on corner desk , everyone was staring at her because she was new .

At recess time _

She was picking her lunch then someone pushed her . She turned and saw a boy .

" Sorry... oh wow !!! .... you are true beauty .."

Lia didn't say a single word and took her lunch and sit on a empty table .

" Hey ... are you new , well I am Joseph my friends call me Joe . "

Lia was ignoring him . As she was already very sad about leaving her place .

" Well ....great attitude ... why you are not speaking huh ? "

" Listen I don't care who you are and what your friends call you , please just go away leave me alone please go .. "

Lia snapped over him . Then she left and set in garden and tear drop falling from her beautiful black eyes on her rosy cheeks . She realized her mistake that she did very wrong with Joe . She went in class and saw he was reading a book .

" Look I am guilty about what I did to you , please forgive me , I was upset and ....just want to say sorry . "

" It's okay miss ...em... what your name was ? "

" Lia ... I am Lia . "

She said and moved to her desk .

At night _

She was sleeping and felt someone with blond hair and he had deep blue eyes and was standing in front of her and calling her name . She opened her eyes .

" Oh God was that a dream ? , Who was him ? "

She couldn't sleep after that .

Next morning in the class library she was reading book . She fallen asleep and saw same boy calling her name .

Suddenly bell rang she awoke . She was thinking about dream .

" Hey Lia whattsup ? "

" Oh ..it's you ..Joe "

" What happened are you okay? "

" Yeah ... fine "

" I came to call you for class it's lecture time , Professor Denial is already in class okay . "

" Yeah .... I am coming . "

She reached in class . Made notes but in her mind was going on something other yeah about the boy she saw in dream who calls her name .

School ended and she was in hurry to reach in her room she hit by someone and her notebooks fallen on floor . she bend to pick them and said

" Can't you walk properly ... "

" Pardon me ..Lia "

When she saw toward him she was stunned to see that face those deep blue eyes and that silky blond hairs . It was the boy from hes dreams . She became afraid .

" Lia ... How are you dear ? "

He knew her name that made her scared more because they never met before and in dream he also called her name in same way .

Lia couldn't understand anything she became unconscious on the floor .


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